5 Ways to Wear a High Low Skirt
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5 Ways to Wear a High Low Skirt

Updated: Feb 13

I recently shared a post on how to wear a high low shirt and noticed there were a lot of requests to create a post on how to style a high-low skirt and so here we are! Clearly a lot of you are still wearing high-low skirts (also known as hi-low skirts) and are very much interested in how to create different looks that still reflect your personal style.

In today’s post, I will do my best to come up with a list of possible high low skirt outfits you could rock, whether you’re going for a more casual look or dressing for a special occasion.


Let’s get one thing straight to begin with: high low skirts are not meant to be reserved for only fancy occasions. They don’t even have to be maxi skirts. The right high low skirts exist for whichever event you’re headed to and I’m glad to share where you can find them. You can find yourself wearing one to the grocery store just as much as you could be styling one to head for date night.

I hope to show you a number of high low skirt outfit ideas to provide you with some inspiration the next time you draw a blank when considering wearing one of these skirts. As usual, you most likely already own most of the pieces so make sure to shop your closet first.

I would love to start off by sharing some great sites where you can shop for cute high low skirts in case you are looking to add one or two to your wardrobe. In my opinion, these are the 4 high-low skirts you need to own, regardless of your body type:

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

1) A maxi high-low skirt

For special occasions, a maxi high low could replace a dress. These skirts tend to graze the ankles in the back while sitting at the knees in the front. You could pair your skirt with a bodysuit, off-shoulder top or cropped top to create a cute look worthy of a few head turns.

This one HERE is a good example

2) A midi high low skirt

I’m referring to a hi-lo which falls to the back of your calves in the back but reaches up to your thighs in the front. This is such a flirty skirt option and would work best when creating a casual outfit.

This one is the perfect example of a casual high low skirt.

3) A high-low skirt in a bold color

If you’re feeling extra confident, you need your outfit to reflect that. High-low skirts are already exaggerated – take it further by sporting one in a bright color.

Here is a great option.

4) A high low skirt in a fun print

You can’t have bold colors with bold prints and so prints had to be added to this list. You could even go with stripes, zig zag or houndstooth in terms of print and you would still be making a statement.

This is the ultimate attention-grabbing high low skirt you can get.

Now can we talk about the different looks you can create with these beautiful skirts?

- High low skirts with off-shoulder tops

I’ve mentioned on this blog several times that anytime a woman shows her décolletage, it instantly adds a feminine touch to her outfit. That’s why off shoulder tops are the perfect match to pair with a high low skirt worn for a special event. Depending on the style of off-shoulder top you go with, your high-low skirt look could end up looking like a beautiful dress.

Image source here

Consider going for this look if you’re headed to a cocktail party – just add a high heel and watch how your whole look comes together. For formal events, pick high low skirts in solid dark colors, especially jewel tones. These colors would go particularly well with bold accessories and give your look more of a majestic vibe.

- High low skirts with crop tops

A cute casual outfit you can sport during the warmer months is a high low skirt with a crop top. My personal preference is to go with a matching crop top and skirt set but you could definitely mix and match with a different crop top. Interestingly enough, a crop top could also be worn with a high low skirt for formal events such as weddings. Think of the beautiful Indian outfits their women wear to lavish ceremonies: crop tops and skirts are the basis of many sarees which are a known wedding outfit in Indian culture.

Image source here

It just goes to show that showing some skin does not necessarily equate to a casual look. It also shows that regardless of your body shape, you could rock a crop top.

I also love this bridal option HERE

- High low skirts with sweaters

During the colder months, high low skirts could still be worn, it’s just a matter of styling. Either a cropped sweater or a more form-fitting one would work better with a high-low skirt seeing as the skirt is already on the voluminous side. You want to balance things out by going for a sleeker look on top.

Get the look HERE

Choosing a cropped sweater over a longer one would prevent you from having to tuck it into your skirt, thus avoiding any potential bunching around the mid-section.

- High low skirts with tank tops

If you’re really not up to showing any of your belly but want to create a chic look with your high low skirt on a warm day, you can still create a good outfit by going for a tank top. Tank tops are form-fitting enough to still create a flattering fit on top and thin enough to be tucked in into your skirt very easily.

Image source here

If you would like to achieve a class monochromatic look, try pairing a black skirt with a white high low skirt. The whiteness of the skirt would make your outfit stand out on its own and would be the first thing people notice. This is why you want to pair it with a short top in a neutral color which would not compete with it. If it’s a little cold outside, add a denim jacket to your overall look to keep it casual but chic.

Get a similar look HERE

- High low skirts with t-shirts

A casual outfit you can try next time with your high low skirt is a white tee paired with your high-low skirt. This look is pretty minimalistic as is but you are welcome to add a black leather jacket on top to really sass it up. Don’t feel like wearing boring white tees with your skirts, then why not go for a graphic tee? This would make your outfit more fun and laid back in a natural manner.

Image source here

The best part about this outfit in particular is you can really make it yours by choosing the graphic tee you pair with your hi-low skirt. Let your graphic tees be a reflection of your true character, that way your outfit is making a statement on its own.

Many women consider high low skirts wardrobe staples and if you read this post, it means you probably own at least one. I hope you have gotten some inspiration and great ideas from this post and you plan on styling your high-low skirts in different ways the next time you spot one in your closet.

You probably already own the perfect pieces to go with your skirts and are more than capable of creating a cute look or two without bringing out the credit card. If you are looking to purchase a new high-low skirt, don’t forget to check out the links I provided above because those skirts come highly recommended by customers.

Until the next post,



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