5 Ways to Create Cute Outfits With Striped Dresses
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5 Ways to Create Cute Outfits With Striped Dresses

Updated: Feb 13

There was a time when women were told to avoid horizontal stripes because they made you look wider and to only go for vertical stripes in order to appear slimmer…yea I’m pretty sure that has gone way out the window and women are wearing whatever stripes they please.

Now there may be some logic to that…in a mathematical kind of way but in my opinion, if you style a striped dress properly, it won’t matter whether the stripes are running horizontally or vertically. The focus would be on how beautiful your overall look is.


When you Google ‘striped dress’, you end up with mostly images of black or white stripes on dresses. Although this may be the most popular type of striped dress, in this blog post, I would be showing you different ways to style striped dresses in different colors.

You’ll see how much fun they could add to your wardrobe and several great ways you could incorporate this trend into your everyday wear. I would however like to start by sharing some of my favorite websites to shop for striped dresses for different occasions at affordable prices.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

1) Nordstrom: I love shopping on Nordstrom for striped dresses because the selection is vast. You can find striped dresses for a dressy picnic such as this one or a sequin stripe dress for a New Year’s party like this one. Whether you’re into thin stripes or thick ones, there’s a striped dress for you.

2) Lulus: Lulus is a top destination for dresses and you can include striped dresses to that list. I especially love their striped sweater dresses such as this one which would look great with a pair of ankle boots or over-the-knee boots. Perfect for the Fall.

3) Pink Lily is known for their youthful take on trendy pieces and their selection of casual striped dresses is perfect for those planning an escape to warmer weather or who are enjoying the heat. I particularly love their classic striped t-shirt dress which comes in several colors.

Between these 3 websites, you’re bound to find a striped dress for any occasion and irrespective of your body type.

Now I would love to show you the best ways to style a striped dress so let’s dive right in.

The striped dress and sneaker look: When thinking of casual outfits to create with a striped dress, this should be at the top of your list. A mini, midi or maxi striped dress with short sleeves looks great with a pair of white sneakers. This is a classic look you could wear for a walk, to run some errands or to grab a quick bite. The types of stripes really don’t matter and that’s what makes this look so great. If it’s one of those chilly summer nights, you could throw on a jean jacket to stay warm while keeping your look fresh.

Image source here

I love this option for my plus sized queens

Striped sweater dress with boots: Who doesn’t love to sport a sweater dress when the air starts to get crisper? A great way to rock the striped dress trend in the Fall is by wearing a sweater dress with a pair of boots. The shorter your dress, the higher your boots can go. If you’re going with a maxi dress, a nice pair of heeled ankle booties would look super cute and you could rock this look at the office or after hours. Feel free to compliment this classic look with either a black leather jacket (after hours) or a trench coat during the day.

Get the look HERE

Striped dress with a blazer: One of my favorite ways to rock a striped dress to the office when it’s nice outside is by choosing a midi striped dress, adding a structured blazer on top and then adding a pop of color somewhere to this chic look. Try to be bold and opt for a white blazer instead of a black one. I personally love to add the surprise color with my shoes. I choose one of my brightly colored heels (pink or red) and I love the contrast it creates against my black stripes.

Image source here

Striped dress with a sweater underneath: Here is a style you can choose to make either a casual look with or a dressy one. If you really want to break up striped dress, the easiest way to do so is by wearing a sweater in a solid neutral color underneath. For example, a strapless black-white striped dress could have a form-fitting grey or navy blue sweater underneath it and this would not only add a layer of warmth but also give the dress a new look.

Image source here

The long sleeves of your sweater would make your casual striped dress look more like a long-sleeved dress. This is a really good trick to take your summer striped dresses into fall and even winter.

If you’re feeling extra peachy, why not go for a sweater in a brighter color such as burgundy, brown or even yellow? Just ensure your sweater is not too thick or else you may end up packing unnecessary bulk to your frame. You could dress this look up even more by adding some bold and fun accessories.

Striped sequin dress: Who would have known that stripes and sequins could go together so beautifully? Definitely not me. A number of sequin dresses are able to work a striped pattern into them and it’s very beautiful to see. Oftentimes, the stripes are subtle and the dresses come in darker colors. They could be worn for events requiring cocktail dresses as part of the dress code and you could compliment your look with a pair of strappy high heels and a mini black leather bag.

Get the look HERE

Now you know my secret to styling my stripe dresses to create chic outfits, whether the stripes are long or short, thinner stripes or thicker ones. A lot of women consider a striped dress a wardrobe essential and I hope you can see why. The perfect choice of accessory to go with a striped dress is a bold and/or colorful one because the rest of your outfit is typically plain.

Remember that the world of striped clothing is not limited to dresses and you can always partake in this trend by wearing a striped top with a pencil skirt, if you’re very conservative with your dressing. Start by dipping your toes with a top and then consider a striped shirt dress with a great return policy such as this one from Amazon. That way, you know you can easily get a refund if things just don’t work out for you.

Get this look HERE

Let me know which of these styles was your favorite.

Don’t forget to check out my post on how to wear a high low shirt as striped dresses can come in this style.

Until the next post,



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