9 Chic Outfits to Wear With Brown Boots
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9 Chic Outfits to Wear With Brown Boots

Updated: Feb 13

I’ll be honest, this post I actually a no-brainer to me. I though to myself, just swap your black boots for brown ones and create all the same looks, bingo. However, upon further consideration, I realise that a) that is not particularly true as brown and black boots can create different looks and b) not everyone owns black boots in the first place.


Although brown and black are both considered neutral shades in the color palette, they are not created equally. They are both colors we see more frequently during the fall season, which is upon us, and so it is only normal that this post would focus on boots and not just brown shoes in general.

Brown however, is a softer and warmer color that also comes in its own different shades that can be considered more or less formal.

In today’s post I shall be focusing on different outfits you can easily put together with different styles of brown boots. I am sure you already own most of the clothing items we would be mentioning in this post, so the good news is, all you need are the brown boots! If you’re looking for some brown boots outfit inspiration, you want to keep reading.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you.

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I really love the versatility of brown boots and the range of clothing which they can be paired with. I’m talking everything from skirts to dresses, to pants, leggings, and everything in between.

There are so many different ways to put together a stylish outfit during the colder months with brown shoes. You can create casual looks, business casual ones as well as a semi-formal look with a pair of brown boots and I am going to show you how in just a moment.

I would like to first talk about the different shades of brown because not all brown is created equally. When it comes to brown, the darker the shade, the more formal it appears to be.

What are the different shades of brown?

Did you know that there are over 100 shades of brown? Oh yes. Champagne is actually a shade of brown. For the purpose of this post though, I would be focusing on some of the most popular shades of brown boots which are:


- Camel


-Dark brown

Cognac and dark brown would be your richest colors on the list and would also be considered the most formal. Tan is more of a light brown and Camel is sort of a medium brown. I find that folks with darker skin should opt for the richest shades of brown as it compliments their skin tone the nicest.

Not to say that they can’t try out other shades of brown but there’s just something the warm tones of brown against darker skin…whew! The lighter shades of brown are typically worn when creating a more casual look but we shall talk more about this below.

Before I talk about the brown boots outfit ideas, I would like to share some great options for brown boots. Different styles of brown boots can be worn with different clothing items just as I have talked about in this post.

Here are my favorite brown boots at the moment:

i) The Tipryn Chelsea Boot by Crown Vintage. DSW as you all know by now is my one-stop shop for all footwear and they have probably the widest selection of brown boots on this list. The Tipryn boots are a Chelsea boot that come in brown suede. You could style it using the ways I mentioned in my post on 6 ways to wear black Chelsea boots. This style of Chelsea boot is considered more casual though and so be mindful of this when putting looks together.

ii) These Amazon Lace Up combat boots are some of the highest-rated boots on the platform. They’re the perfect pair of brown ankle boots to wear if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or if you’re going for an edgy Fall look. As per the description, they are made from synthetic materials and have a leather lining.

iii) If you’re a fan of tall brown boots, Vince Camuto brings us the Dentelia boot in all its fabulosity. I love that it has both a platform as well as a lug sole, meaning it would be easier to walk in. This is definitely a boot you could wear with dresses or a pencil skirt.

iv) These taupe ankle boots by Steve Madden are a great choice if you’re looking for ankle boots in a light brown shade. The thick heel would ensure a higher level of comfort while the pointed to would help make your legs appear longer. They’re also less than $100 which is a steal for ankle boots of that nature!

v) Looking for knee boots without a heel? I present you the Lauren Everly riding boot by Ralph Lauren. These brown leather boots would elevate your jeans and sweater outfits in just a second. They would be a great addition to your Fall or winter wardrobe if you love to create classy looks.

vi) The Rafael pointed toe bootie is your answer to creating a unique look with a pair of brown boots. Adding a pair of these boots to your outfit is a great way to look stylish during the colder months. You could pair it with cropped jeans or midi dresses because we do want these boots to be seen.

vii) Last but definitely not least, we have our UGGs. These classic II boots come in a nice dark brown which would be easy to maintain. Ugg boots are considered a casual boot but their comfort is what attracts the customers.

These dark brown boots have a soft, genuine shearling lining which makes them the boot of choice for moms, celebrities ad university students. These could easily be paired with leggings, yoga pants and skinny jeans as mentioned in my post HERE.

Of course I could go on and on about which brown boots you need to add to your wardrobe (can I just say these Timberland Allington booties scream classic New Yorker?) but I think it’s time we talked about the different outfits you can create with any of the boots mentioned above. Here are my favorite items to style with a pair of brown boots:

1) A pair of skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are always a good idea when it comes to styling any pair of boots. You could opt for black jeans or a pair of blue jeans depending on your personal preference. During the colder days, choose a cozy sweater in a bold color to compliment your brown boots. Seeing as jeans are a casual clothing item, you could complete your look with either a denim jacket or a leather jacket in a beautiful rich color.

Image source here

Remember that you can always opt for a brown leather jacket to match your brown boots as outlined in my blog post HERE or you can go for the classic black leather jacket. If your brown boots of choice are knee boots or taller, then skinny jeans are definitely your best choice. With ankle boots, you could opt for a wider jean if you don’t plan on tucking it in.

2) A black dress

You can create a warm chic look by pairing your little black dress with a pair of brown knee-high boots. If you’re feeling really extra, you could even go for a pair of thigh-high boots, if your dress stops above your knee. This would make your legs look even longer. The black dress against brown shoes would also create a nice contrast that black shoes would not.

Image source here

A brown ankle boot could also be worn with a pair of black tights during the winter season if you’re dressing up for an event with a business casual or semi-casual dress code.

3) Midi skirts

A great way to style your brown boots for the office is by pairing them with a midi skirt and a simple top. I personally prefer a pleated midi skirt, just for the aesthetics but any style of mid skirt can do. With brown being a neutral color, you can play around with different bright colors with your tops and/or skirt. For a dressy classy look, wear a tucked in white top with a black pencil skirt and some knee boots.

Get the look HERE

Another stylish option would be a burgundy skirt with a green or brown blouse and a black pencil skirt paired with brown heeled ankle boots. This outfit screams fall and can be further elevated with a trench coat which would really make your overall look stand out.

4) A pair of leggings

When it comes to leggings, you know my go-to are these Spanx faux leather leggings. They’re dressier than your basic H&M leggings and look great paired with an oversized sweater, a skirt or a dress. You could create a cozy but chic black look by pairing your black leggings with a black oversized sweater and a black tote. The brown boots would help to add a slight pop of color to your outfit.

Image source here

If you’re hurrying to class or your local coffee store, you can pair your leggings with a hoodie and a pair of UGGs and call it a day. When it comes to more casual leggings, these Aerie Offline leggings are my go-to for everyday wear. I have a full review of them right here.

5) A mini skirt

Mini skirts don’t have to be reserved for the summer months and an easy way to carry them into the fall is by creating outfits featuring a pair of brown boots. An example of a cute casual outfit you could create would be pairing an off-shoulder sweater with a mini skirt in a solid color and a pair of knee-high boots. You could even opt for a denim skirt if you’re headed for a chill night with friends but want to show off a little skin. If it’s chilly outside, you could wear a pair of leggings or tights underneath your skirt for some warmth.

Image source here

A great pair of boots to pair with a casual skirt would be a pair of tan ankle boots with a little heel. Remember that tan boots are generally considered more casual and so work perfectly here. Add a plaid jacket for outerwear to keep your casual theme going. For a sexy Fall look, you could choose a mini leather skirt and pair it with a crop top or form-fitting sweater for a night at the movies with the boo.

6) A pair of pants

If you can wear a pair of black pants and black ankle boots to the office, then you can most certainly wear a pair of brown ones as well. Create a gorgeous fall color palette by pairing your pair of black pants with a forest green sweater. You could complete this look with a burgundy longline coat and I guarantee all eyes will be on you.

Image source here

Brown, black, green and burgundy are the perfect combination of colors to go for when creating outfits inspired by Fall. Ankle boots work best when dealing with pants because they would not cause any bunching at the ankles. You could opt for knee boots if the pants have a wider leg.

7) A pair of wide-legged jeans

I added wide-legged jeans to the list because I know some women are still not a fan of the skinny jeans look. The same tuck in principle applies here as mentioned with the pants option – the wider the leg, the less the possibility of tucking in the hem of your jeans. If you’re opting for a pair of boot cut jeans, then ankle pants are probably your best bet.

Image source here

Knee-high boots could also work but why go through all that hassle of putting n a pair of tall boots when all that would be seen is the front top of the boot? For outer layers, throw on a longer leather jacket or trench coat to complete your look.

8) A sweater dress

Create a feminine and stylish look by pairing your sweater dresses in neutral colors with your brown boots. I say neutral colors because it’s always great to start here if you’re not yet comfortable with bright and bold colors. A great outfit you could wear to your office party would be a pair of tall brown boots and a black, brown or burgundy long sleeved sweater dress.

Image source here

If it’s colder outside, add a pair of tights underneath and a fur coat on top. One of the best ways to style a sweater dress is with a pair of heeled boots and some simple accessories. Fir a more casual look, you could opt for a pair of brown Chelsea boots instead.

9) A midi dress

The same way midi skirts can be paired with a pair of brown boots is how midi dresses work just as well. You could create a classy look by pairing a midi dress you typically wear in the fall with a pair of dark brown boots. This would instantly make your look appear more formal. I love wearing my midi dresses across different seasons and you can achieve this via layering. Don’t be shy to add a sweater either on top of or underneath your midi dress to create a warm chic look you could wear on a daily basis.

Image source here

I hope you have gotten a lot of inspiration for styling brown boots this season. Brown boots can be used to create both casual outfits as well as dressier ones you plan on wearing to special occasions this Fall/Winter season.

If you are interested in wearing white boots this Fall season, then you need to check out this post HERE.

Until the next post,



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