6 Outfits to Wear With Ugg Boots
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6 Outfits to Wear With Ugg Boots

Updated: Feb 13

Ugg boots are one of the most popular brands of boots out there, especially among the youth. Who would have known that an Australian brand would be known for winter boots and other apparel? It’s become a rite of passage in many teenagers’ lives to own their first pair of Uggs but why the hype around these boots?

Well, I think for one, they are known to be very comfortable and soft on the legs. They come lined with sheepskin and tend to feature a wedge heel, making them easy to walk and stand in for hours.


I won’t lie, I did not understand the hype of Ugg boots in the beginning mostly because I did not find the boots practical for wear in the Canadian winter. I could understand wearing Ugg slippers at home in the cold weather but at the time, most of their boots were ankle length.

It was cute seeing Jennifer Lopez rocking hers day after day but there was never any snow on the ground in her photos. When you’re stomping through 10 inches of snow, ankle boots are not what you go for in the winter season.

I also found a lot of the designs to be too flashy for a grown woman like myself. I checked out their website recently and was pleasantly surprised to see they had more of a range of not just boot heights but also boot types. After seeing this, I was inclined to write a blog post featuring different Ugg outfit ideas you can carry from the early Fall to the Winter.

I believe the Ugg Kristin wedge bootie might be the most popular pair of brown Ugg boots and a lot of your favorite celebrities have been spotted in them. They tend to be styled more casually than the black Ugg boots I have come to grow fond of, especially the Adirondack waterproof boots which look like a proper Canadian winter boot.

The reviews on these boots are quite stellar and so if you’re looking for a great pair of Ugg winter boots, I highly suggest them.

Before we dive into the styling of Ugg boots, I would like to share my favorite Ugg boots currently on the market and where you can get them.

1) The Ugg Lakesider

The Lakesider is a water repellent boot that could be worn during those wet Fall, early winter or spring days when you want to wear a chic casual outfit and yet stay comfortable and dry. I love that it comes in a classic Ugg cut and their signature brown color but looks like a grown woman could wear it without looking like she’s trying too hard to hold on to her youth.

2) The Bailey short boot

Here is another great option of boots to go with either during the Fall or if you live in an area with milder winters than Ontario, then you could rock these all winter long. They are definitely designed as a classic Ugg boot but I love the added gold zip detail on these. Makes them easier to slip on and off when you’re in a hurry.

3) Now here’s a black Ugg boot I could confidently wear during the winter. The Adirondack is serving me some major Sorel vibes with its design and waterproof finish. It looks like it would also feel like a dream on the feet and based off the reviews, it is. Being the priciest boots out of the 3, it is an investment that would be sure to pay itself off in no time.

Do note that a number of reviewers mention to size up if choosing these boots, which is normal for winter boots given the thick materials they tend to be made from.

Now that we’ve covered my favorite Ugg boots, let’s talk about styling them. I would be focusing more on styling black Uggs versus brown ones just because there aren’t as many outfit ideas featuring black Uggs but feel free to apply these tips when styling brown Uggs.

1) Oversized sweater with leggings

This is probably the most popular way to style a pair of Ugg boots. It’s such a trendy and youthful casual look that you could wear to a coffee shop or to go on a stroll in the cold weather. Adding a pair of black leggings to your oversized sweater look would not only keep you warm but also make you appear slimmer.

Image source here

Leggings, whether regular, leather or a faux leather pair, are also very easy to tuck into your ankle-length Uggs such as these ones HERE which would look so cute with a long sweater and leggings. The oversized-sweater look instantly makes you look more dainty and feminine and so if this is your style, definitely go for it with a pair of Uggs.

Image source here

2) Blue skinny jeans

Looking for more casual outfits you can wear with your black Ugg boots? Here comes the blue denim. I have mentioned previously that blue jeans are generally seen as more casual than black denim and so if you’re opting for these, you’re probably not headed to the office or a business meeting. In tis case, you could go with a pair of distressed jeans or even cropped skinny jeans. I mention skinny jeans specifically because they’re always much easier to tuck into shorter boots, which is typically the case with Uggs.

Image source here

If it’s not too cold outside, you could wear a white shirt as a top and a cool jacket on top. Leather jackets are a great way to add some kick to your Ugg outfits and this would be the perfect time to do so.

3) Black jeans

Whether you’re dealing with a pair of boyfriend jeans, mom jeans or skinny black jeans, black jeans are always welcomed to go with a pair of Uggs. If you’re into all black looks, you could try pairing a simple black tee with a pair of distressed black jeans and a black leather jacket with your black Uggs such as these.

Image source here

This would create a very stylish Ugg outfit you could rock on a casual day whether you’re headed to the mall or to the movies. To add some contrast to this look, you can try sweaters in different colors to brighten up your look. Consider even going with a white sweater and black jeans for a fresh look.

4) Midi skirt

For more formal Ugg outfits, consider pairing them with midi skirts and sweaters for more warm outfits you can wear in the winter. I like the idea of pairing a sweater in a neutral color with a long skirt and a camel coat. The camel coat helps to add a slight pop of color to this Fall/winter look. You could also wear a pair of leggings underneath your skirt for some additional warmth.

Image source here

To complete this formal wear, add some simple accessories and you’re good to go. It’s important to choose the right pair of Uggs to make this look appear more formal and so I suggest going with these Ugg ankle booties.

5) Maxi skirt

As mentioned several times on this blog, maxi skirts are a great transitional item. Consider pairing your maxi skirt with Ugg ankle boots and a denim jacket during the Fall and early winter. If you’re avoiding a dramatic all-black look, I would suggest going for a skirt in a fun color or print to pair with your black Ugg boots.

Image source here

I personally prefer going for a dressier pair of Uggs such as these waterproof booties if I’m going to be pairing them with something slightly formal such as a maxi skirt but feel free to keep things more casual with an ultra mini pair of Ugg boots. The best way to complete this look is with a black coat and you’ve got yourself a more formal look.

6) Midi dress

Dresses and Uggs can go together to create chic warm outfits, depending on how you style them. Consider waring a thin sweater underneath a strapless or short-sleeved dress and then adding a pair of Ugg boots to your look. This would work great for brunch with the girls during the Fall or if you’re headed to class. If you’re dressing up for date night, try opting for a dress in a bright color to add a much-needed pop of color if you plan on wearing black tights and a black jacket.

I hope you’ve gotten ample Ugg boot outfit inspiration from this post. If you’re not in your 20’s anymore, you can still rock Ugg boots, just be wary of the style you pick. Ugg boots now come in some more formal styles which can be worn to the office or for more formal events and they still come in their signature cuts and colors which are great for casual outings.

Let me know which was your favorite look.

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Until the next post,



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