The 2022 LTK Fall Sale: Shop Exclusive Deals
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The 2022 LTK Fall Sale: Shop Exclusive Deals

Updated: Jan 23

If there's one thing I'm super excited about this Fall, it's the LTK Fall sale, which is the biggest sale of the season! This exclusive in-app sale event is quite the big deal - I'm talking 25-50% off some major brands for 3 days only.

This year, the event falls between September 18-20. The exact promo codes to be used would be shared closer to the date but for now, let me give you the inside scoop on this exclusive sale and how it works.


Keep reading to see the looks I've put together with some of my favourite pieces not just for the Fall, but other seasons as well, including furniture. First, let me explain how all of this works.

What is LTK?

LTK, which stands for Like To Know, and formerly known as Reward Style, is a shopping discovery app which allows users to shop for clothes, makeup, home decor and more. It allows consumers to shop curated products worn by and recommended by their favorite creators and influencers.

LTK is a legitimate app (over 23 million users) which allows creators to earn a small commission off of the products they share via affiliate links and at no cost to the buyers.

How do I join LTK?

All you need to do to start taking advantage of great deals is to download the app either from the App store or Google Play store.

After you've downloaded this free app, it takes a minute to set up a profile and you're ready to start browsing! You can follow your favorite influencers (like myself) on the app by searching for their names/handles or by going to their Instagram page and clicking on an LTK link they have shared.

How does LTK work?

When an influencer shares their outfit details on the gram via their LTK app and you click on it, this leads to a unique affiliate link created for that influencer. If you do decide to buy an item via that link, the influencer gets a commission at no cost to you. Being a part of the LTK family also means you get access to exclusive in-app sales such as LTK Day Sale and the LTK Spring sale.

Top retailers such as Colleen Rothschild, Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria Emerson have been past participants of these sales.

During any sales events, app users have access to exclusive discount codes and sometimes free shipping from certain brands.

How do I shop during the LTK Fall sale event?

1) Between September 18-20, look out for the red ‘LTKSALE’ tag on relevant LTK posts published by the influencers you follow.

2) Click on the post to be taken to the shoppable section. Remember, all products from participating brands would have a red tag.

3) Tap on the products you wish to purchase; by doing so, the unique LTK sale offer along with the option to copy the promo code would pull up.

4) Paste this code at checkout to take advantage of the sales and voilà!

Don't forget to checkout my blog post on what to wear to work if you're one of those returning to the office this Fall.

Some of the select brands participating in this year's three-day event are: Madewell (offering $10 off all full-price denim with code LTK10), Urban Outfitters (20% off $100+ orders with code LTK20), Elemis (25% off sitewide with code LTK25), Petal + Pup (25% off sitewide with code P&PLTK), Kiehl's (25% off sitewide with code LTK25), Pink Lily (25% off sitewide with code LTKFALL), The Styled Collection (40% off sitewide with code LTK40), Aerie (Offering 10% off with code LTKAERIE10) & Vintage Boho (30% off sitewide with code LTK30).

NB: Some exceptions may apply.

*Don't forget you have access to the exclusive discounts only in the LTK app! It takes 30 seconds to sign up if you haven't.

You can follow me @theankaraqueen once you have the app downloaded.

I know you're in the middle of transitioning your wardrobe in preparation for Fall and perhaps looking for a refresh of not just your wardrobe but your home and skincare routine as well.

The LTK sale is the perfect time for you to shop your favorite brands while getting some things off your to-do list. Without further ado, here are my favorite picks for this year's LTK Fall sale event.

1) Fashion

Summer dresses:

Yes, I know we're just leaving Summer behind but now is a great time to get so many of your favourite Summer dresses on sale!

You may also be planning a trip to somewhere warmer during the colder months and so dress shopping in the Fall works perfectly for you.

Here are my top picks for summer dresses you should check out during the LTK Fall sale:

Dress 1 (yellow) - HERE

Dress 2 - HERE

Dress 3 - HERE

I just discovered Petal + Pup and I am LOVING their selection of dresses and pants. They also have pretty great reviews across the board.

My only issue with their site is actually their shipping costs to Canada, which is about 1/3 the value of your order. I hope they can work on this to tap more into the Canadian market.

The following dresses are all from their website.

Dress 1 - HERE

Dress 2 - HERE

Dress 3 - HERE

Floral set - HERE

White dress - HERE

Black dress - HERE

Last year, 1 of the top selling dresses during the LTK Fall sale was this gorgeous Doriah Dress in tan. I can see why it was a bestseller - from the cut to the colour, it's flattering on most body types.

It's been restocked so grab yours before it sells out completely!

It seems slip dresses are definitely here to stay! They work for weddings, birthdays, brunches, date nights and more.

I love this Fall colour combination of slip dresses that Petal +Pup is offering in the form of their Cyprus dress.

The reviews say they fit like a dream and the colours are just as rich as in the photos.

You could style yours with a leather jacket, longline cardigan or coat for some Fall fashion.

Get yours HERE!

Fall dresses:

THE Fall dress you need is this Bambina dress from Petal + Pup. It comes in an array of colours and is perfect for all occasions - office, drinks, dates and more.

Black pants:

A combination of pants & leggings that you can style in so many ways this Fall.

First one - HERE

Second pair - HERE

Third pair - HERE

Fourth pair - HERE

More pants on sale to take advantage of are the following:

First pair - HERE

Second pair - HERE

Third pair - HERE

Fourth pair - HERE

Fifth pair - HERE

Sixth pair - HERE

These pink pants deserve an honourable mention! They look so flowy and comfortable and could be dressed up or down.

The reviews agree with me :)

Fall Skirts:

Mini skirt - HERE

Pleated skirt - HERE

Fall Sweaters

There's no way you can spice up your Fall wardrobe without considering your sweater selection and sweaters are my favorite items to wear to make my Fall outfit come together.

Sweater 1 - HERE

Sweater 2 - HERE

Cardigan 3 - HERE

Sweater 4 - HERE

Sweater 5 - HERE

Sweater 6 - HERE

The following sweaters are all under $50!

Sweater 1 - HERE

Sweater 2 - HERE

Sweater 3 - HERE

Sweater 4 - HERE

Sweater 5 - HERE

Sweater 6 - HERE

Pinklily is another brand I have recently come to know and appreciate.

The models on their website are not just your typical tall and slim women but some look more like the average North American woman size-wise. Bravo Pinklily!

Here are some of my favourite Summer dresses from their website you may want to check out.

Dress 1 -HERE

Dress 2 - HERE

Dress 3 - HERE

Dress 4 - HERE

Dress 5 - HERE

Dress 6 - HERE

Shackets, cardigans and jackets:

What do you get when you mix a shawl with a jacket? Some would say a shacket! Here are my favourite shackets and cardigans from Pinklily.

Flannel Shacket - HERE

Shawl - HERE

Longline cardigan - HERE

This Lagos cardigan is the perfect length for a longline cardigan and comes in beautiful Fall colours!

Fall outfits:

Right before the weather gets really chilly in the Fall, you can definitely get away with a skirt suit. A longline blazer provides the best balance to a mini skirt such as the set below from Petal + Pup.

Get the set below HERE.

Some major Fall outfit inspiration below.

Here's how you can style some pieces from Petal + Pup.

Scarf - HERE

Hat - HERE

Boots- HERE

Coatigan - HERE

Madewell is coming all the way through with the jeans for curvy women.

Here's a great way to style your plus-sized mid rise jeans.

1st Jeans - HERE

2nd pair of jeans - HERE

Blazer - HERE

Athletic wear:

Aerie has come through with some really cute, comfortable and affordable athletic gear and at these prices, you better take advantage of some of their bestsellers.

Their most popular leggings, the High Waisted Crossover Legging, have some of the best leggings reviews I have ever seen. You do not want to waste time grabbing yourself a pair to see for yourself.

Some more leggings which made it to my top 5 are the following:

Green pair - HERE

White pair - HERE

Camo pair - HERE

Some more athletic wear inspiration is below in the form of sports bras and shorts.

Bra - HERE

Shorts - HERE

If you play tennis then this next image is for you. Look the part of a tennis pro in this white ensemble (on sale)!

Bralette - HERE

Skirt - HERE


Madewell has also become known for its higher quality shoes and these are the ones I have rounded up on my list for the LTK Fall sale.

Mules - HERE

Slides - HERE

Brown loafers - HERE

Black loafers - HERE

2) Home

If you are seeking unique or quirky pieces to transform your home, then Urban Outfitters Home is your go-to. You pay for quality and uniqueness with them.

Lamps are a great way to make a statement in your space without doing a full renovation.


Lamp 1 - HERE

Lamp 2 - HERE

Lamp 3 - HERE

Living room:

Mirror - HERE

Side table - HERE

Butterfly platter - HERE

Throw pillow - HERE


Bedding 1 - HERE

Bedding 2 - HERE

Fleece Throw (Under $50) - HERE

Coffee table - HERE

Sofa - HERE

The Styled Collection has made a name for itself in the blanket department with everyone raving about how soft & warm they are.

Here are my favourite Styled Collection blankets below:

XOXO blanket - HERE

Leopard print blanket - HERE

They also carry some unique and trendy accessories such as this Rainbow phone case:


You're doing great mat - HERE

Pampas grass - HERE

Sweet cheeks mat - HERE

Mesh planter - HERE

3) Skincare and beauty products

I know I'm not the only one whose skin switches up in the Fall. I start experiencing more dryness especially on my legs and face.

Here are some products from Elemis London, a top international skincare brand.

Last year, these facial pads were the top selling on LTK during the LTK Fall sale. Why not see what the hype is all about by getting yours HERE?

Renewal serum - HERE

Night cream - HERE

Facial oil -HERE

Body oil (prevents stretch marks) - HERE

Eye masks - HERE

Facial pads - HERE

Interested in checking out what the last LTK Spring Sale looked like, read my post: The 2023 LTK Spring Sale.

I hope this list is helpful and helps you save time navigating the 2022 LTK Fall Sale!

Let me know which items you grab during these 3 days of sales! Happy shopping!



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