Small apartment furniture ideas
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Small apartment furniture ideas

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

It’s not all about how large your space is, but rather how you utilize and maximize the space.

Most of us would love a bigger space and are probably working hard, saving money and creating wish lists of homes we would like to own one day. However, if you can’t make good with what you’re currently working with, chances are, you’re never going to be satisfied with what you have.


I rent a one bedroom apartment at the moment and to me, the space is great for one. I am actively decorating it and thought I would share some of the pieces I am either considering purchasing or wish I could afford to purchase or just serve as inspiration for the vibe I am going for.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I have been living on my own for just over a year, after having escaped an awful living experience with a dirty roommate who would not pay rent but had money for 26 inch wigs, Louboutins and flights to the US she could not afford…

You would also know that the focal point of my décor is my green velvet sofa! Although the exact one I purchased is no longer available I really like these options HERE, HERE and HERE.

That was the very first piece of furniture I purchased because I just knew from the beginning that I wanted a green velvet sofa in my living room and then everything else could follow.

Without realizing it, I had created my anchor piece for my apartment and this would help me bring the entire place together.

Since moving, I have been decorating with intent. I do not buy any furniture unless I feel that it goes with my whole aesthetic. With a green sofa, I knew my three secondary colours would be gold, pink and white.

And so my pillowcases are a light pink while my floor lamp and clock are gold.

Not bad for an amateur, eh? you can shop my wall clock HERE.

I shall continue building on this with pieces such as this additional Corrigan Studio floor lamp or this Everly Quinn standing tree lamp with adjustable metal heads – perfect for reading!

A third option for a floor lamp would be this Yearby tree floor lamp, right on theme for my apartment.

The pandemic birthed so many plant moms and plant dads but if you’re like me, plants aren’t really your thing in terms of constant care and the mess they could potentially create but you still like the aesthetic they bring to a home.

Target has some great artificial plant options such as this Vickerman Potted Kentia Palm which is a 5 foot plant!

Just 1 of these is enough to fill up a smaller space.

If you would rather a smaller plant, then consider this artificial monstera in a ceramic pot.

If not, there is also this tall artificial wide leaf green Dieffenbachia potted plant.

As a young woman who loves to entertain, I would love to have a proper bar in my future home. However in the meantime, this Gold Metal Emerson Rolling Cart will do just fine.

I would roll it out when I have guest and offer them a beverage while having glasses, napkins and straws available for grabs on the cart. Pretty neat, right?

When not in use, it could easily be stowed away in a closet or storage room.

Hanging personal photos or portraits is a must for me in order to make a new space truly feel like home.

These Gold Thin Metal frames (which come in different sizes) would come in handy to hang up those precious family photos.

I plan on getting a console table for my entry way and this affordable Vasagle one from Amazon or Walmart is calling my name.

If you want to splurge a little, try this Wisfor Console Table.

Or if your decor/theme is more earth tone, this Zimtown 2 tier Console table would work great. You could install a small mirror on top of it and use the second shelf for additional storage.

Decorative pieces to place on this console table would be smaller in size and this McGee & Co. vase would compliment things.

Maximizing space is crucial and so whenever pieces can serve dual functions, that’s always a plus for me. That’s why these La Jolla baskets from Serena & Lily are in my cart. They would be beautiful decorative pieces for my entryway while serving as storage for some small items.

Sometimes you want to serve a bougie cup of tea either for yourself or for others. That’s where this eye-catching Ivory Enamel Tea Kettle comes in.

I would definitely not boil the water in the kettle but use to just pour from 😊

As I only have one area rug so far in my living room, I’m thinking of getting this Ivory Tonal Sweater Area Rug for the entry way. I love that it’s neutral, allowing the other décor around it to shine.

Weston window pane table lamps are great for the nightstand or side table you may have in another room. Once again, it’s the subtle white and gold which draws me.

I’m very grateful to have some sort of balcony, allowing me to take in the sunsets without leaving the building.

Smaller patio furniture such as these Southport Patio Dining Chairs would be perfect because not only are they small enough but the cushions could be removed before the rainy weather or cold months to avoid damage.

If you’re into labelling, these white bin clip labels would be nice to use on your storage bins/containers in order to help you save time opening a dozen looking for just one thing.

With the dozens of pairs of shoes I own, I am looking for a neat way to store them while also keeping my place neat.

I love this portable shoe rack organizer from Walmart because you can cover the shoes and it keeps your room looking neat and tidy!

This smaller shoe rack would be good for the entry way as I plan on installing a large mirror on top.

Last but not least, nothing says Welcome Home like a personalized Custom Door Mat! Get it done and delivered easily using that link and watch your apartment be completed.

I'm thinking of doing a follow up to this post focusing on bedroom furniture. What do you think? Would you be interested in that?



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