OMG it's 2020!
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OMG it's 2020!

Happy New Year!!!

No, it's not too late to say Happy New Year; the deadline is January 31st so I've made it with ample time :)

It's been a while, hasn't it! I ended 2019 with a bang as I moved to a new place and turned the big 3-0 *insert clapping emoji* however, my celebration set me back a little financially BUT I have no regrets! I hired a private chef to make a 4-course meal for me and some of my closest friends in Toronto at a private location, had customized cupcakes and my own room at a Hilton hotel downtown Toronto! I also had 2 photo shoots AND a video shoot which I shall treasure forever!

Here are some of the photos in case you missed them on the gram.

I rang in the New Year at church, which is always a great way to start the year and then slept in and spent the day eating mom's leftovers, watching Judge Judy and brainstorming ideas for the year. Oh, I'm not sure if I had mentioned this but I also brought in the year as a single woman. Yes, your girl is once again available and even joined Tinder (deleted the app twice since then) but more on that later.

To further propel me into beast mode for 2020, I purchased an amazing Planner/diary from Amazon and have been taking the time to write in it on a daily basis. Here are my top goals for 2020:

-Save more than I ever have

-Organize/host more events

-Re-organize Melapteh's supply chain

-Eat healthy 80% of the time and exercise frequently

-Try many different local restaurants

-Travel to 2 countries and do 2 local getaway trips

Be open to love*

* Unfortunately most men are not it, even at my age (and older) and it can be discouraging but I am optimistic that the man God has kept aside for me will just blow me away...tick all my boxes...I mean he just has to because at this rate, your girl may have to start looking into egg freezing, LOL.

Nah, I'm optimistic!

What are your top 5 2020 goals?


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