Don't be hard on yourself!
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Don't be hard on yourself!

I definitely need to take my own advise when it comes to this!

There are certain goals I had set out for myself at the beginning of the year and as the year is coming to an end, I realize that more likely than not, I would not be achieving those goals. However, when I look at the bigger picture and all I was able to accomplish, I can't help but to be grateful, pat myself on the back and thank God.

Yes, I may have recently gained a pound or 3 but overall, I lost 10!

Yes, sales on my website may have been very slow at the end of the year, but overall, this was my best year yet!

No, I did not save the amount of money I had planned to but overall, I saved the most I have ever saved!

No, I did not visit all the countries i had wanted to visit but damn straight I visited cities and a continent I had never been to!

Revisit your goals before the year comes to an end and see if there is any chance you can make a last minute sprint to achieve them. However, do not come and kill yourself because you feel as though your year would be a complete failure if said goals are not achieved.

I do believe in hard work, pushing myself (not to exhaustion), consistency, creativity, preparation, humility and kindness. I believe that all these qualities wrapped together would take you to whatever levels you wish to reach in life but we must pay attention to our bodies, always!

In the words of Burna Boy "Body no be firewood!"


The Ankara Queen

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