Losing weight, keeping it off and cultivating healthier habits- Part 2
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Losing weight, keeping it off and cultivating healthier habits- Part 2

As most great things come in stages, here is the continuation on my route to healthy eating and physical activity.

I am not particularly fond of the gym! When it comes to exercise/physical activity, my body doesn't appreciate exercises that involve me going from high to low altitudes very rapidly. So things like burpees are almost a no-no. Running for extended periods of time also trigger severe headaches and sometimes nosebleeds. for this reason, I prefer slower jogs, stationary bikes, weight and other HIIT and cardio activities. I actually follow 2 exercise channels on YouTube : HASFIT and Blogilates. They have several options for home workouts that range in duration and difficulty.

I am blessed to have weights, a yoga mat and an exercise machine at home and I have been taking full advantage of that. I currently work out vigorously 3-4 times/week and have been feeling sooo good! I focus more on belly and arm exercise because I would love to have toned biceps and a flatter stomach but of course I incorporate other exercises for the rest of my body as well. I try to do 20 reps of each exercise at least 2-3 times which takes me about 1 hour. In addition to that, I always include lower back strengthening and stretching exercises because I have a history of lower back pain and injury. Stomach exercises tend to put a lot of strain on your back so it is important to balance it out.

I can't wait to see how I keep progressing and when I start slaying swimsuit season next year!

Sweater- Fashion Nova

SKirt - H&M (old)

Heels - Forever 21


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