6 Ways to Wear a Moto Jacket Using Pieces You Already Own
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6 Ways to Wear a Moto Jacket Using Pieces You Already Own

Updated: Jan 3

Moto jacket, biker jacket, leather jacket, faux leather jacket, motor jacket - or however you call them, they are definitely a top 10 wardrobe staple in any closet. The history of moto jackets is an interesting one and one which I have shared previously in my post on how to style a brown leather jacket. Early 1900s? Marlon Brando? Ring a bell now?

Instead of focusing on just the brown jackets, I decided to write a post showing how to style moto jackets in general. Most people go for a black leather jacket when they purchase their first one and I don't blame them. Black is probably the easiest color to style, especially in the Fall, which is the time of year when most people tend to wear their leather jackets.


In this post, I would not be focusing on just the black classic moto jacket but would be showing how this same jacket in different colors could still work with your wardrobe. Also note that whenever I mention leather jacket, it could be replaced with a faux-leather jacket as I understand many people are staying away from animal products. I would also be including links to some great, and highly reviewed, faux leather jackets so make sure you keep reading!

It's fascinating how leather jackets, which used to be associated with bikers, motorcycles and Harley Davidson can now be found in the closets of both women who consider themselves to have an edgy style as well as those with a more soft and feminine style. This just goes to show how a moto jacket is one of (if not THE) the most versatile jackets out there. I love the sass, edgy vibe and street style look a leather jacket can lend to an otherwise basic outfit.

Below, I am going to show you the different ways you can style your leather jacket, irrespective of your body type. First of all, I would like to share my top 4 leather jackets with you in case you are currently seeking one.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

1) BlankNYC Moto jacket

If you're looking for a more affordable leather jacket, I would suggest going with one from BlankNYC. This faux leather moto jacket has some amazing reviews with customers saying the faux leather looks like the real deal. I also love the simple design so if you're not a fan of tons of zippers on your leather jacket, then this is the one for you. Here is a brown version from the same company that I currently have in my cart!

2) Free People leather jacket

Free People is known to offer a wide selection of materials for their leather jackets including real leather, suede, faux or vegan. At the time I'm posting this, the 4 moto jackets available for purchase are almost completely sold out and have 5 star reviews! Here is the faux leather option. I picked it because it has more exposed zippers than its BlankNYC counterpart and could help you create more edgy looks.

3) All Saints leather jacket

If you have more coins to drop on a leather jacket, the best moto jacket you could purchase just might be this All Saints Dalby leather jacket. It's such a classic look in terms of moto jackets and would be so easy to style. It's also the priciest jacket on this list at $500 but apparently, worth every penny for the buttery leather meant to last decades. If you're going to invest one time in a leather jacket, I would say this is the one. The pale pink version is also quite the eye-catcher!

4) Sam Edelman leather jacket

If you don't quite have $500 to drop on a leather jacket but want the real deal and no faux, then this Piped Leather Moto Jacket made from lambskin leather may just do the trick. I love the additional collar buttons this jacket has.

Of course there are many other brands that sell a great black leather biker jacket (even Banana Republic has some really nice ones) but I wanted to keep the list short and sweet so as to avoid overwhelming you.

Now that you know which leather jackets to get, let's discuss styling them, shall we?

1) Moto jacket + midi skirt

A great way to style a moto jacket in an office appropriate manner is to pair it with a midi skirt and perhaps a tucked in white button down. If your leather jacket is any color apart from black, you may want to go with a midi skirt in a dark neutral color, especially in the Fall, to avoid color clashing. A pair of tights or leggings as well as a chunky scarf could be added to your look for additional warmth, if dressing for colder climates.

One of my favorite chic outfits to wear to the office in the Fall is a midi pleated skirt with a grey sweater, my black leather moto jacket and a pair of ankle boots. Feel free to try this look out and tell me what you think.

Image source here

2) Moto jacket + jeans

This is one of those outfit combinations you don't have to think twice about because the perfect moto jacket can go with any type of jeans you have. If you're going with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a great way to style yourself would be to add a white tee and some moto boots. This would give you more of an edgy vibe, especially if you top it all off with a pair of dark sunglasses. Or you can go the all-black route and pair your black leather motorcycle jacket with your favorite black jeans - mine happen to be the Joni jeans from Topshop.

Get the exact look HERE

A pair of black skinny jeans with a black jacket, a black tank top (or basic tee), black boots and black shades is such an effortlessly cool look you can rock to the movies, for a date night, for drinks at a bar or just because. If the all black outfit is a little too much for you, the perfect way to break it up is by swapping the black jeans for blue jeans and/or the black jacket for an olive green moto jacket.

3) Moto jacket + floral dress

Some people may shy away from this pairing because they think the daintiness of a floral dress should not be mixed with the edginess of a moto jacket but that's where you're wrong. It's that exact contrast that makes the beauty of this look. Whether your floral dress is mini, midi or maxi in length, adding a leather jacket is a great way to "sass it up." Although a black leather jacket typically works to do the trick, this would be a great time to try a leather jacket in another great color such as burgundy.

Image source here

Burgundy also pairs very nicely with most colors and so this may be a better way to rock the moto jacket look for you. Sometimes, I find that black can be a bit harsh against very soft colors. If you are dressing for a warmer climate, you could even go with a leather jacket in a less versatile color such as yellow or red - it's all about having fun! Style tip: match the color of your moto jacket to one of the colors of the petals on your floral dress to really make your overall look stand out without being matchy-matchy.

4) Moto jacket + trousers

Another great example of making the moto jacket work for the office is by pairing it with a pair of black trousers. Trousers with a looser fit work great for this look and would allow you to be comfortable, respect the office dress and still show your colleagues your edgy side. If you're feeling more adventurous, why not go for a leather trench instead of a moto jacket? Not only would this keep you warmer, but it would also be even more attention-grabbing. You could add a pair of black leather ankle boots (or white) to your black pants and this look would take you from office to happy hour with no extra effort!

Get the look HERE

5) Moto jacket + maxi skirt

I recently talked about wearing maxi dresses in the Fall and how the same styling rules could apply to maxi skirts. Maxi skirts work best with moto jackets rather than trench coats just because of the skirt length. With a leather trench, you have the skirt and coat competing for length and end up having this awkward extra length of skirt hanging underneath your coat. With a moto jacket however, there is no competition and instead, the cropped nature of this timeless piece makes for a more flattering waistline.

If you are creating winter outfits with your moto jacket, consider wearing a thicker sweater underneath your jacket and adding a pair of thermal leggings under your maxi skirt. You can also play around with jacket colors if your maxi skirt is in a solid and more neutral color such as brown, burgundy, forest green, grey or black.

Image source here

6) Moto jacket + black dress

A moto jacket adds the right amount of edge to your favorite black dresses. Instead of going for your regular coat the next time you're wearing your little black dress, try opting for your leather jacket. It gives your dress a more stylish casual look while remaining flattering (black is still the universal color that looks great on any skin tone). If you want to look a little sexier, choose a more fitted jacket.

Get the exact (very affordable) look HERE

This works especially great if you're more bottom heavy as it draws a little more attention to your upper body. Now all you need are either some high heels or heeled boots and you're ready for your night out. These same tips apply if you're pairing your moto jacket with a mini skirt or black pencil skirt.

I hope you've gotten enough outfit ideas to create some great looks with your moto jacket. I also help my selection of best leather jackets comes in handy for whomever may be on the market for their first motorcycle jacket. If any of the links are sold out, feel free to let me know and I would find some amazing and highly reviewed replacements. There's so much outfit inspiration you can get through my other posts and so I invite you to take a look at them to see different styles you can incorporate into your own wardrobe.

Check out my post on ways to wear a green jacket for more inspiration.

Until the next post,



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