The 12 Best Minimalist Bags You Need in Your Collection
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The 12 Best Minimalist Bags You Need in Your Collection

Updated: Jan 3

When I see or hear the word 'minimalism', I think of simplicity and sustainability. I won't lie, I'm not exactly a minimalist, and I have the wardrobe to prove it but I do appreciate minimalism and minimalist fashion. I love how minimalists are able to create multiple stylish looks using the same pieces in rotation. I also appreciate how they are more environmentally conscious and are deep believers in sustainable fashion.

Nowadays however, it can cost you more to be a true minimalist as fast fashion is popular and cheap but also more harmful to the environment.


In order to avoid going broke while expanding your minimalist handbag collection, I have decided to include products of varying price range. You might not be able to afford a leather bag (or not be fond of products made from animal skins) but a durable vegan bag might work nicely for you.

A minimalist bag, whether it's a tote bag, bucket bag, fanny pack, crossbody bag or anything in-between, tends to not be loud. They avoid prints, large labels, distracting designs and multiple zippers & compartments. They are still meant to be practical and durable however. The good news is, thanks to their simplistic nature, they are much easier to style and all you have to do is coordinate your outfit colors to your bag of choice.

The bags on this list are genuinely bags I would recommend based off of customers' reviews and my love of their designs. They are meant to stand the test of time.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

Without further ado, here is my list of top 12 minimalist bags:

1) Minimalist tote bags

A tote bag is that one bag you can carry around on any given day. That's because it's large enough to fit your daily essentials such as your water bottle, makeup, gum, sanitizer, book and keys while granting you easy access thanks to its wide main compartment. What makes a great tote is its ease of everyday carry along with the design - how functional is it? Either way, a classic tote is an essential for not just minimalists but women in general.

Coach Bag

Street Level Bag

These two tote bags are on this list for their minimalist design and spacious interior. The Coach bag features genuine leather, a single zip divider to organize your items while the Street Level bag is more affordable and features faux-leather, a reversible design and small pouch for your cards and wallet. They also both come in different colors. You are now serving a minimalist stylish look!

2) Minimalist shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are such a great bag to own because they could either be an everyday bag or they can also be worn for special occasions.

A brand that has become synonymous with minimalist bags is Matt & Nat. They are well-known for their vegan, eco-friendly bags, made from recycled materials as well as the simple design and functionality of their bags. It only makes sense that they are featured on this list.

First bag

Second bag

Both of these shoulder bags feature a zipped compartment as well as two or more hidden compartments to organize your belongings. Did I also mention the adjustable shoulder strap on both?

3) Minimalist crossbody bags

If you're one of those fortunate ones who doesn't move around with much in their bags, crossbody bags are definitely for you. They're also the go-to bag for vacationers thanks to their ease of wear and minimalist design.

Kate Spade cross body bags are some of the most popular and with good reason - their pebbled leather is smooth to the touch and they feature an adjustable strap as well as just enough compartments.

If you are fortunate to have a ton of money to spend, I would recommend the YSL Charlie Leather crossbody bag. I love the smaller size, simple design and classic colors it comes in.

4) Minimalist bucket bags

Bucket bags are appreciated for their unique design and stylish look. They could also be a great everyday bag, depending on your personal style and how much you typically carry around.

The Mansur Gavriel leather bucket bag is a classic bucket bag amongst minimalist bag collectors. Possibly the perfect little black bag. It features buttery smooth-leather and is made in Italy. Need I say more?

If price tags are something you're weary about, this Longchamp bucket bag still gives you mid-level luxury but at a lower price point.

5) Minimalist clutches

The minimalist also needs their evening clutch to reflect their personal style and that is why these 2 options are great. Gunnas the brand is known for their vegan leather bags and this embossed clutch is a great crocodile skin mimic, without the cruelty. You can fit your lip balm (or lipstick), phone, keys and mints in there no problem. The brand's bags are typically made from compressed layers of recycled materials and come in an array of prints and colors.

For a more affordable option, try this House of Want clutch which comes in a ton of bright colors. House of Want is mostly known for their shoulder bags which you can also browse HERE.

6) Minimalist satchel bags

At first glance, a satchel bag looks like it could be a tote. Well, it's more like a cross between a tote and a shoulder bag. It can carry all your everyday belongings like a tote but comes in a smaller size and is more hand-held. This one features a zipper closure, front and back slip compartments, a magnetic closure as well as a smart phone compartment - pretty neat right?.

7) Minimalist camera bag

In the mood to splurge on a camera bag? Then THIS Saint Laurent Mini Lou classic is the one for you. The quilted leather and tassel as well as minimal gold detailing make it one of the most popular small bags out there.

For those on a tight budget, Madewell has got you covered with THIS Transport Camera Bag which would fit your DSLR camera and remote control + car keys neatly.

8) Minimalist purse

For those days when you really feel like just walking out with your credit card and keys, a purse may be your best choice. Purses might be the least popular bags on this list but they do serve their purpose.

You could even fit them into one of your larger bags. If you're a fan of hardware, the this micro quilted purse by Charles ? Keith would work great for your mini errands to the laundry room or corner store. Say hello to your favorite new accessory!

9) Minimalist mini bag

A mini bag is the perfect bag for making a statement without actually carrying much. Some of these bags are so small you can barely fit your lip gloss into them but they are made for style statements and not essentially for practicality.

This Cult Gaia mini crossbody is such a treat with its knotted top handles and contemporary appeal - perfect for that Europe vacation you're planning. There's just something about white bags...

*Update: That particular bag is sold out but here's another great option from Cult Gaia.

10) Minimalist fanny pack

I love how fanny packs quietly made a comeback after all the slack they got for years. They're one of the most practical bags because you don't have to actually hold them in your hands or on your shoulder. This makes them perfect for festivals, long walks and even hikes.

This Kibou faux leather diaper belt bag is the perfect option for parents on-the-go. You get to carry your baby's needs while staying stylish!

11) Minimalist sling bags

A sling bag is sort of a cross between a bucket bag and a crossbody bag. They're also the perfect bag to bring with you on vacation if you intend to go for long walks as they won't be bothersome.

This vegan bag says it's for men but I don't see any reason why a woman could not rock it as well! The colors are pretty neutral and the simple design works for both genders.

12) Minimalist wallet

Who doesn't own a wallet? It's probably the first type of bag many of us ever owned. A lot of us still put our wallets into our larger bags such as totes so they are definitely a fashion essential because who wants to put all their cards directly into their satchel?

Charles & Keith are giving me major wallet envy with these mini wallets in a range of rich colors and under $40!

For a larger minimalist wallet, try this Coach classic.

That brings us to the end of my compilation of minimalist bags. I hope I have presented you with enough chic options that might be worth adding to your wardrobe.

When choosing your bag, consider the colors you normally wear. If you wear more neutrals, then a few brightly-colored bags might not be so harmful or you can keep sticking to your neutrals.

If your clothes are on the bright and bold side, then bags in classic colors such as black, white and beige might work best for you to avoid too much clashing.

The perfect bag might look different for you depending on the season and which activity it is you would be carrying out. Larger bags are great if you're not doing much walking while smaller bags can be worn for hours without feeling any strain.

If you're not sure how to style your long clothes with your shoes, THIS post might be a great one for you.

Wondering what are the colors of bags you must have in your wardrobe, check out this post.



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