5 Ways to Look Good in a Tight Dress
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5 Ways to Look Good in a Tight Dress

Updated: Feb 21

Tight clothing is known to be attention-grabbing. Tight dresses command attention and turn head – in both a good way or a bad way. When it comes to wearing a tight dress, there’s a right way to do things and then there’s the wrong way.

When done correctly, a fitted dress can be flattering on any body shape. A lot of women shy away from tight outfits because they want to hide their problem areas.

In today’s blog post, I would be showing you how to wear a form-fitting dress in a stylish yet sexy way. Let’s face it, if you’re wearing a figure-hugging dress, you’re going to be perceived as sexy and more attention would be drawn to your body. To make your tight clothes look amazing on your body, it really boils down to the right style of dress and the right undergarments.


Most women nowadays would like to achieve an hourglass shape in their dresses and your best bet is to go with bodycon dresses. Start with the right shapewear and then add your bodycon dress on top to help suck in your belly as well as give the illusion of a smaller waist. Another component to take into account is the color of your dress. Darker colours are more slimming.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to wear a tight dress without a perfect body, then you want to keep reading! Not all tight dresses are made the same and so I would be sharing some of my favorite curve-hugging dresses you should check out for the best fit.

Maxi dress HERE

I have an entire blog post dedicated to the art of wearing bodycon dresses: How to wear a bodycon dress without a flat stomach. You can get more insight into wearing tight dresses even with love handles.

To begin with, here are some of my favorite tight dresses along with the websites I like to shop for tight outfits. Th sis because the designs are made to hug the right places and the fabric choices are also slimming.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to shop for tight dresses if you have belly fat

i) Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is one of my top destinations for trendy dresses. I am really impressed with the improvement in quality and the shipping and handling timeframe. I find that with many of their tighter dresses, I can get away with not wearing Spanx thanks to the cut and color.

THIS puff sleeve ruch dress is a great example of a tight dress that would look flattering on all body types without the need for shapewear.

ii) Meshki

Meshki may be better known for their slip dresses but those are not the only style of dresses you have to check out on their site. When it comes to wearing a tight mini dress, a good option is a dress that doesn’t hug your abdomen.

THIS strapless mini dress does just that my drawing attention towards the waist and away from the hips. This makes it seem like you have a smaller stomach and tinier waist.

iii) Nordstrom

Wearing a tight gown is actually a great way to wear a tight dress. This is because it’s much easier to hide a pair of Spanx or butt shapers underneath without any lines showing. Nordstrom offers not only the perfect ruffle gown to make a grand entrance in but also the Spanx shorts to suck in your belly and muffin top. Remember to wear a bra when wearing Spanx so that it has something to stick to.

iv) Shein

Shein has pleasantly surprised me with some of their options for form-fitting dresses. A lot of their tight dresses are made from stretchy materials, which is always a bonus for women with curves. Dresses with a corset feature instantly give you a smaller waist and so this draped one shoulder ruched dress is a great option. You could avoid wearing Spanx thanks to the ruching and drape detail.

v) Jluxlabel

To follow me on Instagram is to understand my love affair with Jluxlabel. I have been a fan of this brand for many many years (when they were still called Jaide clothing) and still support them. They really put women in mind and the various types of bodies we have when it comes to their tight dresses.

Most of the form-fitting dresses are made from thick fabric, which conceal panty lines nicely. THIS long sleeve tie front midi dress is an example of that.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite places to shop for tight dresses, let’s dive into which dresses are the better options when it comes to tight outfits. There are certain styles and colors that are more flattering than others and I would be sharing that below. This would serve as a great guide for women who may be insecure about wearing a tight dress.

Here are the things to look out for in a tight dress to give you the most flattering fit:

1) Bold print

By choosing a tight dress in a bold print, you take attention away from your body and place it more on the actual dress. It’s also harder to see a larger stomach behind lots of lines and florals. This is one of the best ways to wear a tight dress when you really don’t feel like squeezing into a pair of Spanx.

Get the look HERE

2) Dark color

The easiest way to wear a tight dress if you’re insecure about your mid-section is to choose one in a dark color. Whether or not you choose to pair it with thigh reducers or shapewear is up to you. The dark colour would automatically be more forgiving of a belly bulge. Pair your dress with a pair of high heels for a date night look.

Get the look HERE

3) Ruching detail

Tight dresses with a ruch detail are your best option if your problem area is mostly your lower belly. This is because the ruching usually goes across your stomach, covering it in an elegant way. If the top portion of your dress is really tight, opt for a seamless bra to avoid unwanted lines showing through your dress. Complete your look with a statement necklace and a pair of strappy heels.

Get the look HERE

4) Cut out detail

It’s interesting how the more skin you expose in a tight dress, the less attention is placed on the hidden body parts. A dress that is cut out across the chest for example draws attention to your bosom and no one is paying attention to your tummy. If you love your arms, opt for a one-shoulder tight dress to show them off.

The key here is to highlight our favorite body part so that the parts we don’t like as much are not the centre of attention. For my ladies without hourglass figures, choose dresses that are cut out at the waist to make your waist appear smaller than your hips.

Get the look HERE

5) Lace or mesh detail

Just like a cut out detail serves as a wanted distraction, so does mesh or lace detailing on a tight dress. A slip on dress with a front lace detail is a great option if you’re worried about love handles or a muffin top.

You may want to go u in size for a more relaxed and better fit, but the lace or mesh detail is a nice distraction. Throw on a denim jacket for a more casual look. Seamless underwear is always a great idea underneath a slip dress.

Get the look HERE

I hope that from this post you can see you don’t need to restrict your blood vessels in order to look good in a tight dress. Another easy way to make a dress more flattering is to add wide belts to your outfit. Sometimes, you want a break from baggy clothes but may feel insecure about showing off your body. I hope this post serves as a useful guide if you’re in that situation.

Whether you’re opting for a bandage dress or a slip dress, it’s important to have the right undergarments to ensure a better fit. The perfect dress always starts with the perfect base. This could mean the right size bra, good shapewear or the best underwear.

Do check out my post How to wear a halter top for some great bra options to wear under open tops and dresses.

I also have a post: How to wear a sleeveless dress all year round for tips on styling sleeveless dresses for each season.

Until the next post,



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