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Remember how I told you 2017 was such a difficult year for me? Well, so far 2018 is proving to be quite the opposite for me! The things I prayed for last year have started manifesting themselves and to God I am so so grateful! I actually became a Canadian citizen last week after over a decade of staying in this country I can officially call home!

Just 3 years ago I was so close to deportation and unsure of where I would end up and now here I am, a host to current and future immigrants! In addition to that, I just got some good news today which I would share once everything is set in stone. I am doing much better financially, eating and sleeping good and I just want to take the time to appreciate this turn around. No matter what happens today, it was/is indeed a good day.

I pray Spring brings with it amazing news for you and your loved ones.

Top- Melapteh

Skirt- Zara (old)


Photography- S-CPhotography

It's Brenda! Formerly known as theonlyskinybish, I took an extended hiatus from blogging and social media to re-focus and re-charge and come back much more level-headed and wiser. I'll still be bringing you the bold prints and colors I have come to be known for, especially African prints (ankara) but I will also be keeping it real and authentic. So welcome to my e-diary with access to all :)​


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