5+ Outfit Ideas to Wear With Clear Heels
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5+ Outfit Ideas to Wear With Clear Heels

Updated: Feb 9

I literally just got back home from a nice walk - one of my first after having my open myomectomy some weeks ago and as I was walking, I kept thinking of all the recent clothing purchases I've made and which of my clear heels I plan to pair with each dress. It made me go, 'why not come here and share some inspiration with you all?'.

I'm in the process of planning a vacation to celebrate my recovery and it dawned on me that every single outfit I'm bringing along could be paired with some clear high heels.


I have been riding the wave of clear shoes for a long time - even before they became a trend within the last 5 years. Anyone remember those jelly sandals from the 90's? Yeah, we 90's kids started that trend as toddlers. As an adult, I am still very much drawn to clear straps and clear heels, just in a more stylish way.

You have absolutely no reason to shy away from this trend, except for the part where your toes may sweat and your shoes become foggy under the hot sun but like everything in life, it has its pros and cons.

Clear heels instantly make an outfit look sexier. Don't believe me? Try wearing a white tank top and jeans with sneakers. Now swap them out for your clear platform heels. Huge difference. With so many versions of transparent heels out there, you're bound to find a pair that compliments your personal style.

Below are my favorite ways to style my Perspex heels:

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1) Clear heels with skinny jeans

If you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear for date night, pick a crop top, a pair of your favorite skinny jeans a pair of clear mules or pumps and you have a look. The heels would make your legs appear longer because it's harder to tell where your legs end and where the heels begin. You could add a blazer to this look to make it brunch or "visit to the museum-ready."

Get this look HERE

2) Clear heels with bodycon dresses

For a special occasion, try styling that bodycon with some clear stiletto heels and watch the heads turn. One of my favorite styles of clear heels are the mules because they're easy to put on and take off. If you want to make your bodycon look dressier, opt for a pair of clear heels with ankle straps.

I think Kim Kardashian is well-known for this look - she really seems to love her form-fitting dresses and clear or nude heels.

Get Kim's look HERE

and a similar dress HERE

3) Clear heels with formal dresses

Clear shoes have even made it formal occasions such as proms and even weddings. If your dress happens to have a slit, a pair of high heeled clear sandals would be a great choice. If your feet won't necessarily be showing underneath your outfit, you could opt for some clear wedges. This provides a more comfortable fit while still looking chic.

Your formal wear can definitely be styled with some clear heels, you just need to decide on whether you want a sandal or a pump. My rule of thumb is, if there's a slit, a sandal or mule works better.

Grab yours HERE

4) Clear heels with summer dresses

I must admit, wearing closed-toe clear shoes in the summer heat might not be the best thing seeing as the front of the shoe tends to fog up however, there's an easy way. Opt for open toe clear heeled sandals or ones with no heel.

You can create so many different outfits with an open toe clear shoe: a maxi dress, a midi dress, and especially one of your summer mini dresses - watch your legs be elongated!

Get the same HERE

5) Clear heels with Bermuda shorts

I have tried this look several times myself ladies and let me tell you, there's something about those sexy heels that makes this so great for a Saturday night on the town. Sometimes, I add boyfriend blazers to my clear block heels during the day in addition to a graphic tee. This elevates casual wear.

Similar look HERE

6) Clear heels and skirts

Clear heels are great pair of shoes to go with that plain skirt you're not sure how to match with any shoe. If wearing a line midi skirt, I would suggest going with a closed toe pump or any cleared heels without an ankle strap. during the warmer months, you can swap out your black ankle boots for some clear heels to switch up your look.

Get the same look HERE

7) Clear heels with all white

What's better than an all white outfit with white shoes? An all white outfit with clear heels. It has to be the freshest outfit you can rock in the warmer weather.

If you're not up for wearing entirely all white, try pairing your clear heels with just a white bottom like a white skirt or white pants.

Same look HERE

Clear heels provide a lot of versatility when it comes to outfits because you don't have to worry about color-clashing. These heels also work on all shades, no matter your skin tone, seeing as they tend not to have any other color to them, or come mostly in neutral shades.

I have been fortunate to find some of the best clear heels which are both stylish and comfortable. If you find yours are not the comfiest heels, I would recommend you add a pair of soft cushioned insoles to relieve some pressure from the front of your foot.

You shouldn't be afraid to take part in the clear shoe trend, like so many celebrities because there's a range of different styles the shoes come in. Whether you prefer, sandals, mules, pumps or even boots; there's a clear shoe waiting for you out there.

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Until the next post,



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