8 Different Ways to Style a Denim Skirt
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8 Different Ways to Style a Denim Skirt

Updated: Feb 21

Denim skirts are a great item to use to create casual outfits. Whether you own a mini, midi or a maxi denim skirt, you can create multiple chic outfits by pairing them with the right tops and footwear. Denim in itself is considered a casual fabric and so incorporating it into your outfit would mean you’re going for a more casual vibe, regardless of your choice of top or blouse.

In today’s blog post, I would be covering different ways to style a denim skirt to create stylish denim skirt outfits. I would be showing you how you can wear denim during different times of the year and the best shoes to pair with each outfit.

You’ll get to see why a denim skirt could be your next wardrobe staple thanks to its versatility. If you are on the lookout for some denim skirt inspiration, you have come to the right place.


The key to achieving the perfect denim skirt look is to start off with a great denim skirt. Jean skirts can look flattering on all body shapes if they’re the right fit and length for you. Shorter women must be weary of maxi skirts which can make them appear shorter. The trick is to balance it off with a more fitted top. Women with apple shaped bodies are top-heavy.

Denim skirts that are more voluminous would look more flattering on these body types.

Here are some more style tips to take into consideration when choosing a denim skirt is the choice of denim: dark wash denim is considered slightly less casual and is also more flattering on curvier women.

You could pair it with a fancier blouse or jacket for an elevated casual look. Your choice of footwear would depend on the weather as well as the length of your denim skirt. A long denim skirt could be paired with flats, ankle boots, sandals or heels while a mini denim skirt could be paired with tall boots, high heels, white sneakers or sandals for a chic look.

The possibilities are truly quite numerous when it comes to denim skirts. Below are my favorite ways to style jean skirt outfits:

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1) Denim skirt with a crop top

An excellent way to style a denim skirt for the warm weather is by pairing it with a crop top. This works whether your denim skirt is short or long. Wear a cardigan or denim jacket on top for some extra warmth if it’s a little chilly outside.

Complete your look with a pair of sneakers if the vibe is casual chic. You could also opt for a pair of high heels if you’re dressing up for date night or a pair of flats if you’re out on a casual walk.

Get the look HERE

You don’t have to stick to blue denim to pull off a cute denim skirt look. Play around with different colors of denim skirts to create more fun looks. My favorite color of top to pair them with is white as it keeps things fresh.

Get the look HERE

2) Denim skirt with a white tee

Create a casual look you could even wear to Fashion Week by pairing a denim skirt with a white shirt and a pair of heels. You could either tuck in your white t-shirt or tie it in the front to make your look stand out more. During the colder months, add a pair of knee-high boots and a trench coat to complete your look.

Don’t forget the dark shades to really look like you belong in the front row. A pair of clear heels would look great with this look in the summer. You could also pair your skirt with an oversized shirt for a really casual look.

Get the look HERE

3) Denim skirt with a tank top

An excellent way to style a denim skirt when it’s hot outside is by pairing it with a tank top and either a pair of sneakers or a pair of heels. You could tie a plaid shirt around your waist for an extra casual look or stick to a fitted tank top and a pair of strappy sandals for a dressier look.

If you’re headed out with some friends on a warm summer night, try pairing a denim mini skirt with a tank top and a pair of mules. This is an easy yet sexy look sure to turn heads.

Get the look HERE

You could always throw on a leather jacket if it’s a little cold but you want to maintain a sleek look.

Get the look HERE

4) Denim skirt with a cropped sweater

During the Fall, you can still wear your favorite denim skirt by pairing it with a sweater. If you’re not shy about showing some belly, opt for a cropped sweater to create a stylish relaxed look. This works best with a denim midi skirt as you do want something a bit warmer.

You could also pull this look off with a mini skirt if you layered it with a pair of black tight or black leggings and added a jacket on top. Complete your look with ankle boots of your choice.

Get the look HERE

5) Denim skirt with a button-down shirt

If you’re wondering how you can style a denim skirt to wear to the office, here is your answer. A long-sleeved shirt in a solid color could be paired with a midi or maxi denim skirt. If your office has Casual Friday, this would be a great option to go with.

During the winter months, you could replace the shirt with a nice sweater. Try playing around with button-down shirts in different colors to switch up your look. Opt for a pair of boots, flats or loafers for footwear

Get the look HERE

6) Denim skirt with a sweater

To style your denim skirt during the cold months pair it with a warm chunky sweater and a pair of ankle boots. If you’re wearing a denim mini skirt, consider wearing a pair of leggings underneath and over-the-knee boots.

For longer denim skirts, you could choose shorter boots as most of your legs would be covered by the skirt. You could add a black leather jacket or longline coat to complete your look.

Get the look HERE

7) Denim skirt with a blouse

Another office-appropriate denim skirt outfit is a denim skirt paired with a blouse in a solid color. Tuck in your blouse to ensure a more business attire and opt for sensible shoes. This could be flats, loafers or boots. During the summer or on hot days, you could opt for a white denim skirt to make your outfit more fun.

Ensure your denim skirt is knee-length or longer to ensure you’re following the office dress code. This is a look you could pair with a blazer if it’s a little cold.

Get the look HERE

8) Denim skirt with a denim shirt

A chic way to rock a double denim outfit (otherwise known as a Canadian tuxedo) is by pairing a denim pencil skirt with a denim shirt. You could even make it a triple denim look by adding a denim jacket across your shoulders. To break things up, choose a pair of heels in a bold color. You could also choose a pair of casual sneakers to complete your chic denim look.

Get the look HERE

I hope I have provided you with lots of denim skirt outfit ideas you can incorporate into your personal style. Remember that it’s important to invest in a good denim skirt if you really want to make your denim skirt look stand out. You can see how such a simple piece can be so versatile depending on the length and color of your skirt.

Which of these looks was your favorite?

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