Talliah Rose: Honest Review on a curvy woman
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Talliah Rose: Honest Review on a curvy woman

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Is it just me or are there more and more ads for fashion websites all over Instagram?

One of the ads that came across my feed was for Talliah Rose and I actually gave them a shot!


As your trusted fashion/lifestyle influencer, I feel it is my duty to try and test different brands on your behalf to see if they are worth your time and money. I did the same for Shein, via my Shein Review and I'm about to do so once more with this Talliah Rose review.

What is Talliah Rose?

I would describe the Talliah Rose brand as sexy-trendy. The pieces are geared towards more youthful women who are not afraid to show some skin and wear some bold colors.

The site was founded by then 26 year old Briony Gorton of Manchester, UK.

Why did I order from Talliah Rose?

I was skeptical in the beginning to order from the website as I have known so many brands that use other brands' photos to promote products which they do not sell or look nothing like what they are advertising. I was however more comfortable placing my order after I noticed the following:

1) The photos seemed to be original. Meaning I had never seen this model on another company's website, wearing the same items.

2)The brand is based in the UK. Yes, I am biased! When a brand is based in the UK, it just seems more legit to me and I am more comfortable shopping there.

3) There were no typos or grammatical errors in the product descriptions and elsewhere on the website. When a website cannot ensure there are no typos on their site, it comes across as an unprofessional brand and definitely one which does not pay attention to detail.

Feeling more at ease at this point, I decided to carefully browse the website.

I was initially drawn to the bold and bright colours of the garments on the website. The wide array of eye-catching lilac, pink, blue and orange had me quickly filling up my cart...until I converted from pounds to Canadian dollars and swiftly readjusted my cart according to my budget. That exchange rate is brutal!

In order to get a proper feel of a website I am shopping from for the first time, and to make a sound review, I like to order items from different departments: tops, skirts, jackets etc versus just ordering a bunch of dresses.

I finally decide on ordering a blazer, a pair of mules, a blouse, a pair of shorts (or a skort) and a Spring jacket from Talliah Rose.

It took about 10 business days for the items to arrive and I was so happy there were no customs fees due upon delivery! Trust me, that can determine whether or not I shop from a website again.

The first item in my order was the Effie Baby Pink Silky Cowl Neck Blouse which comes in just one size (up to a size 12 UK). I believe a size 14 UK would be able to fit into it as well though.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the blouse is actually made in Italy - nice! The quality is on par with a blouse you would purchase from Nordstrom and it fits quite loose.

The next item in my order was the Bianca Lilac Premium High Waisted Skort.

I am EXTREMELY weary of purchasing shorts, pants and jeans from new online stores but I decided to take a chance with these because they appeared to be much looser around the thighs and hips, thanks to the flared cut.

My predictions were right! The size Large I purchased fit to perfection and the shorts conceal my fupa very nicely. Plus, they have pockets - double win!

The third item I purchased was this ombre pink/yellow blazer, which is unfortunately no longer on the website. I have found this Nori Orange/Beige Aztec Pattern Blazer to be quite the looker, if you're looking for a mixed print blazer.

I bought this blazer mostly because of the beautiful, bright colours; it always gets me loads of compliments and I have been having fun styling it in different ways. See photos below for some style inspiration.

Being a sucker for open toe, square front mules, I decided to try these Tia beige strappy square toe heels.

They are definitely not the most comfortable heels but they look so beautiful on my feet!

I ordered my usual size 8UK (or 10US).

The last item in my order was this pale green military-inspired Spring jacket, which is also no longer available for purchase. It ended up getting delivered separate from the rest of my order the following day.

To be honest, it was the most disappointing item in my order because I was expecting the jacket to be more structured.

The fabric was more sweater-like and less stiff than what I was expecting...and it does not have pockets :(

I also purchased a Large in the jacket.

All in all, I was satisfied with my first Talliah Rose purchase. I would most likely be purchasing from the site again but I do have to point out the pros and cons.

Is Talliah Rose worth the hype?

In order to answer that question, let me weight out the pros and cons.


1) Good quality items

2) Decent shipping times

3) Trendy and brightly-coloured clothing

4) No customs due upon delivery *at least to Canada


1) Limited sizes (nothing past a UK 12, which excludes a huge part of the population and does not accommodate plus size).

2) On the more expensive side for casual, trendy clothes

3) Lack of order updates. I di not recall getting an email from them with regards to the shipping of my order. I have searched my email high and low but have not seen anything.

Overall, I would say yes Talliah Rose is a site worth purchasing from because it is ligit but it is a site catered to women size UK 12 and below. Moreover, shipping to North America is pricey.

However the garments are good quality for the most part and sizes are accurate.

So tell me, would you be purchasing from Talliah Rose? Which items was your favourite?


The Ankara Queen

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