15 Ideas on How to Wear a Black Pencil Skirt
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15 Ideas on How to Wear a Black Pencil Skirt

Updated: Aug 13

A black pencil skirt is a staple piece almost, or just as much, as an LBD is in a woman's closet. No matter your age, body type or personal style, there is a way you can rock one.

With Fall approaching, now is the perfect time to start finding various pairings for those black skirts you've kept at the back of your closet all Summer long. A black pencil skirt is such a versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down for different occasions. Whether you are including one to your office wear or heading to happy hour, they can be the core of many a stylish outfit.


If you're on the shorter side, your best bet is to go with a black pencil skirt that hits either right at the knee or just a little above. This is because that length of skirt gives the illusion of long legs while a maxi pencil skirt would swallow your you vertically, making you appear even shorter.

1) With a crop top

This is one of my favorite ways to style a pencil skirt (be it black, or in any color). The crop top keeps it more flirty and fun with the skirt adding more structure to your bottom half.

This look works best with high waisted pencil skirts as they elongate the torso and with the crop top hitting right at the smallest part of your waist, it makes your waist appear even smaller.

Feel free to throw on a leather jacket to complete this look in the Fall.

2) With a peplum top

Peplum tops have been saving women with fupas and bloated bellies for years. If you're worried that stomach is too bi to get away with a pencil skirt, then consider styling yours with a peplum top.

Peplum tops are extremely flattering on all body shapes thanks to the cinching that occurs at the waistline and then the more dramatic bottom.

Add some high heels to this look and you're ready for the boardroom.

3) With graphic t-shirts/cardigans

This is one great way to create a casual outfit for yourself. A graphic tee shows your fun and more youthful side and makes this a perfect look to wear to get the kids from school or take them to Walmart over the weekend.

For extra points, style your look with a pair of white sneakers!

4) With a denim shirt or denim jacket

The first type of black pencil skirt that comes to my mind when I think of black skirts and denim shirts are leather pencil skirts.

Leather black skirts are one of the sexiest pieces of clothing a woman can own. To turn it up a notch, tie up the denim shirt and expose just a little midriff.

Kim Kardashian used to be well-known for rocking a tight black pencil skirt, especially if it was a leather one. If you cannot afford real leather or are not comfortable wearing animal materials, a faux leather tight pencil skirt will do. A chambray shirt could also be used in the place of the denim shirt.

5) With a dress shirt

You could definitely rock this look to the office whether you decided to go with a pair of black heels or ballet flats. Tuck in your dress shirt to give it more of a professional look and right after work, untuck it and make use of belts to cinch in your waist and give more of an hourglass figure.

The untucked look could also work for the office if there is more of a business casual or smart casual dress code.

I'm loving this shirt HERE.

6) With a turtleneck sweater

I absolutely love seeing women in their turtleneck sweaters in neutral colors, knee-length pencil skirt and high boots strutting into Starbucks in the Fall. There's just something about that look that says "effortlessly chic Fall vibes" and I love it.

Get the look HERE.

See how this look could also be worn for a Fall date night and the knee-length skirt could be swapped for a mini black skirt.

7) With a white top

I think every working class woman has this top combination in her closet: a black pencil skirt + white blouse.

This look says "she means business" while still keeping things very feminine. You can complete this look with some ankle boots for a chic Fall office look or with some loafers.

Get a very similar top HERE.

8) With tank tops

For those women who are all about showing their arms off, this look is great for you. Consider wearing a tank top in a fun color to add that pop of color to this look.

Flip flops, flats, sandals and heels all work for this look - the possibilities are endless!

I'm loving this tank option!

9) With some leopard print

Leopard print does not go well with many things but this is one of those times when you can make it work because black is a color you get to build on, like a canvas. The leopard print amps up the sexy factor for you while you get to make a style statement in your outfit.

If you don't feel like wearing a loud leopard print blouse, try going for some leopard heels or bag instead.

10) With bell sleeves blouses

Anything with bell sleeves immediately appears more elegant. Depending on the length of the skirt, and with the right accessories, this look could have you ready for a luxury soiree or cocktail party in no time.

It's a look that can be carried across different season if combined with the right outerwear.

11) With a crisp white shirt

Again, another outfit practically every woman in the work force owns. This pairing is a classic stylish look that could be worn for weekend getaways or a day at the office. It's a great option to style with nude heels and a gold necklace if you wish to go for a more formal look.

Get your own perfect crisp white shirt HERE.

12) With oversized sweaters

Chunky oversized sweaters work so well with a long black skirt that Pinterest has pages and pages of looks inspired by this solid pairing. Choosing a solid color for your chunky sweater really brings this look together, especially if you go with Fall colors.

Similar option HERE

13) With polka dots

There is no way anyone can be mean to you if you're wearing polka dots. It's one of those prints that whispers 'hey, I'm a really cool human being.' Polka dot blouses or tops go nicely with knee pencil skirts and also midi pencil skirts.

The polka dots provide some dimension and a nice contrast to this look.

14) With a trench coat

During the raining Spring or early Fall months, your black midi pencil skirt (or maxi) can be paired with different tops and a trench coat added on top. If you decided to go with a white tee, then feel free to dress the look down with sneakers or dress it up with heels.

Every woman needs a trench coat in her wardrobe.

15) With a simple t-shirt

Similar to the skirt + graphic tee look, this casual look keeps things stylish but more youthful. You get to play around with different t-shirts (including your old Beatles concert tee) while not looking like you're trying to hard.

Add a blazer to this look if you're going to meet up with some friends or for a casual business meetup out of the office.

I hope this post has provided you with some major inspiration for black pencil skirt outfits. There is bound to be a perfect match for you somewhere in this list, whether you are looking to style a long pencil skirt, a midi or a short one. There are so many different ways to rock yours, depending on the occasion you are wearing it to.

Remember that if you want to show off your natural curves, go for either a leather pencil skirt or one with at least 3% elastene. The added stretch gives the illusion of curves, whether you're working with just a little or plenty.

Also know which black skirt is the right length for you - the short you are the shorter your length can go for perceived added height.

I shot the video below to give you some great ideas on how to wear a black pencil skirt.

Feel free to experiment with different types of skirts such as a denim pencil skirt or a lace pencil skirt. Clothing is meant to be experimented with and so have fun with it while remaining true to your personal style.

Check out this and this skirt if you are on the hunt for a great black pencil skirt. THIS is the best faux leather skirt I've seen out there and it's by Good American.

If you loved this post, you'll definitely get some more black skirt outfit inspiration HERE.

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If you're looking for ideas on how to wear your skirts casually, I got you!



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