The 7 Best Coats and Jackets to Wear With Dresses
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The 7 Best Coats and Jackets to Wear With Dresses

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

It’s snowing hard as I’m typing this post and looking outside my window. Forget what the seasons say, we are definitely in the thick ow winter right now. It’s funny how the coldest part of the year is also the most festive season. Christmas is less than 10 days away and the holiday parties are in full effect.

With the holidays come different get togethers, Christmas parties and even weddings. Most of us think dresses or skirts when we have formal events to attend and it can be tricky putting together an outfit. There’s a lot to consider when wearing a dress during the colder months versus during the summer.


First, there’s warmth: oftentimes, we don’t want to sacrifice our warmth for fashion, especially when it’s -20 degrees! Secondly, there is comfort – we want to still be able to move freely with our coat and dress outfit. Thirdly, there is the style element. Who doesn’t want to look stunning in their cold weather outfit?

To achieve a chic look with a dress and coat, it starts with a statement coat. As your winter coat is the first thing folks will see when you step into the room, it’s important to invest in a good one. Next, you have to decided on the type of dress you’re wearing.

The length and style of your dress would help determine which coat or jacket to go with. Short coats, long dresses and everything in between shall be covered so keep reading!

Double-breasted coat HERE

In today’s blog post, I would be going over the different coats and dresses you could pair together to achieve a stylish outfit during the winter months and beyond. These looks could also work during the Spring when it’s still cold enough to wear a coat or jacket. Let’s first start off with the best types of coats to pair with dresses in general.

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What type of coat can I wear with a dress?

i) Long coat

Longline coats are a great option to go with if you’re going for a more high fashion or dressier look. Pair long coats with your long dresses if you don’t want the bottom of your dress to show. They also work great with shoer gowns, concealing what’s underneath. A long wool coat works best for formal occasions. They’re a great choice for a winter wedding

Get the look HERE

ii) Trench coat

Pair your trench coat with your dresses to create a timeless look. This is a great way to style your dress for an office party or informal business gathering. A trench coat is a wardrobe staple I have brought up several times on this blog thanks to its versatility. I encourage you to invest in a good double breasted one such as the one below.

Get the look HERE

iii) Puffer coat

Puffer coats tend to be the warmest coats because they’re usually lined with down. A puffer coat is a good choice to go with when it’s really cold during the winter months and you may need to walk a little to reach your destination. For formal events, I recommend a longer puffer coat in a solid color. A neutral color such as black, white or navy blue is a good idea.

Get the look HERE

iv) Teddy coat

Teddy coats are more youthful and casual on the coat spectrum. I suggest opting for them when putting together an outfit for a less formal event such as a friend’s birthday. You could pair it with both a short or long dress, depending on your personal style.

Get the look HERE

v) Leather jacket

A cropped jacket such as a leather moto jacket is a great way to style your least formal dress outfits. Think mini dresses or dresses that go above your knee. Some longer dresses also work with leather jackets if they are more casual. A short jacket brings more attention to your dress and so you want to make sure it fits you right before stepping out.

Get the look HERE

vi) Faux fur coat

The cream of dress coats is a must on this list. Faux fur coats make any of your dress outfits stand out by becoming the centre of attention. I suggest opting for one in a neutral color so you can pair it with different colors of dresses. Pull out your faux fur coat for a winter wedding, date night or formal holiday party.

Get the look HERE

Now that you’ve gotten the scoop on the best jackets and coats to go with your dresses, let’s talk about the different ways to style them. The length of your dress is the most determining factor when it comes to the choosing the best outfit idea. I’ll try to cover as many different looks as possible.

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1) Slip dress with a teddy coat

One of my favorite ways to style my slip dresses during the winter is by pairing them with a teddy coat. I love the contrast between the sexy slip dress and the larger teddy coat. Complete your look with a pair of high heels if you’re taking an Uber or a pair of chic ankle boots.

This is a great outfit idea you could wear to a birthday party during the cold weather. Create a stylish monochrome looks by choosing a teddy coat in the same color as our dress.

Dress from MESHKI

2) Cocktail dress with a longline coat

Whether your cocktail dress is long or short, a longline coat is always a good idea. A double-breasted wool coat is my favorite choice of coat for this look. You get to stay warm without compromising your personal style with this option. Complete your look with ballet flats, strappy heels or ankle boots.

Get the look HERE

3) Evening gown with a faux fur coat

Evening gowns were made to go with fur coats during the winter or Spring. The elegance of both items creates a beautiful pairing where both compliment each other nicely. This is the best way to style your glamorous evening gowns during the colder months. Stick to a (faux) fur coat in a neutral color to ensure there is no color-clashing going on. Complete your look with bold accessories to really take it up a notch.

Image source here

Faux fur shawls or stoles such as THIS ONE or THIS ONE also work very nicely with evening dresses. They give a very Hollywood glam feel to your outfit.

4) Long jacket with a midi dress

Pairing your less bulky long jacket with a midi dress is an easy way to style your midi dresses in the Fall. If your dress is strapless or short-sleeved, you could add a sweater underneath. This is a stylish way of keeping warm in the cold. You could even wear a pair of black tights underneath your shorter dress to ad an extra layer of warmth. For a less formal look, opt for oversized coats.

5) Maxi dress with a long coat

Long coats are the best thing to pair with maxi dresses just because a cropped jacket may create an awkward look. A long camel coat is probably the most popular option. Sometimes, pairing a short jacket with a long dress could create an outfit that looks less put together.

It could be safer to opt for a long jacket or coat for this reason, unless you’re more experienced with this. The right jacket for me may not be the one for you. Complete your look with a pair of ankle boots or heels.

Image source here

6) Dress with a denim jacket

This is the most casual option on this list as denim is considered a caul fabric. A jean jacket is the kind of jacket you pair with your summer dress on a cool summer evening. Denim jackets work great with a shorter dress. During the cooler months, you could pair your dress with a pir of combat boots for a more laid back look. Make your whole look stand out more with a pair of heels.

Image source

7) With a leather jacket

A leather jacket is one of those staples we own but sometimes forget about. You can create a sleek outfit by pairing your dresses of different lengths with a leather jacket. Wear your jacket over your shoulders for a more fashionable look.

This is a less formal outfit you could pair with ankle boots, sandals, a pair of white sneakers or heels. Try pairing your little black dress with a leather jacket for a sassy look. This look also works with a bomber jacket.

Image source here

I hope you’ve gotten enough inspiration for styling your dresses with the best coats or jackets. Try out different styles and see which one works best for you. This could serve as a guide you can bookmark and refer back to as needed.

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