Bali recap
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Bali recap

Happy Friday folks!

As promised, here is Part 2 of my Bali adventure!

I got to Bali about 22 hours after departing Toronto. I traveled along side my friend, Sally. The lines at Customs and Immigration were crazy long and took over an hour. Then came the dreaded awaiting of the luggage on the conveyor belt. After waiting another hour or so, we discovered that our luggage had not made it to Bali *sad face*. This put a slight dent in my plans as I had already planned a photoshoot the next day and only had minimal clothing in my back back. After alerting the airline and being advised that our luggage would get there the next day, we headed to our 1st home.

Ayu, the property manager was there to welcome us and show us around before she retired for the night.

We enjoyed breakfasts and pool chilling sessions at this 1st house along with a delicious restaurant about 15 minutes away.

Of course I brought several swimsuit options for the different days/evenings :)

My room was very spacious with a huge bathtub and walk-in shower. I loved the fresh plants in the bathroom as well!

While at this house, we visited Nusa Penida and even got invited to the property manager's personal house - where we met her very industrious family!

Nusa Penida is an island about 30 minutes from Sanur Port. The process to get to and from the island is something else and not for the faint of heart! You walk in knee/thigh-high water to get to your boat and then to climb into the boat is another process of its own. To explore the island involves a lot of hiking so bring your good sneakers and well-greased joints but the views and experiences are definitely worth all the struggles!

Next, we switched homes for one of the bamboo houses at the Green Village community.

While staying here, we enjoyed dinner served at home, caught up on Game of Thrones and then woke up really early on the 16th of April to visit Tegallalang rice terrace, Tirta Empul temple and the Monkey Forest!

We made an extended stop at Akasha restaurant for some delicious food and our driver surprised us with a stop for some Balinese tea and coffee tasting.

Merah Putih was hands-down my favortie restaurant. You can get a 4 course gourmet dinner with drinks for about $65 USD! The service is amazing and the food was honestly the best I have ever had at a restaurant. We had a Real Housewives themed dinner and of course I had to show all the way out in this beautiful piece by Miss Beida Fashions.

On the following day, we visitied the Tegenungan waterfalls and stopped at a market.

I was able to snag myself some cute bamboo bags which are sold at 5 times the price here in Canada!

I really enjoyed my time at the bamboo house although the 1st night was just a little bit overwhelming - being so exposed to nature at night and waking up to a large ant in bed with you can be a bit much. The 2nd night was definitely easier!

The 3rd and final house had such unique architecture! There was a full staff that works 5 days a week and a large pool for our personal use - oh and a security guard!

The next morning, after checking in, we headed to Lempuyang Temple (almost 2.5 hours away) or the famous Gate of Heaven photo op.

We got there by 8am and there was already a 1.5 hour wait!

Tirta Gangga is a temple just 20 minutes (or less) from Lempuyang so we headed there for a quick stroll. It was great to be able to feed the fishes and watch them group together in large numbers when they see food.

Our original dinner plans changed when we realized how far away the restaurant was and so we ended up at Potato Head! The service here was stellar as well and the food, so delicious. This is definitely a top tourist spot and there is a proper security check prior to entry.

When our final full day in Bali arrived, we headed to the North of the city (Munduk) to catch some of the most beautiful views God has created!

We hiked through a forest (in 35 degree Celsius weather)to find a gem of a cafe located at the foot of the Munduk waterfall. I had some delicious chlorophyll crepes filled with coconut sugar! :)

Pura Ulun danu bratan temple is also in the area and so we paid it a quick visit!

Anddd you can't go to the north without checking out the Instagrammable lookout spots up on the hills :)

The food in Bali was definitely a highlight for me. It tastes so organic and fresh and tasty!

So tell me, are you planning a trip to Bali?


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