Top 8 Shoes to Wear With a High Low Dress
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Top 8 Shoes to Wear With a High Low Dress

Updated: Feb 13

High low dresses have become such a popular clothing option in recent years and are not going anywhere. You definitely want to read this post if you're looking for ways you can style either a more formal or casual look using this dress.


I got introduced to high-low dresses probably around 2011, after I had graduated from university. At the time, Baby Phat was still a thing and so I remember purchasing a high-low dress they had for sale at the time and feeling so on trend. I would rock it to class, for dinner and anything in between.

Being a broke college student, I tended to wear it with the same flats and ankle boots all year round until I parted ways with it when I got a proper job years later. The point is, even as far back as 10 years ago, I knew just how versatile a high low dress could be and also that the right shoes could make my outfit either more or less formal.

As with my post on the best shoes to wear with skater dresses or skirts, today, I shall be focusing on the different types of shoes to wear with high-low dresses (and skirts) to create a ton of outfits. I love how a high low skirt can easily be dressed up or down and depending on the length of the skirt and could even be worn for a special occasion.

There are so many shoe types you can pair with these dresses and skirts and I would be choosing my favorite ones as well as showing you ways to style them.

Before we jump right in, I would like to share some of my favorite places to shop for high low skirts and dresses, in case you are actively seeking to add one of these items to your wardrobe.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

i) Nordstrom

As with a lot of the items I post on this blog, Nordstrom is a great place to shop high low skirts an dresses. I find that their selection increases during the warmer months and so if you're reading this in the winter, dear not, more designs are on the way. I particularly love this one right here thanks to the ruffle details and bow in the front.

ii) Lulus

Whenever I'm looking for trendy yet classy pieces, I find myself drawn to Lulus. This off-the-shoulder high-low midi dress would have heads turning all day and the reviews say as much. Make sure you check their website often because new items are added weekly.

iii) Amazon

If you're really in a crunch and need your high low skirt to arrive like yesterday, then you definitely have to check out the options Amazon offers. I love how affordable their high low skirts are and also how versatile their selection is however this boho skirt has got to be my favorite.

iv) ASOS

I have spoken a few times about my love-hate relationship with ASOS on the blog and it still stands. my hate comes from the fact that I always have to pay outrageous customs fees whenever I order my items. Meanwhile, they have some of the cutest high-low skirts for sale such as this floral high low maxi skirt.

I am sure you would find a high-low skirt or dress to your liking on any one of these sites and they are all websites I shop from frequently so I can vouch for their accuracy and quality, which is usually a hit.

Now let's dive right into the different ways to style high-low skirts, shall we?

1) With high heels

I think it's common knowledge that if you want to elevate any look, just throw on a pair of heels. High-low skirts are no different. If you're styling your skirt for a cocktail party, opt for a pair of strappy heels. If it's a little chilly outside, add a trench coat or structured blazer to your outfit and watch it really take your overall look up a notch.

Get the look HERE

A great way to take a high-low skirt look from monochromatic to interesting is by adding a pair of heels in a bright color. You could also opt for heels in fun animal prints such as leopard print to add more depth to your high-low look.

2) With flat sandals

A high low dress is a great item to pack for vacation and while you're in casual mode, you probably want some casual shoes to go with your outfit. Flat sandals are a step above flip flops and so you could rock this look to a local museum, for a day tour of a city, or for brunch in a cute café.

If you're opting for sandals, then consider choosing a more casual high low dress for a laid-back look. Add a shoulder bag and a pair of oversized sunglasses to complete this chic look and you're ready for summer in the south of France.

Get the look HERE

3) With ballet flats

Flats could be worn with a high-low dress whether you're dressing for the office or even for a formal event and just want to be comfortable. It all boils down to the type of flats as well as the type of dress. Consider opting for flat shoes made from a shinier material (such as patent leather) and also in a neutral color if you are styling your high low dress for a formal function.

Get the look HERE

Also, feel free to pick up bedazzled flats with some bling on the front or a nice bow on them to take your look up a notch. For the office, a great option would be a pair of nude flats (whatever nude is to you) and a high low dress that reaches at least your knees. Short dresses are generally considered more casual and so you may want to keep those for casual outings with the girls.

4) With combat boots

Now here's a cool way to style your high low dresses and skirts. Combat boots are more edgy and so if you are choosing this footwear to go with your high low dress, then you're probably not headed to a wedding. My favorite type of dress to pair with combat boots are long dresses just because I love the contrast between the shorter boot and the longer dress; it's very eye-catching.

Get the look HERE

To take this look to the next level, throw on a black (or brown) leather jacket and you're ready to take on the day. Remember that if your combat boots are black, you have more wiggle room to play with colors and so your maxi dress could even have some fun prints on it.

5) With a pair of white sneakers

As mentioned in my post on the 6 best shoes to wear with a maxi skirt, a pair of classic white sneakers is such a good choice of shoes to wear when styling a high-low skirt or dress. They add a casual vibe to your look while keeping things fresh. The white color shoes also make it easy to pair with skirts in different colors thanks to their neutrality.

Get the look HERE

During the warmer months, feel free to pair your sneakers with a shorter dress to create an easy casual high-low dress look and during the colder months, add a denim jacket on top of this same outfit to take the look from day to night. You could also swap the sneakers for a pair of heels for date night!

6) With ankle boots

In the Fall, you could definitely pair your high low dress with a pair of ankle boots to create either casual wear or dressier looks. For a casual look, opt for open toe boots. To create dressier looks, go for boots with higher heels. Heeled ankle boots in solid neutral colors would look great for both outings in the colder months as well as in-person office meetings.

Image source here

7) With loafers

I feel like loafers are a step above casual flats but not quite heels. A lot of loafers now come with platform (or flatform heels) which make them very comfortable yet stylish enough to wear for a special occasion. Opt for a strapless high-low dress and add a longline cardigan if you’re headed for an evening out during the colder months. You could also add a statement necklace to elevate your look.

Get the look HERE

8) With tall boots

Wearing taller boots with midi dresses creates a more formal look that could be worn to events that have an evening wear dress code. Instead of going for a pair of heels the next time you’re wearing a chic high low maxi dress, try opting for a pair of heeled knee boots. This is an especially good option when you’re dressing up during the winter.

I hope I have provided you with enough high low dress and skirt outfit inspiration. A lot of these suggestions are similar to my other lists of best shoes to wear with other bottoms in your closet and so I suggest you check out some of these posts here.

Let me know which of these options was your favorite and if there’s any you feel like I left out.

Until the next post,



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