Losing weight, keeping it off and cultivating healthier habits- Part 1
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Losing weight, keeping it off and cultivating healthier habits- Part 1

I recently posted how I am participating in an annual pre-Christmas health challenge with my family.We started this challenge 2 years ago (this is the 3rd challenge coming up) as a way to not only motivate each other to lead healthy lifestyles, but a way to earn cool prizes! Last year, my father won a gift card to Banana Republic (which of course was handed over to my mother) and this year's prize is some good 'ole cash!


About 3 weeks ago, I really started going harder with my exercise and diet routine. I have decided to split this post into several sections and the 1st part will cover what I believe to be the most important-diet!

Between the beginning of the year until Fall 2018, I might have been to the gym a total of 10 times (this excludes some great jogs and walks during the Summer). I was still able to maintain my weight, with minimal exercise, thanks to a mostly healthy diet.

I have found that what works best for me ( a more voluptuous and thicker body) is really limiting daily carb and sugar intake. I I am one of those who could eat a slice of cake tonight and tomorrow, wake up looking like I gained 2 pounds. My weight gain/bloating is real and shows up quickly and so maintaining a certain diet throughout most of the year helps to calm down my hormones which love to cling to any and all carbohydrates.

My weekday breakfast typically consists of: Original oatmeal with a sliced banana, a large tablespoon of honey, some chia seeds and 1.5 handfuls of almonds. This tends to keep me satisfied for about 3 hours after which either an apple or some dried honeyed ginger is snacked upon.

My weekend breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal and it typically consists of a 3 egg omelette containing spinach, sardine, mushrooms and any other vegetable, a cup of Greek yogurt (unsweetened and with fat), a handful of almonds, slicked kiwi or oranges and a cup of tea. I occasionally have full protein pancakes when I feel like something different.

My weekday lunch is typically some greek yogurt with almonds, some whole grain crackers with 2 teaspoons of humus and a fruit.

My weekend lunch would be made up of either sauteed kale and spinach and broccoli with sliced grilled chicken or oven baked fish with roasted vegetables or some chickpeas or some beans with a little sweet potato or some cous cous/quinoa stir-fry with no artificial sauces.

Dinner would be leftovers of whatever was eaten at lunch time.

NO pop, juice, rice, bread, pasta, spaghetti, potatoes (except sweet), chocolates except for at least 80% cocoa dark chocolate, candies, fast food etc etc. You know the drill.

I also carry my large glass water jar around with me in addition to gum and mints, which help me with cravings.

Tip* I chew on Vitamin C when I crave sugar. Especially after a meal!

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Dress: Fashion Nova


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