The Best Jeans to Wear With Cowboy Boots: A Guide for Women
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The Best Jeans to Wear With Cowboy Boots: A Guide for Women

Updated: Feb 21

We have covered the art of pairing jeans with boots several times on this blog. At the end of this post, I would provide the links to my other posts which involve pairing jeans with different types of boots. It seems I just can’t escape the fact that so many people are interested in styling their jeans with different boots for the perfect look.

Although it may come naturally to you, it can be a struggle for many people to know the best ways to style their jean outfits. You have to take into consideration your body type, the style of jeans you’re wearing as well as the type of boot.

In today’s blog post, I would be covering the best women’ jeans to pair with cowboy boots to create a chic look. If you are seeking trendy ways to style your western boots, keep reading.


It’s important to be aware of your body type when choosing both your boots as well as your jeans. As someone with wide calves, I know I have to look for boots that have enough room to accommodate a wider calf. If you have a curvier body type, you should opt for jeans with generous stretch for a more flattering fit.

Before we jump into the right kind of jeans to pair with cowboy boots, I would love to share some of my favorite cowboy boots and where you can find them. Your boots can make or break your look and so it’s only right we start off with the best cowgirl boots currently on the market. If you’re looking to purchase your 1st pair or add to your collection, this is for you.

Get these classic cowboy boots HERE

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you.

Where to buy cowboy boots for women

i) Amazon

I am actually pleasantly surprised with the selection of female cowboy boots available on Amazon. They offer cowboy boots of varying heights and colors. I would suggest you stick to the ones I have included in this post just because they are highly reviewed. Most of Amazon’s options for cowboy boots are between the $60-$100 range with the highest rated ones coming in at just under $100.

THIS white version of cowboy boots would be the centre of attention in your jeans and boots outfit. Pair them with both your maxi dresses as well as your denim jeans for a classic look.

ii) DSW

Cowboy boots tend to not go higher than the knees and so if you’re looking for taller options, check out THESE knee-high cowboy boots DSW carries. Do note that they are made to fit women with regular sized calves. If you are looking for a pair to fit wide calves, check THESE ONES out. They have added stretch around the legs and are under $100, which is rare!

iii) Shein

If you are looking for a pair of cowboy boots with a classic look which you can wear on a daily basis, check out the options on Shein. You would find some boots you could wear with a pair of shorts, jeans and casual dresses.

THESE chunky heeled Western boots would work for both casual wear as well as dressier occasions. You could get them in different colors to create different looks with your jeans and boots pairings.

iv) Amazon

What can I say, Amazon is bringing it with the different options of cowgirl boots. Sometimes, you want a more subtle look with your cowboy boots. If that’s what your going for, then a pair of ankle cowboy boots such as THESE is a good idea.

You could easily pair them with all types of jeans to create a chic look, as you would with any other ankle boot. The black boots would be easiest to style with other colors in your wardrobe.

v) DSW

If you’re looking for the perfect cowboy boots to have all eyes on you, then THESE bedazzled boots by Matisse Nashville are the perfect choice. You could pair them with a cocktail dress to wear to a cocktail event or even to a wedding. They would definitely be the talk of whatever occasion you are turning up for. I suggest you keep the colors of the rest of your outfit minimal to avoid clashing.

Now that you have a good idea of where to shop for different styles of cowboy boots, let’s talk about the best jeans to pair your boots with. For the most part, straight leg jeans work best with cowboy boots because they are the easiest to tuck in. They won’t create any bunching around your ankles, thus creating a more flattering fit.

Most of the jeans on this list would have a smaller leg opening to ensure that your cowboy boots can be worn with ease. The exception however is when you are placing your jeans over your boots. This is when a pair of wide leg jeans works. I would be covering the different styles in this post so keep reading.

What are the best jeans to wear with cowboy boots?

1) Skinny jeans

When it comes to straight-leg jeans, these take the cake. As with all my other posts which involve pairing taller boots with jeans, skinny jeans are a great way to style your favorite cowboy boots. Opt for a pair of dark wash jeans for a slimming effect and a pair of high-waisted jeans if you wish to accentuate your waist.

Get the look HERE

The taller your cowboy boots, the slimmer your jeans should be in my opinion. This would help keep your outfit chic and maintain clean lines. Try pairing your skinny jeans with a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat for a classic style you can wear to a rodeo. You could also opt for a simple top and tie your shirt around your waist for a sexier look.

2) Cropped jeans

Pairing your cowboy boots with cropped jeans is a great way to make your look fit for everyday wear. If your jeans are super cropped, you wouldn’t even need to tuck them into your boots as the top of the boot would hit right where your jeans end. If your cropped jeans are longer, opt for a straight leg to easily tuck in the hem of your jeans.

Get the look HERE

Wide-legged cropped jeans would work best with a pair of ankle cowboy boots. During the colder months, a sweater could be worn as a top. Cropped tops or blouses could be paired with your jeans during the summer months. For a more relaxed fit, a pair of baggy jeans could be worn with your cowboy boots.

3) Mom jeans

Mom jeans are a great option to go with if you want to create a more casual look with your cowboy boots and jeans. You could roll up the cuff of your jeans if they’re too wide to fit into the top of your boots. The looser fit would ensure you’re more at ease in your outfit. To get the best look, try and have your jeans hit right at the top of your boots. This would make your legs appear even longer.

Get the look HERE

A simple white tee could be worn if you’re heading to a grocery store or to catch a movie. Go for a tank top or off-shoulder top for a trendier look. You can get some more inspiration when it comes to pairing tops with jeans on my post: The 10 best ways to wear a crop top. To make your outfit more interesting, play around with tops in bright colors.

4) Boyfriend jeans

The difference between boyfriend jeans and a regular pair of jeans is in the fit. Boyfriend jeans generally have a looser fit around the thigh and hip area. With this looser fit in mind, pair your loose-fitting boyfriend jeans with more feminine cowgirl boots to create an interesting look. The contrast between the masculine jeans and feminine boots would be very fashionable and eye-catching.

Get the look HERE

You could also pair your boyfriend jeans with a pair of cowboy boots in a classic style to create an outfit fit for daily wear. Choose a simple short-sleeved v-neck for a regular outfit during the warm weather. You could always add a cardigan for some extra warmth during the cold months. V-neck tops are more flattering on women with bigger busts so bear this in mind when putting your outfit together.

5) Boot-cut jeans

As mentioned previously, boot cut jeans are the types of jeans you pair with shorter cowboy boots. Ankle boots work best because most of the boots would be covered by your jeans. You can create classic pairings with your look by opting for a moto jacket or a long leather jacket to complete your look. For the perfect fit, choose a pair of jeans that fit just right at the waist. This would ensure you look slimmer, even with a wide-legged jean.

Some of the best boot cut jeans are from the Wrangler brand. They come in different shades of denim but THESE ones have some of the best reviews. You could easily style them with a fitted tee and your best cowboy hat for a modern western look.

Apart from Wrangler Jeans, Levi’s and Old Navy are some of the best places to shop for different pairs of jeans to go with your cowboy boots. The next time you’re looking for the right jeans to go with your cowboy (or cowgirl) boots, check them out.

I hope you have gotten sufficient inspiration for your next jeans and cowboy boots outfit. The most important thing is to own the perfect pair of jeans and then pick the right cowboy boots to go with them. Remember that straight-leg jeans are your best bet, especially if your cowboy boots are taller.

Get the look HERE

You know where to shop for the best cowboy boots and you also know where to find the right jeans to go with them, so what are you waiting for to rock this trend? You can also pair your cowboy boots with dresses to create stylish outfits during the Fall as well as warmer months.

For more outfit inspiration involving boots and jeans, check out my post: How to wear flat ankle boots with jeans. I also have a post: How to wear ankle boots with straight leg jeans.

If you’re a fan of Uggs, check out my post: 5 chic ways to wear Ugg boots with jeans.

Until the next post,



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