An Honest Topshop Joni Jeans Review on a Curvy Woman
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An Honest Topshop Joni Jeans Review on a Curvy Woman

Updated: Feb 13

If you search the web for Topshop jeans, the two most popular styles you’ll see are the Topshop Jamie Jeans and the Joni jeans. Each of these high rise skinny jeans come in different lengths and even slightly different fabrics but their overall style and look remains the same.

I, for one have owned a pair of jonis since 2014 when I was first introduced to them and they were my first pair of Topshop jeans. They are now one of my Fall wardrobe staples.

If you're looking for a pair of black jeans, keep reading my review of these Topshop Joni jeans.


I had been looking for a pair of stretchy high waisted jeans which I could wear everyday and lots of friends had told me to try Topshop. When you have a smaller waist and bigger hips, finding a good pair of jeans is such a struggle.

At the time, I ended up purchasing a black pair of joni jeans and eventually I got a white pair as well. They were in such heavy rotation that it wasn’t long before I had ripped them between my thighs thanks to all the friction.

I was recently browsing the web looking for some pieces to add to my Fall wardrobe and I came across this new style of Topshop Joni jeans featuring coated denim. What drew me to them was how much they looked like a pair of leather pants minus the struggle to get into them. I immediately added them to my cart (they were on sale) and couldn’t wait to try them on once my myomectomy scar was healed.

What size Joni Jeans should I get?

I got a W32L32 in terms of size as my waist is 31 inches. I normally wear a size 8 US or UK 12 in clothing for reference and I am 5ft5.

As with all my ASOS purchases, I was charged custom fees upon the arrival of my package – honestly that’s my biggest turn-off with shopping on ASOS. I would have shopped directly from the Topshop website if it still existed.

Here are my thoughts on my new jeans:

-The first thing I noticed is that they are just as stretchy as my regular joni jeans, meaning Topshop hasn’t strayed from the classic joni style.

-Secondly, they look more like tight pants than jeans and so if you’re looking for a classic jean look, this is not the option for you. They are definitely more form-fitting than your average Topshop denim. For a perfect fit on a curvy woman, you would want to size up as I did.

-There are no front pockets. This is probably my biggest issue with Joni jeans in general. Clearly it is not a woman who designs these because we all know how much we need our front and back pockets!

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

As you can see, I styled mine with this neon cropped sweater (which look smore like a crop top in these photos thanks to my added jacket. I also wore them for an evening out and they held up nicely but I was still very much relieved to take them off at the end of the day, as with all jeans.

So what’s the verdict on these jeans? Let’s way the pros and cons.


1) They are very affordable (at under $50) and some of the most affordable high street jeans out there

2) They’re very stretchy, accommodating fluctuations in weight while maintaining a great fit

3) They are ankle grazers, meaning you can easily pair them with all sorts of ankle boots and longer boots as well

4) They make the bum look nice 😊


1) No front pockets

2) Look more like tight pants and not jeans and so if you’re looking for jeans that look like jeans, you may want to try these

3) They don’t have any tummy control and so if you are insecure about a pouch or fupa, these may show them more. You can see in my photos how my lower abdomen is a little rounder, haha

Overall, I would stay these are a good pair of jeans to own if your body type is more on the curvy side and you are comfortable with it because everything will be on display. I really hope this blog post has provided you with some insight into how the coated Topshop Joni jeans look on a curvy woman and now you can make an informed decision.

Let me know if you get yourself a pair while they’re on sale!

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