7 Ways to Wear a Cropped Sweater
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7 Ways to Wear a Cropped Sweater

Updated: Feb 13

Crop tops are a crowd favorite during the warmer months. They can be seen at festivals, beaches, coffee shops and at the mall. Their warmer counterparts, cropped sweaters, tend to be reserved for either the Spring or Fall and sometimes during the winter.

Wearing a crop sweater during the Fall and early winter is a great way to create a warm but sexy look without trying to hard. Crop top sweaters can be paired with pants, jeans skirts and even dresses to create many chic looks which could be worn for different occasions.


In today’s blogpost, I would be covering some great cropped sweater outfits you may want to try during the cold weather. The trick here is to pair your cropped sweater with other warm pieces to prevent you from freezing your butt (or torso) off.

We aim to be stylish but comfortable and weather-appropriate over here. If you are looking for tips on wearing crop top sweaters on cold days (and warmer ones too), then you want to keep reading.

Cropped tops and sweaters are considered casual pieces of clothing and not meant to be worn at the office (if you have a business dress code) and so most of the options listed would reflect more outfits for more casual settings.

However, if layered properly, a cropped sweater could be worn in a more professional setting. I would be showing how this could be achieved later. For now, I would love to share some of my favorite places to shops for a cropped cardigan or sweater.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

i) When it comes to cropped sweaters you can comfortable wear to work and business meetings, Everlane is a good website to check out. I’m loving this cropped cardigan in golden palm which would be a great workwear option during the winter season. You could pair it with a pencil skirt or high-waisted pants.

ii) If athleisure is more your style, then you’re in for a treat. Shein has these trendy crop hoodie and top sets that would look great with a pair of sweatpants. You could be casually sexy while rocking a pair of sneakers and a hooded crop top on your way to a local store. You could also pair It with a pair of leggings to chill comfortably at home.

iii) If you’ve got a sex mid-section and you know it, why not flaunt it in one of ASOS’s many cropped sweaters. This green cable knit one would look great with a pair of blue skinny jeans and ankle boots. As you already know, I’m a sucker for bright colors.

iv) You can turn up the sexiness without showing too much skin by opting for a cropped sweater with a side slit. This side split rib knit top from Boohoo is the perfect choice to go wit high waisted mom jeans on a casual day out. It’s also really affordable and comes in other lovely colors.

v) Cropped sweaters don’t necessarily have to show off your mid sections. This cable knit sweater is evidence of that and would be a great choice to go with when creating a stylish look you could wear to the office and date night right after.

Now that we’ve covered some great options for cropped sweaters and wear to find them, let’s talk about the different ways to create cute outfits following this fashion trend. I hope you play around with at least a couple of these looks if you intend to rock a cropped sweater outfit this season.

1) With high-waisted pants

If you’re concerned about showing your belly in a cropped sweater, then this is a great option for you to rock this trend. The higher the waist of the pants, the better. If your sweater is a little too short, you could wear a tank top in the same color as your sweater underneath. With the right length of crop top and height of the waist of your pants, this is a look you could manage to pull off in a more professional setting.

Get a similar sweater HERE or HERE.

2) With a pair of jeans

This might be the most popular way to wear a cropped sweater and I can understand why. It’s such a simple casual look to put together while adding a touch of sexiness. This is why you could opt for either a pair of white sneakers or a pair of high heels in terms of footwear. To complete this cropped style, throw on a black leather jacket or longline coat to serve up some major cold weather style.

Get the look HERE

If you’re going all out with this style, you could wear a pair of low-rise jeans to show off your stomach. Hiding some excess belly fat? Choose a pair of high-waisted jeans to go with your cropped sweater look. Blue or black high waisted jeans work here, as log as you’re complimenting your choice of denim.

Create the perfect look by pairing a cropped sweater in a neutral color with a pair of blue jeans and ankle boots. You can always opt for a loose style of sweater if you’re insecure about your mid section.

Get the look HERE

3) With a pair of joggers

Creating a casual look with a cropped sweater is as easy as pairing it with a pair of baggy pants or sweatpants. With the cold keeping many of us inside, this is the perfect time to get nice and cozy. Whether you’re receiving guests at home for game night or just feeling yourself when at home alone, a cropped sweater with sweatpants is an effortless look anyone can pull off.

This is a comfortable outfit you could wear all year-long and does not have to be reserved for the winter months.

Get the look HERE

You can also choose a cropped hoodie over a regular sweater for a warm look you can wear to run errands. Add you coat on top if it’s cold outside.

4) With a pencil skirt

My favorite way to wear a cropped sweater with a pencil skirt is by wearing them as a set. If you do not own a set, you could create the same monochromatic look by pairing your cropped sweater with a pencil skirt in the same or similar color. Add a pair of heeled ankle boots to the mix and you’ve got yourself a perfect date night look. You could also wear this for drinks with your girls and play around with knee-boots.

I’m loving this two-piece look HERE

5) With a mini skirt

This look is not only reserved for the young girls but also the young at heart. If you’re worried about catching cold, add a pair of tights or leggings underneath for an extra later of warmth. To go for a more preppy vibe, you could wear a collared white shirt underneath your cropped sweater.

To hide some of your belly, choose high-waisted skirts to pair with your cropped sweater. You could even go for a mini denim skirt if you’re headed to a casual outing. Don’t forget the white ankle booties or thigh high boots!

Get the look HERE

6) As a loungewear set

An easy way to partake in this trend is by getting yourself a cropped sweater + pants set. This would be a comfortable look to wear when working from home or organizing a casual get together at your apartment. Loungewear Is still one of the most sought-after styles since the pandemic and so if you want to look cute and cozy, this is the style for you. You can read up on some more on my post: what outfits to wear at home.

Get the look HERE

7) On top of a dress

The best part about the cropped sweater trend is the versatility you can create for your wardrobe. You can wear a cropped sweater underneath or over a dress to create chic dress looks for the colder months. As mentioned in my post on how to wear a sweater over a dress, go for lighter sweaters if you wish to wear your sweater underneath your dress and you can opt for a chunkier sweater if wearing it on top of your dress.

Slip dresses are a great candidate for a sweater to be worn underneath. You can complete this look with a black leather jacket or a green one and a pair of ankle boots.

Get the look HERE

Today’s post should have provided you with some inspiration for the next time you’re about to pair your cropped sweater with a piece in your wardrobe.

Be mindful with cropped sweaters if you’re on the thicker side. Chunky sweaters could add some bulk to your frame so you want to pair them with form-fitting bottoms for the most part in order to balance things out. During the warmer months, you can replace your cropped sweater with a crop top and achieve similar looks.

You may want to check out my post on how to wear a crop top without showing your stomach.

Also check out how I styled my cropped sweater with my Joni jeans HERE.

Until the next post,



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