Hot Girl Summer
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Hot Girl Summer

My lovelies! I hope everyone is doing amazing! Summer is (finally) in full bloom over here and girlll am I taking advantage of it!

I have been eating, traveling within Canada, tasting new foods, working hard on Melapteh, eating, going to the movies and doing lots and lots of walking...oh and did I say I have been eating? I just finished eating half of a giant cookie my family and I had shipped from Maui, Hawaii because The Rock kept talking about them. 1 cookie is the size of a sandwich but worth every calorie.

I've enjoyed some new movie releases so far such as John Wick 3, X-Men:Dark Phoenix, Rocket Man and When they see Us (I'm so happy they're getting so many award nominations) and I am looking forward to watching The Lion King this weekend!

*Beyonce's song Spirit has some of the best visuals she has ever given us! What a time to be young and black and ambitious! I can't wait for her to wear Melapteh one day.

Here is a part of my Summer in images.

As you can tell, my physical activity has been paying off :)

Are you doing anything exciting this Summer?

Stay blessed and stay cool!

Dress: Melapteh


The Ankara Queen

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