The Top 10 Shoes to Wear With Maxi Skirts
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The Top 10 Shoes to Wear With Maxi Skirts

Updated: Feb 13

I feel as though I’ll soon be known as the maxi skirt blogger judging by how often I post about styling long skirts and dresses. Think I’m exaggerating? Check out my previous posts on: the 6 best shoes to wear with a maxi skirt, the best shoes to wear with a long dress and similarly, the best shoes to wear with an evening dress. All of these posts go into detail about how you can create looks for different seasons using a long skirt or long dress.

This post is going to be no different and I would just be showing more ways to get the most out of your maxi skirts whether you are dressing for warm weather or colder days. As mentioned in my previous posts, maxi dresses and longer skirts are wardrobe staples because they are transitional pieces that can be carried from season to season.


Regardless of your personal style, you are bound to find a way you can rock your long skirts year-round using items you most likely already own. If you are seeking some more maxi skirt outfit ideas for either a casual outing or for special occasions, then you have come to the right post.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Long skirts are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing out there, and a great option to go with if you’re in the mood for showing your belly nor legs but still wish to stay stylish. They can also be easily styled up or down with the choice of footwear and outerwear you decided to complete your outfit with.

As all fashionistas know, the right pair of shoes determine how fancy an outfit is and that would be the focus of today’s post.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the best shoes you can pair with a maxi skirt regardless of your body type and whether you are dressing for the summer months or winter season.

1) High heels

Styling your maxi skirt for special occasions with a pair of pumps or strappy heels is a great option. Adding a pair of strappy heels to your outfit instantly makes you look more poised and dare I say sexier? The length of your skirt would help determine the type of heels to choose for your outfit. Peep-toe heels or booties work great if your skirt is really long and only your toes would be on display.

A pair of wedge sandals are the perfect choice of heels if you want to appear super tall while remaining comfortable without anyone noticing and also work really well for really long skirts. This is because wedges evenly distribute your weight thanks to their larger surface area (hey, I was a Science major if you didn’t know!).

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Stiletto heels are the perfect choice of shoe to wear to formal events where your skirt hits just at your ankle or if your dress has a slit so that everyone can see that beautiful slim heel. If you prefer high waisted skirts, consider pairing your maxi with a white blouse and some beautiful gold accessories for a formal occasion.

Play around with maxi skirts in a variety of colors to achieve a combination that you prefer. For formal wear during the Summer, opt for a maxi skirt in a bright color.

Remember that these style tips also work for midi skirts.

2) Knee-high or calf boots

I used to be of the opinion that only ankle boots could be paired with long skirts because there was no point in wearing tall boots if no one was seeing your legs. After seeing many influencers pairing knee-high boots with maxi’s on the gram, that opinion has definitely changed. Knee-high boots would look great paired with a white tee and a leather jacket just as well as ankle boots would, and would also keep you warmer if it’s colder outside.

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3) Mules

If you’re looking for a pair of heels that are easy to slip on and would still elongate your legs, a pair of heeled mules is the right shoe for you. These would look great for date night when you don’t feel like strapping on a pair of stilettos or stuffing your toes into a pair of pumps. I personally prefer clear mules rather than a colored one because they are so easy to style with everything.

Consider opting for a maxi skirt that hugs your curves and adding a crop top or blouse to create the perfect date night look. If it’s particularly chilly outside, add a longline blazer or coat as outerwear. A pair of transparent mules would also be a great way to style mid-length skirts for formal occasions, especially if the skirt is in a bright color.

Get the look HERE

4) White sneakers

A pair of white sneakers are my favorite shoes to go with a casual maxi skirt outfit. This is a top 5 airport look (after a pair of joggers of course) and a great summer outfit for days you need to look a little dressed up. You can easily swap the sneakers for a pair of black pumps or and you would be ready for any more formal occasion.

Get the look HERE

If you're feeling extra grungy, you could replace your white tee with a graphic one and perhaps throw on a blazer in a solid color or even a leather jacket. During the Fall, an ankle boot could be worn for footwear and if you haven't already, opt for a pair of white ankle boots, as I have explained how to style HERE.

5) Flats

You know I had to add flats to this list because I always consider my ladies who are all about the flats and loafers life. The good news is that flats are still and would always be ‘in’ and you can actually wear them to formal occasions instead of heels. I would recommend you go for a pair in a neutral color if that is the case and ensure to bring your look up a notch by accessorizing with some statement jewelry.

I find that you could wear a pair of flats even with a ball gown and no one would have to know – it’s about how the rest of your look comes together and how you carry yourself.

Get the look HERE

6) Cowboy boots

I find that skirts in solid colors work best with cowboy boots because they help to not take the attention away from the boots and normally, if you're wearing cowboy boots, you want them to be seen.

They typically have some interesting bold patterns going on and that is why they tend to be worn with a knee-length skirt, or short skirts - to show them off! Don't worry, you could also pair them with a maxi skirt, just avoid a skirt that goes all the way to the floor.

High low maxi skirts for example are great to pair with cowboy boots because with one leg being on display, your boots get the attention they deserve.

These are such a classic Cowboy boot and they have great reviews.

Maxi skirt available HERE

7) Converses

I know we spoke about pairing maxi skirts with white sneakers but another look that has grown on me is pairing a maxi skirt with a pair of high tops or converses. This look would obviously be more appropriate if you’re headed to a casual meeting or gathering but it sure would add a cool factor to your stylish look.

Get the look HERE

You could add a denim jacket and a cowl scarf to complete this look if you’re wearing this during the Fall and are concerned about keeping warm.

8) Slides

On a hot summer day or if you’re in the Caribbean on vacation, sometimes you just want your toes to breathe but you still want to look cute. Slides do not look like they used to when I was growing up and there are so many chic designs they come in.

The best way to style a maxi skirt with slides is to go with a flowy and more casual skirt and to pair it with either a tank top, crop top or bandeau top. This look would give major vacation vibes and so you might want to invest in slides in a variety of colors.

Get the look HERE

9) Sandals

Another casual footwear option that looks great with maxi skirts is flat sandals. This could be flat strappy sandals (which could be laced up strappy sandals) or simpler flat sandals. You don't necessarily have to be on vacation to sport this look right here. If you're looking for a casual summer look you can pull off on a hot summer day, consider pairing your maxi skirt with a pair of strappy sandals or flip flops and a crop top.

Get the look HERE

A nice shoulder bag would complete this breezy outfit along with some simple accessories. I personally prefer to go with a white maxi skirt if I'm headed somewhere with beautiful beaches. If your maxi skirt has a slit, you should try a fancier sandal, that way you can show off both your legs and footwear. One thing to remember is that longer skirts are easier to pull off with more casual footwear because it's mostly your toes that would be on display.

10) Ankle boots

I believe that everyone needs a pair of ankle boots in order to create chic Fall maxi skirt outfits which they can wear with a leather jacket in a solid color during the cooler months or days. For a grungier look, choose combat boots over heeled ankle boots. The leather jacket would make your overall look appear sleeker and it does not have to be black, as I have mentioned in this post. It's important to invest in a pair of good comfortable boots which you would be able to wear across seasons and styled with multiple pieces in your closet.

Some tips:

- If you are shorter, avoid skirts that cut you off right at your ankle. If you are more apple-shaped, go for skirts with interesting patterns and/or more volume.

- Color coordinating can be challenging and so I recommend going with neutral solid colors if you’re new to styling maxi skirts with different colors of shoes and tops.

- If you are more bottom heavy, I would suggest more solid colors and clean lines with your maxis.

- If you don’t like showing your belly but would like to wear crop tops, go for longer crop tops or even tank tops that you could tuck in.

Remember however that these are always suggestions, and you can discover even more different ways to style your maxi skirts that you would prefer.

If you are looking for the best tops to pair with a long skirt, check out my post: The best tops to wear with maxi skirts.

Until the next post,



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