What to Wear With Gold Shoes
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What to Wear With Gold Shoes

Updated: Feb 13

I feel like by the end of this year, we would all be experts at styling any color shoe to create just about any outfit we want. I have already covered different ways to style shoes in colors such as burgundy and more recently, I posted about the different shoe colors to go with a red dress.

Today, I wanted to focus on styling outfits with probably my favorite color of shoes – gold. If you’re going to wear a gold shoe, you have no intention of blending in. That’s probably why we tend to see gold shoes worn more often at formal events where the outfits are more lavish.


Gold shoes are a celebrity favorite at red carpet events because they elevate any look and are so easy to pair with just about any color. They’re almost like a bougie neutral color of shoe that works against all skin tones. Today, I’m here to show you some great ways you can style a pair of gold shoes for not just special events but also ones that are a little more casual but where you wish to stand out some more.

These outfit ideas would hopefully serve as a guide you can refer to the next time you wish to whip out those gold heels.

First things first, I would like to share some great sites where you can find the perfect gold shoes to spruce up your wardrobe. As usual, I like to include shoes in different price ranges so you’re sure to find something within your budget.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.


As a major retailer of women’s shoes in both regular and wide fits, DSW is a great site to check out whenever you’re on the hunt for a new pair of shoes. The variety is astounding and they even carry larger sizes. These gold Betsey Johnson platform sneakers would make a regular outfit stand out and so I would recommend wearing them with a pair of jeans or a skirt and t-shirt.

- Nordstrom

Nordstrom carries a lot more dressier gold shoes such as strappy heels and these would look great with fancier dresses. They also carry a good selection of flat gold sandals in case you’re looking to add some gold to your vacation wardrobe. I love how clean and simple these gold Sam Edelman heels are. They would look great with a slip dress, midi skirt or even a pair of skinny jeans with a nice top.

- Shein

Shein offers the most affordable gold shoes on this list in case your budget is really tight but bare in mind that the other websites tend to have amazing sales and you could end up getting name brand shoes at the same price as a pair of shoes from Shein. It would also be a good idea to check out their selection of dresses to go with your gold shoes while you’re on the website.

I love how easy their returns process is as well in case an item isn’t to your linking. These shimmering gold flats come in up to a size 11 US and would be a great option of footwear to go with formal wear when you don’t feel like wearing heels. They would also look great with maxi skirts and mini or maxi dresses.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite gold shoes at the moment, let’s dive into the many ways you can style a pair of gold shoes.

1) With a gold dress

I just had to start this list with a bang. Nothing screams New Year’s Eve outfit like a gold sequin dress with a pair of gold heels to match. I had mentioned this in my previous post on how to wear a sequin dress (just in time for the holiday season) and also included links to wear you could find great options for sequin dresses.

Get the look HERE

Gold dresses are so attention-grabbing and if you want to stand out this season, a gold sequin dress with a pair of golden shoes would make for the perfect outfit. Really want to look like a life-size Oscar? Top your look off with a gold purse.

2) With a navy dress

Navy blue is one of those neutral colors we see more of at weddings or in men’s outfits. However, navy does not have to be reserved for special occasions and could incorporated into your outfit with something as simple as a sweater or cardigan. A navy dress would look great with a pair of gold pumps or sandals, adding some shine to your overall look.

Image source here

A slip dress, strapless maxi or navy midi dress would all work perfectly with gold heels. You could accessorize with a purse in a neutral color such as brown or add some more shimmer with a gold or rose gold clutch.

3) With a black dress

I think we all own at least 2 black dresses, with at least 1 of them being an LBD and most of us are inclined to whip out a pair of black heels when it’s time to style it. You can create even more elegant looks by trading in your black shoes for a gold pair and letting the metallic hue of your footwear add some glamour to your whole outfit. You could even opt for low heels and still achieve the same effect.

Image source here

On a chilly night, add a light shawl or scarf to add an elegant touch of warmth to your look. The same way gold shoes work with a black dress is how you could pair them with a pair of high waisted pants. You could opt for a pair of gold flats if heels are not your thing.

4) With a white dress

In my most dedicated to the different shoe colors to wear with a white dress, white dresses were already mentioned as a winner and so it only makes sense that they get mentioned on this post as well. White dresses are known to be worn more often in the warmer months and adding a touch of gold really amps up the chic level of this look. You could go for a more casual look by wearing a white summer dress with a pair of gold slides or mules instead of a heels.

Image source here

Gold heels are also a great choice to go with when styling your wedding dress. You could wear it underneath your big ball gown or your midi reception dress and look stunning either way.

5) With skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are one of those wardrobe staples that can be dressed up or down and we’ll be covering both looks in this post. For a chic New Year’s Eve after party look, you could pair a gold camisole with a pair of blue or black skinny jeans and then throw on a pair of gold heels to create a vibrant yet effortless holiday party look. If you live in an area with colder weather, the best way to complete your look is with a black leather jacket and you’re good to go.

Get the look HERE

If you’re looking for a way to create a similar look minus the heels, a pair of gold flats would be the best option. Gold against black makes for a greater contrast and is more eye-catching and so if your goal is to make your outfit stand out, I would choose black over blue jeans. Accessorize with some simple gold earrings for date night or some hanging earrings if you’re about to countdown into the New Year.

6) With a pencil skirt

You can achieve a great office party look by pairing your everyday black pencil skirt with some gold heels and a white top. The shoes alone would elevate your look without you needing to do much and that’s the beauty of complimenting your outfit with the right pair of shoes.

Get the look HERE

If you’re feeling extra festive, swapping your white blouse for one in a bright color such as red or green is an excellent choice. Feel free to add a blazer on top to keep your outfit more business than casual while still looking every bit of chic.

7) With a maxi skirt

When it comes to pairing gold shoes with maxi skirts, you could go with either heels, flats, or sandals. Heels work for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, flats work for the office or for fancy gatherings and sandals work for more casual events. A bold look you could create with a maxi skirt in a solid color is to pair it with a pair of gold block heels and a top in a jewel tone. This is a stylish look you could wear for an art gallery opening or for date night.

Get the look HERE

8) With a midi dress

Midi dresses in all sorts of colors look great with gold shoes because the dress gets to be the centre of attention with the gold shoes just adding a sort of highlight. I love pairing my red and white midi dresses with a pair of gold heels instead of my usual monochrome twist I like to stick to.

Get the look HERE

You don’t have to wear red shoes with a red dress, especially if you intend to accessorize with red items. It can be a bit much at times. Try going for gold or rose gold shoes and watch a neat balancing occur.

9) With a maxi dress

If gold shoes can work with a maxi skirt, then they can definitely be paired with a maxi dress as well. Whenever I’m headed to an event with a red carpet, I immediately think of going with gold shoes, regardless of the color of my dress. There’s just something about the color of gold against a sea of red. I don’t think there’s a color of maxi dress that would not look good paired with gold shoes.

Get the look HERE

I hope you’ve been able to see that gold shoes can be worn with practically anything – you just have to be ready to stand out.

Gold is a great complimentary color that does not fight with other colors and that’s what makes it so easy to pair with these different colors. All it does is add a little more shimmer and shine to any outfit. I find that it adds more shine than silver shoes or even white shoes and is more regal than both.

Which of these looks would you be trying? Do let me know.

Looking for ideas on how to style your black UGG boots, check out this post HERE.

Until the next post,



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