How I got rid of my chest and back acne
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How I got rid of my chest and back acne

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Chest and back acne (also known as bacne) are very common and yet so many of us who suffer from it are still extremely insecure about it. I remember shying away from low-cut tops, including V-neck t-shirts because I was so insecure about my chest acne.

I had tried very many chest and back acne treatments (because I also had a lot of black heads on my shoulders and upper back) but none of them had proven to be successful yet.


My mother was the one who used to always point out my acne to me...and ended up also being partially responsible for finding the cure for it!

I think from 2020-2021 was when my chest and back acne were at its worst. It's funny because I was at my lowest adult weight, something I had dreamed of for so long and worked so hard for, and yet here I was faced with a completely different challenge.

I would sometimes pick at the pimples on my chest, causing them to ooze puss, and probably making the whole situation worse.

I tried different soaps and oils I had purchased online and which promised to give me a clear chest but none of them worked!

It was frustrating to say the least.

I also tried rubbing Vitamin E and it only partially helped. I wanted a permanent solution.

There were now also many dark spots left behind from previous years of acne and picking at it.

Wearing low cut tops made me so self conscious. I would think everyone near me was staring at my chest and thinking that perhaps I was dirty and needed to shower more often. No fun :(

I was speaking with one of my friends one day and she was telling me about some amazing results she has had using Cerave Smoothing Cleanser and she told me to give it a try.

She also recommended I use the cleanser in conjunction with Cerave's new SA Smoothing Cream with 10% Urea.

As a skin enthusiast, she told me that the salicylic and hyaluronic acid in the cleanser would help by unpulgging my blocked skin pores and allowing this to fall off easily.

The urea in the smoothing cream would serve as both an exfoliator and moisturizer.

Around the same time, my mother (being the extremely resourceful person she is) had heard of chlorophyll soap helping to greatly diminish the appearance of blemishes and so she mailed me a pack of Splina chlorophyll soap.

Not only was I battling chest and back (and shoulder) acne but in 2022, I started getting some weird patches of dry skin underneath my arms. They would itch and then darken after a while.

In addition to all of this, there was some weird hyper pigmentation going on with my arms as seen in the photo below. So yea, my skin was going through it!

Initially, I had consulted virtually with a dermatologist who had suggested it could be eczema but the cream she prescribed never seemed to work.

I was hoping that maybe Cerave could solve this as well? Like I said, I was desperate for anything to clear up my skin because the insecurities were eating at me.

Armed with my trio of skin care products, I felt ready to tackle my body acne (and other skin condition) head on!

The Process:

I would start by rubbing the Splina chlorophyll soap on all the body acne-affected area and leave on my skin for 15 minutes.

Then I would hop in the shower, rinse off the chlorophyll soap and apply a few pumps of Cerave Smoothing Cleanser to my exfoliating bath sponge. I would take my time to scrub each nook and fold on my body (especially my affected areas) and then rinse off.

Please note that the sponge you use to scrub your body with is important as well. This African Net Sponge is anti-bacterial and exfoliates your skin properly. I highly recommend using it with your skin care products.

After drying my skin off, I would apply a generous amount of the Cerave Smoothing Cream with 10% Urea and voilà!

There is also this Cerave Moisturising Cream without Urea in case for some reason you do not tolerate it or just do not want it in your moisturiser.

Results and time frame:

After 1 week of dutifully applying solely my trio onto my body, the spots under my arm had stopped itching. They were no longer crusty as well. I also noticed a slight change with my chest acne and started getting fewer pimples on my chest and shoulder.

After a month of daily usage, the spots under my arm were completely gone, including the scarring they had left behind.

The most drastic change of all was my chest acne (and dark spots). They were truly drastically less visible and I stopped getting new ones! Everyone noticed the difference.

I would even sneak some of the Cerave cleanser unto my lower chin to see if it could help get rid of some spots left by acne and those too have faded.

My additional glow is very obvious and your girl is back to rocking low cut tops and open backs like no man's business!

No photoshop or skin corrector has been used in these photos. I am serving them to you as raw as possible. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I post raw post-workout selfies where you can clearly see my glowing naked skin.

If you're looking for something to help with your chest and back acne, I would definitely suggest you give these a try.

If you do, please let me know how it works out for you!



*Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert and suggest you always consult with your health care provider for any health/skin concerns you may have.


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