5 Different Ways to Wear a Flared Skirt
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5 Different Ways to Wear a Flared Skirt

Updated: Feb 9

Flared skirts have been a wardrobe staple for librarians, secretaries and admin assistants for decades. I think when we think of librarians, we picture them with blouses and flared skirts, almost like that was their unspoken uniform.

I'm glad to say this style of skirt is still a popular clothing item with not just administrative staff but women all over. In this post I would be taking you through different ways to style a flared skirt by mixing and matching it with tops, sweaters, blouses and outerwear you may already have at home.


Before we dive into the different flared skirt outfits, let's talk about what exactly a flare skirt is. For a skirt to be considered flare, it has to be smaller at the waist and open up progressively until the bottom of the skirt - thus giving it the flared look. A flared skirt is similar to a pencil skirt except it flares out at the bottom, creating more of an A-line shape.

They can come in different textures such as pleated skirts, as well as different lengths: mini, midi or maxi. The good news is that they are flattering on most body types.

I would say flare skirts work great on women who are top heavy, say apple shaped, if the skirt really flares out and doesn't stick too close to the body. This helps to balance out the bottom proportions which tend to be smaller than the top.

For women who are bottom heavy, or pear shaped, the flare can be less or a belt can be used to cinch in the waist in order to avoid additional volume on the bottom half.

Depending on the length and texture of the skirt as well as the tops paired with a flared skirt, you could achieve either a causal look or a more formal look. I'm going to be showing you some of the easiest ways to style a flared skirt whether it's for the warmer weather or colder months. I would be splitting these looks up by the type of flared skirt.

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1) Styling a flared pleated skirt

This is arguably the most popular style of flared skirt. The pleats on a flared skirt could be large, accordion pleats, or smaller. No matter the type of pleats, a pleated flared skirt is definitely dressier than a plain one. A pleated flared skirt could also be a mini skirt (tennis skirt), maxi skirt or a midi skirt. These skirts work best with tops and sweaters which can be tucked in, to show off the smaller waist. When tucking in isn't possible a belt could be used to add some definition and dimension to your look.

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If you're just dipping your toes into this trend, for color options, I would recommend starting with flared skirts in beautiful neutral colors such as black, brown or burgundy.

You could then pair your flare skirt with a solid color blouse of your choice or even an animal print one if you're feeling adventurous. A lighter blouse could be tucked in or you could pair your skirt with a cropped top for a more casual look.

During the colder months, ankle boots and a leather jacket could be added to complete your look. For special occasions, consider wearing some black tights underneath your skirt for added warmth and sophistication.

If you decide to go with a long skirt, be mindful of your height. To ensure it doesn't make you look frumpy, consider going with cropped tops/sweaters that don't necessarily show your belly.

2) Styling a flared denim skirt

Once again, flared denim skirts could be mini, midi or maxi in length but no matter their length, these skirts are definitely for more casual outings. If you're looking for a skirt to wear to go hang with your friends, attend a festival or just go for a walk, then this is a great option for you. What I love about a flared denim skirt is that it tends to be more comfortable and easier to walk in thanks to its A-line shape.

A straight skirt would hold you more around your thighs thus limiting your movement whereas the flared A-line skirt releases this compression.

If you are going with a mini skirt, you're probably going for a more casual event and so you can pair your skirt with either a crop top, a white tee or a cute oversized sweater partially tucked into the top of the skirt.

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As denim is pretty neutral, you could go with tops in vibrant colors to add some fun to your look. White sneakers could be worn to complete your look if the theme is really casual or high heels if you're going for sexy.

For women with smaller waists and wider hips, one of the best ways to show off that figure is by wearing a flared mini skirt that fits really snug at the waist and gently flares out, sort of caressing the hips on its way down.

3) Styling a flared leather skirt

As I have mentioned before, leather is that fabric that instantly adds sass to an outfit. One of the easiest ways to style a flare black leather skirt is with a white top. If the leather skirt is knee-length or longer, this is a look you could wear to the office along with some pumps, loafers or flats.

A longer length skirt would be completed with a long trench coat for a stunning look. This is a great choice for the Fall and leggings or tights could be worn underneath for additional warmth.

The skirt below would work great for the office.

One of the hottest trends is pairing a shorter leather skirt with a pair of tall boots and either a crop top, tank top or tucked in blouse. This look screams sexy and sassy, especially if some part of your thigh is left exposed.

Image source: Fisayolonge

4) Styling a flared floral skirt

Floral skirts make more of an appearance during the summer season and that's also a great time to play around with tops in different bright colors. A long floral skirt would look great with a chambray shirt which you could even tie at the waist if going for a more casual event.

If you're a fashion enthusiast really into print mixing, try pairing your floral skirt with a white polka dot blouse. If you're playing it safe, try a simple white blouse which is such a classic piece and would work with any length of floral skirt. For footwear, think of light colors to compliment the flowers on the skirt but white sneakers or mules are probably your best option.

Longer skirts could also be paired with ankle boots and a denim jacket during the Fall.

5) Styling a flared trumpet style skirt

A trumpet style skirt means that the flare only begins much lower - closer to the knees. The rest of the skirt is more figure-hugging. and reminiscent of a bodycon skirt. This particular style of flared skirt does not work for all body types just because it hugs the hips and is definitely a sexy look. If you are not a fan of hip-hugging outfits, you may want to sit this one out. An hourglass or pear-shaped body type would look great in this.

If this is right up your alley, consider balancing things out by going with a looser fitting top. You can also create a longer torso by pairing your trumpet skirt with a cropped top. For a more formal look ,throw on some black pumps or some kitten heels.

I hope these 5 styles of flared skirts have given you some outfit ideas for easy ways to style any flared skirt you might own. It's all about balancing proportions and colors to make your look appealing and fresh. Flared skirts are definitely one of those fashion trends that are going to be around for very long.

Most flared skirts can be paired with a white blouse or top and also a black top. To give the illusion of a tinier waist, consider adding a small belt to your look. Also try to tuck in your top or go with a cropped top when going for a flared skirt.

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