6 of The Best Heels to Wear With a Black Dress
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6 of The Best Heels to Wear With a Black Dress

Updated: Sep 25

I think it’s safe to assume that everyone reading this post owns a black dress. Whether it’s a little black dress, a black ball gown or anything in between, a black dress is a wardrobe staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Black is such a formal color and we tend to turn to black dresses when we have a formal event to attend because you can never go wrong with black.

It is also a universally flattering color than can make you appear slimmer. Black naturally compliments any skin tone and a black outfit can set you apart in a subtle manner.

However, you don’t have to reserve a black dress for formal occasions. You can incorporate a black dress into your everyday wear by styling it appropriately.


There are different ways to layer a black dress to create different looks, depending on the dress code. Another important factor when it comes to styling a black dress for different occasions is the choice of shoes.

The right shoes and accessories can take a black dress from basic to red carpet ready. You can create outfits for a special occasion or for office wear using the same black dress.

In today’s blog post, I would be going over the best heels to pair with a black dress to create stylish looks for different occasions.

You would see how by simply opting for the best shoe colors and styles, you can put together black dress outfits for different occasions. I would also be showing you which shoes to pair your black dress with during different seasons to stay chic all year-round.

I do have a post titled: 10 shoes to wear with a black cocktail dress in case you are dressing for a cocktail event

Before we dive into the type of shoes to pair with your little black dress, I would like to start by sharing some of my favorite places to shop for black dresses.

Whether you are looking for some new little black dresses to add to your collection or more dramatic black gowns, this list would be very useful. Do check them out if you are on the hunt for a black dress.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to shop for black dresses

i) Revolve

Revolves offers a great selection of high quality black dresses, especially for special occasions. I have shopped from the website before and can attest to the quality of their items. When it comes to black dresses you can stand out in, they’re at the top. Take for instance THIS Analisa maxi dress. I love the slit and shoulder detail. Pair It with a pair of heeled sandals for a chic look.

ii) Lulus

Lulus offers more affordable black dresses, mostly I cocktail styles. You could easily pair them with a pair of high heels and minimal jewelry to achieve stylish looks. I like to always read the reviews before purchasing any items from Lulus as sizing can vary. THIS mini half sleeve sheath dress would be a great option for a birthday part or holiday party. Add a statement necklace and you’re good to go.

iii) Pretty Little Thing

If it is sexy black dresses you seek, you have to check out PLT. A lot of their dress options are more risqué but they do have a good number of more conservative black dresses. You can find both black dresses to wear clubbing as well as those you could wear to formal event here.

THIS high neck draped midi dress would be a great choice of LBD to wear to a winter birthday. The heavier fabric would keep you warm while the drape detail would conceal any belly fat.

iv) Amazon

Amazon may not offer as many options of chic black dresses as the other options on this list but they do have a great selection of more casual black dresses. I could see myself wearing a lot of their black dress selections to church, to the office or even for a casual lunch at a coffee shop.

THIS wrap v-neck dress would be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a chic black summer dress. You could easily style it with sandals, or flip flops and a big straw hat.

If you are looking for a dressier V-neck wrap dress, check out THIS option. I love the ¾ sleeves and ruch detailing which would conceal your tummy.

v) Shein

Shein offers a huge selection of black dresses to choose from within a wide range of prices. My favorite dresses from them are the dressy ones. If you really wish to look slimmer in your black dress, opt for a dress with some bold detailing. This would draw attention to those details on the dress and away from which ever body parts you are insecure about.

THIS bodycon cocktail dress features a dramatic ruffle shoulder which would be a good choice if you’re insecure about your arms or chest area.

vi) Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a great site to check out for black dresses you can wear to the office or for special occasions. They offer black dresses that are great for the warm weather as well as the winter season. THIS tie waist midi dress is a good option to wear to a business meeting during the colder months. It’s also simple enough to wear for drinks after. Style it with boots during the cold weather and with heels during the warm months.

Now that you have a good idea of where to shop for black dresses, let’s talk about the different heels you can pair them with. I would be focusing on heels but would be offering some suggestions of other types of shoes you could substitute the heels for. Regardless of your personal style, you chould be able to sind something to your liking.

What types of heels to pair with a black dress

1) Pumps

A pair of black pumps is a great choice to go with a little black dress to create a classic look. If you want to make your look interesting, chose a pair of pumps featuring animal prints. For a more subtle outfit, choose a pair of black pumps.

Get the look HERE

Pumps work better with dresses that do not have slits so feel free to pair them with your black pencil dress or sheath dress.

2) Heeled sandals

Strappy heels are the perfect choice to go with if your black dress has a slit or is cocktail style. They are my personal favorite style of heels to pir with my black dresses when the weather permits. You can create a monochrome look by opting for a pair of black shoes.

Get the look HERE

I also like the idea od adding a pop of color to a black outfit. Try heels in bright colors of you are headed to less formal events such as birthday parties or a new Year’s Eve party.

3) Ankle boots

During the colder months, you can still create chic yet warm looks with your black dresses. A pair of ankle boots works great with longer black dresses. Try pairing your sweater dress with a pair of ankle boots in a solid color to create a chic look. You can create a more casual look by opting for flat ankle boots.

Get the look HERE

Find similar boots HERE

4) Lace up heels

A great way to add some sexiness to your black dress outfits is by choosing a pair of lace up heels to go with your dress. Choose heels in bright colors if you want your shoes to be the centre of attention. Black always goes nicely with bold colors so don’t be shy. For a more subtle look, try a pair of nude shoes instead.

Get the look HERE

Heels in a neutral color are always a great choice to with when you’re headed to a formal occasion. Paired against black, it helps to create a classy outfit.

5) Heeled mules

Mules are a good choice to pair with a back dress when you’re headed to an event with a semi-formal dress code. The open back makes them a less formal shoe but would the heels still make your outfit dressy. My favorite style of mules are the clear heels ones.

Get the look HERE

You can however opt for white shoes if you’re looking to create a great contrast with your outfit. If not, metallic shoes are a great option to add some subtle shine to your outfit. Silver shoes and golden shoes are perfect match during the holidays to add some sparkle.

6) Tall boots

Not only ankle boots can work great with black dresses. Knee-high boots as well as over-the-knee boots can be paired with a black dress to create chic looks for the cold weather. The best way to style taller boots with a black dress is to opt for a shorter dress. You want to show off your boots so there’s no point in hiding them underneath a long black dress.

Get the look HERE

Black boots are the easiest and safest choice to go with but you can experiment with other colors of boots. Brown shoes are neutral enough to go with other colors in your wardrobe. Create cute date night looks in the winter by pairing your mini-LBD with a pair of OTK boots.

You now have a great guide you can refer to the next time you’re wondering which heels to pair with your black dress. As you can see, black dresses can be worn year-round.

Pair yours with different types of heels for different events, depending on the dress code. I hope you have gotten enough black dress outfits inspiration.

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