The Best Ways to Wear a Cape Blazer
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The Best Ways to Wear a Cape Blazer

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Cape blazers are one of those fashion trends I’m so grateful for. As someone with thicker arms, I noticed that a lot of regular blazers from Zara and H&M would fit really snug around my arms, and I could never wear a sweater underneath during the colder months.

This meant I was limited to blazers when it wasn’t too cold outside. I was first made aware of cape blazers almost 10 years ago and have not looked back since. The flared sleeves allow for more breathing room while still providing a unique look and a chic vibe.


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I have come to own cape blazers in several colors and lengths but find myself wearing them mostly in the Fall and winter. During the summer months, I like to style them with jeans and skirts and during the winter months, I get to dress them up with sweater dresses, boots and trousers.

The cape trend seems to have proven itself and cape blazers can be seen as timeless pieces. I still wear the same cape blazers I purchased almost 10 years ago! I recommend you invest in a few good ones in different cuts and colors.

You would appreciate how versatile they can be and how easy it is to style them. You most likely already own the pieces I would be mentioning in this blog post and so all that’s missing is your new cape blazer. I would be showing you different ways to style a cape blazer for various occasions. We’re talking both for formal events as well as more casual ones.

If you are looking for some major cape-blazer outfit inspiration, you have come to the right place!

I would be showing you how I styled my Sirani’s Fashion Ana Reversible Mudcloth Blazer to be specific. You can get dollars off your order by using the code theankaraqueen at checkout.

At the end of this blog post, I would also include links to wear you can shop for other cape blazers in solid colors if that’s what you’re looking for.

You would still be able to apply the same tips and strategies I have used with my mudcloth cape blazer. Here are my favorite ways to style a cape blazer:

1) With a pair of jeans

If you are going for a more casual look, pairing your cape blazer with jeans is the perfect way to do so. You could wear a tank top, crop top or sweater underneath the blazer, depending on how casual you wish to get. Both skinny jeans as well as mom jeans could be worn to create a chic look.

During the colder days, you could pair your cape blazer and skinny jeans with over the knee boots for a sleek look. This is a great option to wear for drinks with the girls or a concert.

If it’s nice and warm outside, pair your cape blazer with some mom jeans and mules as I did. I love how I can have 2 blazers in one and so I went with a white cape blazer this time. I kept my footwear semi formal with a pair of white mules and was ready for my day out. You could also pair yours with a pair of flats or sandals if the dress code is casual.

2) With a midi dress

Pairing a cape blazer with a midi dress is always a good idea when you’re not sure what the dress code is. The length of the midi dress is perfect because it covers enough to be conservative but it’s a full maxi, which can be too formal at times.

You can take your midi dress game up a notch by pairing it with a structured cape blazer. During the warmer months, you could opt for a strapless dress or a short-sleeved one.

I personally love to accentuate my waist with a skinny belt to really bring out my curves. In the fall, I opt for a sweater dress with long sleeves to go with my cape blazer. This is a chic way to stay warm when it’s a little cold outside. You could complete your look with a pair of ankle boots or high heels, if the weather is permitting.

This is also a look you could wear to the office if you feel like looking extra nice. To read more about styling sweater dresses, you can check out my post on how to wear a sweater dress.

3) With a pair of trousers

I recycled my Sirani’s Fashion mudcloth blazer and wore it to a wedding. This time, I paired it with a pair of wide-legged pants and heels. I opted for a sheer blouse and decided to belt my cape blazer to highlight my waist. I love how this blazer gives me options to play with many neutral colors thanks to its beautiful print.

I complimented its colors by sticking to white pants but I could have also gone with brown or black – perfect color choices for the Fall. This time, I wore the reversible blazer as a black cape blazer and no one would know it was the same blazer as the one I wore with mom jeans over the summer.

4) With a mini dress

A great way to create an elegant white outfit is by pairing a white mini dress with a white cape blazer. I love how the white blazer elevates an otherwise basic dress and makes it more interesting and fashionable. You can complete your overall look with a pair of strappy heels and an evening clutch.

If you’re putting this look together in the winter, choose a white sweater dress and pair it with knee length boots to achieve the same look for colder weather.

You could also opt for a mini skirt instead of a dress. Pair a white shirt with a white mini skirt and a cape blazer if you don’t own a white dress but still want to try this look out.

These are the 4 main clothing items I like to pair with my cape blazer. I feel like they cover most outfit possibilities (pants, dresses, jeans and skirts) and you can mix and match with different colors and length of items. I encourage you to wear a belt over your cape blazers if you wish to accentuate your waist. Also try to compliment its colors a little bit to really bring out its beauty.

You can create more casual wear by pairing a cape blazer with jeans and go for more formal styling by pairing it with cocktail dresses and maxi skirts.

Let me know which of these looks was your favorite.

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Until the next post,



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