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I'm one of those who used to internally roll their eyes when someone would say "Don't worry, it'll all work out" or "don't worry it'll be fine" and "God works things out for the better..." It sounded to cliche and I felt as though it was minimizing everything I had just said or experienced.

Last year I was going through a rough patch financially and professionally. This year, not so much. I think it has to also do with the fact that I am forcing myself to see the positives more, but I have indeed to come to notice that-with HARD WORK AND PERSEVERANCE, things do always seem to work out. I was chatting with my friend yesterday and I was telling her that the conversations I was having with her last year are not the conversations I am having with her this year. Each year comes with its challenges and stress is a self inflicted result of how we respond to said challenges. I can honestly say, with consistent hard work and prayer, God has always come through for me!

Sweater- Nordstrom

Skirt- Miss Beida Fashions (old)

Heels- Zara (old)

Imagery: SCPhotography

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