Can we call it a comeback if it's the 4th or 5th time?
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Can we call it a comeback if it's the 4th or 5th time?

Sooo, I'm here! Lol I've stopped beating myself up a lot whenever I go for long stretches without posting because I know what I'm dealing with and what matters is how many times you get back in the game right? In the words of Game of Thrones, "Winter is here" and if you know anything about Canadian winters, they really feel like years of cold, runny noses, slippery roads and cursing to self. We did experience Fall for about 2 weeks and then got some snow this past weekend, smh. A sister can't even flex a little?

In other more joyful news, I treated myself to another staycation; this time in Toronto. I was able to use a great coupon I had for the train (ViaRail), an AirBnB coupon to stay at a fabulous location (where most of the series of photos took place) and caught up with friends I had not seen in years! It was truly a treat before I hibernate for the winter :)

This jumpsuit is a classic from my wardrobe. I last wore it 2 years ago and it still fits like new. It's from Nanawax, when she had a pop up event in Montreal years ago. I love the fit, the heaviness, the subtle African print - it always draws lots of compliments. See, you can wear African prints in the Fall :)

Until the next post,


Photos by Osato

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