Can we talk finances?
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Can we talk finances?

"Goals", "Slay", "Yasss. Do those ring a bell?Ever noticed how the more luxurious the photo looks, the more likes it gets? We are still very much a brand-obsessed culture. I know of so many bloggers who went broke because they were trying to keep up with appearances. I my early 20's, I was definitely about that life as well. Living above your means is seen as a win in today's culture because it brings you more attention. Folks are intrigued by young ladies enamored in flashy clothing and attractive foreign locations but are we truly winning or taking L's?

I have been so determined to save and pay off my debt like never before and must admit, I have been doing pretty well. I have some major expenses I will incur next year ( medically related) and at the same time, I want to make sure that I am debt free by my 30th birthday!

I have cut down on the shopping, rediscovered tons of old clothing in great condition and befriended wigs like a hair stylist, lol. I watched @thebudgetnista go Live this morning and she really dropped some gems She talked about having to move back in with her parents at the age of 29. Losing her job, the home she was still paying off and more. She had to live broke for 4 years of her life and now she is the owner of 2 properties paid for in cash. She had to turn down trips and shopping experiences she could not afford in order to save and invest what she needed to. At the time, she was seen as taking an L; she called it a big L for a short amount of time versus taking small L's for the rest of your life. Are you willing to sacrifice a lot now in order to really enjoy later? No instant gratification but rather long term comfort. I know I am!


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