7 Ways to Wear Faux Leather Leggings
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7 Ways to Wear Faux Leather Leggings

Updated: Feb 9

With more and more shoppers turning to more ethically sourced and sustainable fashion, a lot of brands are offering non vegan leather as options for their customers. A pair of faux leather leggings is just as easy to style as genuine leather and I shall be showing you exactly how in this post. If you still rock your real leather leggings or pants, this post is still for you.

Faux leather leggings are not just a fashion trend, they're a simple closet item that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. They are worn more during the winter season thanks to their ability to provide some much appreciated warmth. I will be showing you both casual and dressy ways to style yours in this blog post.


Before we dive into styling some amazing faux leather leggings looks, let's talk about where you can get my favorite ones and at affordable prices. I have chosen these leggings based on their great reviews and overall look.

I personally don't care for super shiny leggings (a little shine is cool) and so by default, the leggings I shall be sharing would be more matte in nature. These looks would still work with a shiny legging if that is your preference and I highly recommend these here.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

1) Spanx faux leather leggings

I think we can all agree that Spanx is the reigning champ of faux leather leggings. Just try searching 'faux leather leggings' on Google and see what's the first brand to pop up. Spanx has done quite an impressive job of becoming the go-to brand and this is for many reasons.

All the bloggers I have seen reviewing the Spanx leggings mention how easy they are to wear, how they don't roll down at the waist (which is very annoying as a woman with wide hips), they smooth out unwanted lumps and bumps and are just really flattering on all body types. A win all around.

2) Aerie

Their faux-leather leggings are very well-reviewed online and most people say they can't tell the difference between these and the Spanx ones with their eyes. Customers also appreciate that the Aerie leggings are lined, providing extra warmth during the cold months. I find that the Aerie leggings are also slightly wider at the ankles than Spanx's leggings.

*Their leggings are sold out but I found a very similar pair on Amazon HERE

3) Commando

Commando faux-leather leggings have a near perfect 5 star rating on their website and on Nordstrom - that says a lot. Customers love these because they never sag, make everything look smooth and have great tummy control - perfect for new moms. Most reviews mention to order a size up though as the leggings tend to run small.

Out of these 3 brands, Aerie would be the most budget-friendly if you're a fashionista watching her coins. There are many more options for faux black leather leggings and faux leather pants on other websites such as Amazon or Target but those seem to be hit or miss, especially if you're curvier.

Now that I've presented you with the top 3 places to shop for you faux leather leggings, let me give you some leather leggings outfits you can come up with. These would probably be some of your most affordable looks because you most likely have a majority of these items in your closet!

1) Leggings + denim shirt

You know how you love to rock that denim on denim (Canadian tuxedo) look? Try switching your skinny jeans out for your (faux) leather leggings. This will give you a more edgy look that can also keep you warm. Add a pair of ankle boots (or even thigh high boots) and a hat to complete this cozy Fall look.

The perfect denim shirt to pair with your leggings would be one that sits below your bum. For extra points, try an oversized denim shirt.

2) Leggings + Longline blazer

Here's a great option that works for both the office as well as date night . Try pairing your leggings with either a longline plaid blazer or any blazers in neutral colors. If this look is for the office, consider mules, knee boots, flats or ankle booties for footwear.

Turn things up for date night by replacing those flat shoes with some pumps or a pair of stilettos and thank me later.

3) Leggings + Oversized sweater

This is probably one of most people's favorite ways to style any sort of leggings. During the Fall and winter, my stay-at-home look tends to involve regular leggings and chunky knit sweaters of some kind. It's such an easy way to look effortlessly chic when it's cold outside. If you're stepping out, compliment your look with a pair of combat boots or any flat boots of your choice.

Thigh high boots would also work perfectly here because the leggings slide into any type of boot without bunching at the ankles.

Cozy sweaters are already a cute wardrobe staple on their own and so pairing them with a leather look throws in a new balance to your look.

I go further into the topic of straight leg pants and boots here.

4) Leggings + Leather jacket

Bring on the double dose of leather! Just make sure you break up this look with either a long tank top, a graphic tee or a basic tee of your choice.

In my opinion, the best tops to go with this leather jacket and leggings look are slightly longer (covering at least part of your bum). If you are planning on making a fashion statement during the Fall, this is a great way to do so. Complete your look with a bold accessory and a pair of boots of your choice.

As mentioned in my previous post, feel free to play around with brown leather jackets or even green ones. You don't have to go full black on black here.

5) Leggings + Sweater dress

Here is another great choice for the office if you're wondering how to take your faux leggings to work. Your sweater dress could be form-fitting to show off your figure or oversized and it would still work with your leggings because they're already for-fitting and holding things in.

If your leather bottoms are black, try experimenting with sweater dresses in different colors to brighten up your look.

Or you can stick to neutrals, depending on your personal style.

6) Leggings + button-down shirt

I wrote earlier about the denim shirt but any long shirt in your closet works amazingly well with leggings. If you're worried your shirt is too loose (although that is a whole vibe), feel free to cinch in your waist with a belt. On a chilly day, feel free to add your favorite denim jacket to the look along with a pair of sneakers.

This could be a chic look to wear to the movies or to grab dinner with your girls. Swap the sneakers for leopard print boots in the early winter to keep you warm and this creates a different look. There are so many different ways to rock this look.

7) Leggings + flannel shirt or jacket

I love how flannel has made a strong comeback since the 90's (yes, the 90's was the best era, period) and so of course this look had to make it to the list. I personally prefer to wear my flannel shirts unbuttoned while wearing a casual top or plain white tee underneath.

This is such a good look to style with a crossbody bag and some sneakers for a casual yet chic look.

I really hope I've been able to provide you with inspiration for both casual outfits and dressier outfits you can create with your faux leather leggings or any leggings/ leather pants you own. Black faux leather leggings especially are such a versatile item that you can wear across seasons and regardless of your body type. As you begin to wear your leggings more often, additional outfit ideas would start coming to you, the same way you know how to style your favorite pair of jeans on your own.

Remember that you don't have to go with a full black look, even if you don't feel like showing your body or curves off. To slowly step away from black, start off with neutral colors such as brown, beige and grey. Then make your way forward from there.

Also remember that the best part about fashion is that you should never take it too seriously.

Until the next post,



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