5 Chic Ways to Wear Ugg Boots With Jeans
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5 Chic Ways to Wear Ugg Boots With Jeans

Updated: Feb 21

With winter literally days away (I mean, left to me this is already winter), comfortable and warm boots are on everyone’s mind. The right pair of boots can make the difference between a good and a bad day during the colder months.

Ugg boots have become one of the most popular in countries that experience cold weather and for good reason. They are known for their general comfort, warmth, durability, and trendy minimalistic design.

Most of us can spot a pair of classic Uggs from a mile away thanks to their classic style. Most of us have also most likely seen someone sporting a pair of Uggs with their pajamas…at a coffee shop or on campus. They’re that comfortable apparently. Speaking of comfortable: Ugg slippers have really taken off and lots of celebrities have been spotted wearing them on set.


The most common way to style a pair of Ugg boots is with a pair of black leggings, a pair of jeans, yoga pants or a maxi skirt. These tend to be paired with a long sweater during the colder months or an oversized shirt during the warmer seasons. I have an entire post with different outfits to wear with Ugg boots where you can find lots of outfit inspiration for styling Uggs with all the pieces in your closet.

For today’s blog post, I would be showing you different ways to wear Ugg boots with jeans in particular. I think it’s safe to assume that everyone reading this post owns at least a pair of jeans. With this in mind, I would be sharing some of my favorite types of jeans to pair with Ugg boots.

As jeans are already considered a more casual clothing item, most of these looks would work best if you are putting together a casual outfit. You could also rock some of them for Casual Friday at the office if you’re back to the physical workspace.

Before we dive into the different Ugg boots & jeans outfits, I would like to answer a couple of common questions you may have:

Classic II Uggs

What type of jeans can I wear with Ugg boots?

Well, I would say the best jeans to go with Uggs (or any boot for that matter) are straight-leg jeans. This includes your skinny jeans, tapered jeans, some forms of mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. These types of jeans are just easier to tuck into Ugg boots, which tend to be a short boot. To avoid bulking at the ankles, I suggest you stick to straight jeans when pairing them with Uggs.

Are Ugg boots for young people?

I know many women who steer clear of Uggs because they feel they are a ‘young girl’s’ boot and it would look like they’re trying too hard if they wear them. I can see their point: oftentimes when I see Ugg boots being worn, it’s by a young university student dragging her feet along in them to head to class. Or you see a teenager in a pair of glittery Uggs and you feel so old. You wonder, ‘can I wear Uggs in my 30’s?’

I’m here to tell you that lots of Ugg boots come in classic styles that more mature women could rock. It also really matters how you style your boots because pairing them with pajama bottoms and a tank top is very different from pairing them with an oversized sweater and skinny jeans. It does not hurt to try them see if they work with your personal style. At the end of the day, you make that judgment.

Now that we’ve answered those pertinent questions, let’s talk about the many ways you can easily put together a chic look with a pair of jeans and a pair of Ugg boots.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you.

1) Ugg boots with blue jeans

One of the easiest ways to style a pair of Ugg boots is to pair them with dark wash denim. Whether you’re opting for tall or short Ugg boots, this look is one you could wear on a casual day out. For warmth and comfort, add a chunky knit sweater to your look.

Image source here

You could also opt for a thinner sweater and add a black leather jacket for a more stylish look. This could work for a Fall or winter date night. These brown Ugg boots would look great against blue denim. I love the side zipper detail and the soft shearling lining.

2) Ugg boots with black jeans

We already know that black goes with everything and Ugg boots are no exception. A great way to style your Ugg boots in a business casual manner is to add simple tops in neutral colors with a blazer. Complete your look with a trench coat or full-on winter jacket for a semi-professional outfit you could wear to the office on Casual Friday.

Image source here

To make this more of a casual look, replace the top with a white tee and the blazer with a denim jacket. You could also try pairing a cropped sweater with your jeans and new Uggs for a sexy casual outfit. For more outfit inspiration involving cropped sweaters, check out my post: 7 ways to wear a cropped sweater.

3) Ugg boots with distressed jeans

The best way to achieve the most edgy look with your Ugg boots is by selecting a pair of distressed denim to start with. Next, you can opt for either a graphic tee or crop top and throw on a moto jacket to make your overall look more badass. The Ugg ultra mini boots would work really well with this look as they would not be the main focus of your outfit.

Image source here

You could add a much-needed pop of color to your cold weather outfit by choosing a pair if Uggs in a fun color such as pink or green. During the cold months, you could choose denim with minimal distressing to stay warmer or add a pair of tights underneath your ripped jeans. This not only adds some warmth but also adds to the edginess of your look.

These Green Uggs are so cute!

4) Ugg boots with mom jeans

During the dreary winter months, you want to go with a pair of proper Ugg winter boots to stay warmer and avoid slipping and sliding. These rugged UGG waterproof booties are proof that Ugg can deliver a winter boot for a scary Canadian winter. You could easily pair them with cropped jeans and high-waisted mom jeans for the base of a great look.

Image source here

Next, you could add oversized sweaters in different colors to create simple and warm looks you could wear to the movies or to class. The oversized-sweater look works best when the sweater is just a size or 2 larger. This makes you appear even smaller than you really are.

You could even get away with pairing some of your shorter sweater dresses with your jeans to create even more Ugg outfit ideas. In this economy, we’ve got to maximize the items in our wardrobes.

5) Ugg boots with boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans typically fall under the straight leg jeans category, making them a no-brainer on this list. A classic Ugg boot could be paired with a long-sleeved top or blouse in a solid color with a camel coat thrown on top to create a stylish Ugg and jeans look. The boyfriend jeans lend a more masculine vibe to the outfit and are also a looser fit. You can balance things out by opting for a more form-fitting top or sweater.

Image source here

You could also take things in the opposite direction and go for a loose white tee and a trench coat, weather-permitting of course. If the rest of the colors in your outfit are neutral, try Ugg boots in different colors to have some fun with your wardrobe.

Ugg boots are not considered boots for formal wear due to the shoe style. They are more casual for the most part. I hope that from this post however, you have seen that they can be pared with more than just yoga pants, mini skirts and leather leggings.

You can create so many Ugg boot outfits with a pair of jeans and a sweater or top. These looks would keep you warm and stylish during both the colder and slightly warmer months.

Image source here

For inspiration on how to wear flat booties, check out my post: 10 ways to wear flat ankle boots with anything.

I also have a post titled 6 ways to wear black Chelsea boots to provide you with even more outfit ideas o try with boots.

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