Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family
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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

With Black Friday and Cyber Week just around the corner, I thought I would share some of my favorite Amazon picks if you're planning on getting your holiday shopping done.

This is actually the best time to get your gift shopping done for the entire family. Prices don't get any better than they do on Black Friday and so if you want to save some money in this economy, now is the time.

After spending hours scouring Jeff Bezos's Amazon, here is my shortlist of gift ideas to consider for the various loved ones in your life:

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Christmas Gifts for her

  1. Scented Shower Steamer

Get the Shower Steamer Here

2. Burt's Bees Essential Set

Show her you care about her skin care routine during the winter months with this care set from Burt's Bees. Get yours HERE.

3. Poncho Wrap

Get the shawl wrap for the fashionista in your life HERE

4. Shawl Wrap

This shawl is a great option for those who are unsure of a woman's size or age. Get your shawl HERE.

5. Mama Bear Slippers

Here's a great gift for new and more seasoned mothers. Get your Mama Bear fluffy slippers HERE.

6. Heating pad

If you know a woman who works long hours, this is the perfect fit. The heating pad relieves neck and shoulder pain. Get yours HERE.

7. Personalized Jewelry Orgainzer

Help the jewelry fanatic keep her favorite pieces in an organized manner with this compartmentalized jewelry box. There are different letters available so choose hers for a personal touch. Get it HERE.

8. Travel Mug

Here's a great gift choice for your boss, teacher or any other woman you know who is able to create peace from havoc. Get your travel mug HERE.

9. Gift box

Know a woman who could use some at-home R&R on the regular? Consider getting them this gift box featuring hand-made soap, a card, candle and more! Get your gift box HERE.

Christmas Gifts for him

  1. Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Light

Here's the best gift you can give to the athletic man in your life who likes to keep fit during the colder months.

With sunset occurring earlier, we have fewer hours of sunlight. This can make it harder for drivers to spot joggers. This hat would keep him warm and safe. Get yours HERE.

2. Shoulder Heating Pad

Women aren't the only ones who could benefit from some shoulder and neck relief. Get this electric heating pad for the man who needs to release some tension.

Get it HERE.

3. Men's pullover sweater

Men have embraced the sporty casual look more. This Champion hooded sweater is a great choice for the man who loves his sweats. Get yours HERE.

4. Fleece Hooded Robe

It is my belief that every man deserves a plush robe. This plush option is a good idea for the man who deserves a little self care. Get yours HERE.

5. Short-sleeve t-shirt

Sometimes, men just need the basics. A well-fitted t-shirt (or 2) can become a wardrobe staple that a man can pair with various pants and jeans. Get it HERE.

6. Decanter Set with a twist

Make a lasting impression by gifting this decanter set to a special man in your life. This makes a great gift for those who love a nice shot of hard liquor here and there. Get yours HERE.

7. Hair Catcher and Grooming Accessories

Men who are able to grow a proper beard need to be applauded and hyped. They tend to struggle with keeping things near when trimming their beards at home and this kit is perfect. Get yours HERE.

8. Lava Rock Bracelets

Men wear bracelets too, you know. These natural-colored stones are easy to pair with different colors of clothing. Get yours HERE.

9. Papa Bear Slippers

Just like the Mama Bear, Papa Bear deserves some foot love too. These soft and fluffy slippers make a great gift for new dads as well as seasoned ones.

Get them HERE.

Christmas Gifts for the Kids

  1. Camcorder/camera

If youu know a child showing an interest in photography, get them started with this camera. It comes with a 32 GB SD card, allowing them to go wild with the photos. Get the camera HERE.

2. Light up Tracing Pad

Another great gift for creative kids is this light up dry erase board. It allows the future illustrators and artists to let their imagination run free. Get it HERE.

3. Talking Flash Cards

If you know some kids who may need some hep with their speech or kids just learning to put words together, this is the ideal gift for them. Get yours HERE.

4. Drawing Tablet

If you're looking for a simple gift you can use to distract young children with instead of a television, here you go. Let kids doodle for as long as they want without causing a mess with this writing pad. Get it HERE.

5. Christmas Sweater

Whether this is a child's 1st or 10th Christmas, the tradition of Christmas sweaters can still be passed on. Here's a nice sweater you can get in different colors for the family Christmas card.

Get it HERE.

6. Writing Doodle Toyboard

If you know an aspiring artist who tends to display their artwork on your walls, you may want to get them this doodle mat. A win for both you and them. Get it HERE.

7. Boy and Arrow Set

For kids interested in archery or super hero movies, this makes the perfect gift.

Get it HERE.

8. Interactive World Globe

Get the future globe trotters started young. Let kids learn more about the world thanks to this learning globe. It can be also be used as a home school or learning supplement. Get it HERE.

9. Christmas Gift Bags

At the end of the day, nothing beats receiving some treats on Christmas Day. This could be candies, cookies or other sweets. Serve them up in these cute durlap bags available HERE.

10. Kids' Gratitude Journal

Teach them young to be grateful for all they have and you won't have to worry about them feeling like they're missing out materialistically. This is also a great gift for families who do not necessarily exchange gifts.

Get yous HERE.

And there you have it: a great list of gift ideas for the entire family. So tell me, which one of these was your favorite?

Until the next post,

XOXO Theankaraqueen

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