And so this is Christmas...
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And so this is Christmas...

And just like that, another year is coming to an end! Isn't it crazy how the days seem to go by so slowly but the years go by so quickly?

The end of November hit me - real hard. I lost 1 of my closest friends in the world to Leukemia. I cannot remember the last time I cried so hard! I could not go to work and every time I was alone, I would start bawling my eyes out. I was there in the hospital as she was taking her last breaths. It was so so sad. She fought for 6 years. Her mom flew in on Friday night from Mali and was leaving the following Wednesday with her daughter's body.

I have actually been talking to a grief counselor and am so proud of myself for putting my mental health first and not being ashamed to do so. It really helps to lay it all out on the table to a complete stranger who you don't have to hold anything back from!

I have really been enjoying myself and "living my best life" as the youngins say.

I have been working out regularly, moisturizing and am ready for Christmas (and my birthday)!I am taking 10 days to eat whatever I want and can't wait to spend the time with my family :)



Photography by: Adelle Castle Photography

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