6 Ways You Can Wear a Little Black Dress to a Wedding
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6 Ways You Can Wear a Little Black Dress to a Wedding

Updated: Aug 7

There used to be an old debate on this topic: whether one could wear black to a wedding. Historically, the color black has been known to be the appropriate color to wear to a funeral. It is a solemn color that does not draw attention to it. However, when it came to wearing it to a happy celebration such as a wedding, some people used to be (and some still are) torn.

Yes, you see men in black suits and tuxedos at weddings but for some reason, seeing a black dress at a wedding used to be seen as a faux pas by many. So why could a man wear a sleek black suit and a woman could not step out in a sleek black ensemble to celebrate love?


Let’s start off this blog post by answering the common question:

Can I wear black to a wedding?

The general response to that would be yes. I would go a step further and say always respect the couple’s wedding dress codes. If your wedding invitation mentions no black, then stick to that. If there is no anti-black outfit policy, then by all means, pick out your best little black dress to turn heads.

The golden rule is: Just don’t wear white unless it’s specifically mentioned that you can.

I find black and other dark colors to be great options for wedding attire especially during the colder months. Winter weddings can be cold and such a hassle to get to if there’s snow on the ground. With that in mind, black becomes a popular choice because of how easily it can hide dirt.

Long black dress available HERE

No one wants the slushy snow stain to be visible at the front of their dress, am I right? Moreover, black is generally worn more often during the winter season so it’s easy to just throw on a color you’re already familiar with. Black is already associated with formal events so why not rock a black ensemble to a black tie wedding?

In today’s blog post, I would be covering some great ways to style your little black dresses for someone else’s big day. The goal is to stay classy but look fashionable and sophisticated. You’re not about to dull your shine just because you’re a wedding guest.

I would first start off by sharing some great options of LBD’s and where you can find them. This would come in handy if you’re looking for a great choice to wear for your next wedding guest outfit. They offer different types of dresses which you would choose depending on the level of formality of the dress code.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where can I find the perfect LBD for a wedding?

i) Lulus

Lulus currently has hundreds of chic LBDs available for under $100! When it comes to choosing the right one for wedding guest attire, I say it’s best to go with something no shorter than 2 inches above the knees. For black-tie weddings, I suggest opting for LBDs that are longer in length. You could play around with different designs and add bold accessories.

THIS sleeveless bodycon dress would be perfect for an evening wedding. Keep your accessories simple for a clean and chic look.

ii) Pretty Little Thing

If you are looking for a chic little black dress to wear to a casual wedding, I suggest you check out Pretty Little Thing. Although many of their LBD options are on the short side, they do have some great appropriate ones you could dress up for the occasion.

This strapless black dress would be sure to turn heads in a good way. All you would need are a pair of dangling earrings and heels.

iii) Nordstrom

When it comes to black wedding dresses, Nordstrom is a great site to check out. Whether you are the bride looking for an unconventional black wedding gown or a stylish guest looking for a great evening gown, you’re bound to find something to your taste. If you’re not in the mood to wear anything form-fitting, I suggest this bow neck short sleeve LBD.

iv) Amazon

Another great option for anyone trying to hide belly fat is this 1950s inspired flare black dress. It would be a great choice of black cocktail dress for a daytime wedding. In case you love the shape but prefer bright colors, I have good news. It comes in several different colors and prints!

Now that we’ve covered some great sites to check for the perfect LBD, let’s discuss the different ways to style them as wedding guests. We want your wedding guest look to stand out but not outshine the bride. Here are some of the best ways to style a little black dress for a wedding:

1) All black look

As dark as this look may seem at first thought, it’s actually a great idea for a chic wedding guest look. The touch of lace softens up the look while the black on black adds some elegance. For semi-formal weddings, knee-length dresses are perfect. You could opt for a pair of pumps or heeled strappy sandals to complete your summer wedding outfit.

To learn more on what shoes to pair with a cocktail dress, check out my post: 6 shoes to wear with a cocktail dress

Get the look HERE

2) With a blazer

If you’re worried about the weather but still want to look chic in your LBD, pairing it with a structured blazer is a good idea. This works best during the Spring or early Fall when it’s not freezing outside but the air is a little crisp.

You could opt for a blazer in a bright color to add a pop of color to your outfit. Just remember to respect whatever dress code that may be mentioned on the wedding website.

Image source here and get a similar look HERE

3) With a cardigan

If you’re headed to an outdoor wedding and it doesn’t look like it’ll be nice and warm, you may want to prioritize keeping warm. You can still look stylish in your LBD by pairing it with a nice cardigan. This could be a short or long one, depending on the type of wedding.

For semi-formal weddings, I would suggest a short button down cardigan. For a casual farm wedding, you can pull out your oversized cardigan and wear it on top of your dress.

Image source here

THIS LBD would be a great option to pair with a thin cardigan.

4) With a shawl

Adding a shawl to your little black dress is a great way of styling it for a beach wedding. When the reception goes into the late hours of the night and the ocean breeze hits, you may need a shawl for some warmth. A cardigan or sweater may be a bit much and could take away from the simple elegance of your outfit.

The other added benefit of a shawl is it is light enough to pack for a destination wedding without adding extra kilos to your luggage.

Get the look HERE

5) With a pair of bright heels

Wedding season brings out some of the most stylish looks we get to see each year. If you’re opting for dresses in darker colors, you can brighten up your look with a pair of high heels in a bright color. These could be a pair of pumps, heeled sandals or mules. The pop of color would create a nice contrast between you black clothing and your footwear.

Get the look HERE

6) With a pair of boots

You can create the perfect look for a winter wedding by pairing your black dress with a pair of boots. If you dress is above your knee, black knee-high boots would be a good idea. For longer black dresses a pair of ankle boots would work great.

Boots can be worn regardless of the time of day the wedding is occurring. Feel free to add a pair of black tights as well if your dress is shorter and the weather is cold.

Get the look HERE

And there you have it: 6 great ways to wear a little black dress to a wedding across different seasons. Black wedding guest dresses can be fun and eye-catching without stealing the show from the bride. In recent years, black has been worn more often on wedding days. Always remember to follow the couple’s dress code and then have fun with the rest!

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