Faux Cali-girl
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Faux Cali-girl

As most of you know (well those who follow me on social media), I was on vacation in LA for close to 10 days. It was a much needed vacay/hustle and networking trip I was praying to God would work out for the longest time as I was leaving one job to start another (Praise!).

God really had my back this entire trip because 2 days before the trip, I fell REALLY ill and was in the hospital for close to 24 hours with some sort of stomach virus that had me questioning the rest of my life.

No, seriously it was that bad. I kept throwing up, had no appetite, would get so dizzy if I switched positions and was just so weak. Thank God i was well enough to travel but I took things easy for the first 2 days.

My sister, who is one of the best net-workers I know, was able to get some really cool meetings set up for me-umm, hello American Apparel General Counsel, UNICEF charity ball and more. I also got to meet some people I have a feeling are going to play important roles in my professional life. I am just so grateful that everything worked out the way it did! I'll be posting more snaps from sunny Cali-boy did I have an extensive photo

shoot session so stay tuned!

Jumpsuit and bag-old from Nanawax

Heels-Old from Aldo

Photograhper- Dansmesreves


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