Best boob tape for curvy women
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Best boob tape for curvy women

Updated: Jul 24

Saggy boobs is natural. I know it, you know it, we all know it. However, a lot of us (myself included) do like to have a perkier look in our low cut tops and dresses which are not bra-accommodating.

A while ago, I posted a reel showing how I got my boobs to sit up in a green pantsuit from Meshki and I got so many questions about the boob tape I used to keep the girls sitting perky, especially being a 34G in bras!


I remember getting this beautiful green suit, trying it on and thinking 'oh no, what am I going to do with my breasts? The cut outs underneath the boob region would not be forgiving were I to wear a bra underneath and I did not want to go all saggy and swaying.

I did a quick scan on Tik Tok and saw someone post a video about this tape and I though, 'Why not?' For just under $30, it was worth a shot.

I had seen some bras selling for $200+ which claimed to solve the saggy boob issue in a discreet manner but I am very skeptical of these brands as most of their models tend to either have perky breasts or smaller breast than mine.

I purchased this Sparthos tape from Amazon and it has changed my life in terms of expanding my wardrobe options!

I used to shy away from purchasing certain low cut tops and dresses because I wondered how I could get away with wearing a bra underneath. Now I do not need to worry about a bra, just about taping my boobs up!

The process:

In order to secure the girls, I first ensure to properly lift one boob after cutting a generous amount of tape off. I then place the tape starting from way beneath my breast and pull it all the way to to the top of my back/shoulder area. I secure the boob by repeating this two more times. Please make sure your boobs are dry when completing this process to achieve optimal results.

I then proceed to take care of the other boob by repeating the same process.

Make sure you are generous with the tape and start taping way underneath the breast and end taping way above the shoulder.

I did this all by myself so fear not if you live alone!

Funny enough, this 'boob tape' is not actually boob tape but rather athletic tape!

I posted a full video showing how I tape my boobs on my Instagram.

I also discovered that the tape works as a nipple cover. You can place two little strips over your nipple to protect them from slip ups underneath more revealing clothing.

I had this tape on for an event which held for several hours and the boobs held up nicely.

To take the tape off, I gently pulled, starting from my shoulder. It stung just a little (due to the hair on my skin) but nothing unbearable.

I wear a 34G or 34DD bra and so for me to say this works, means it does a pretty good job ladies! I know the struggle all too well and many of us are not prepared to drop $200 on a bra.

If you do get the Spartho tape, do let me know how it works for you!

You can wear it underneath some of these beautiful Meshki suits:

Like this Helda cinched waist Blazer with the matching Indie high waist pants (on sale).

Or you can go for my look in the photos above and get the Nova cut out blazer and the Indie high waist pants in green to go with it.

Or if you're not a fan of the cut-outs, you can get the regular Helda blazer here.

Another great pantsuit option would be this white Gloria cropped corset blazer with the Gloria wide leg trousers. It's giving luxury vacation or board meeting in St Tropez.

If you're more into the oversized pantsuit look, then give this Elvina oversized throw Over Blazer and the Amelia Sheer Pants to match.



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