10 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With A Burgundy Dress & More Outfits
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10 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With A Burgundy Dress & More Outfits

Updated: Jan 19

Burgundy, year after year, is one of the top Fall colors, along with forest green, dark brown, burnt orange and of course, black. Thanks to its richness in color and deep hue, it works on almost all skin tones and instantly elevates any look.

For some reason though, a lot of people have a hard time deciding on which color of shoe to pair with this classic color, especially when wearing burgundy dresses.


I must confess, I was today years old when I found out that burgundy, maroon and oxblood are not the same color *gasp*.

Burgundy is the darkest in shade of the 2 colors because it's red mixed with purple whereas marron and oxblood are mixed with brown. You learn everyday!

In this post, I will be breaking down my favorite shoe color options to go with not only dresses, but also burgundy outfits in general. Whether you are wearing this color to formal events or just putting together a casual outfit, the burgundy color is one of the easier colors to style.

Do note that the options I will be mentioning below would also work nicely with maroon or oxblood outfit ideas.

Without further ado, here are my best color shoes for a burgundy dress or outfit.

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What Color Shoes to Wear Wit Burgundy Dress

1) Dark brown shoes

In my opinion, dark colors always pair so nicely together and this pairing is a classic combination. I think all of the richness from both colors are really appealing to our eyes.

I specifically mention the dark shade of brown as being a great shoe color to compliment your burgundy outfit because of its richness.

Light brown I find can unbalance the look and perhaps wash it out versus a richer brown.

Get the look HERE

This look could also be reversed and still work - picture a a dark brown suit with burgundy shoes, a perfect outfit!

2) White shoes

I know I mentioned I prefer darker colors when pairing them with burgundy looks, however as you know by now, I'm such a fan of white. White sneakers are an excellent choice of shoe color to be worn with a burgundy dress or suit while white pumps or a white stiletto would look hot with a form-fitting body or bandage dress.

Get your own pair of cool white heels HERE

The key here is to ensure the accessories remain gold, silver or a neutral tone to avoid any more clashing; the white shoes are already loud enough!

3) Gold or rose gold shoes

Gold or rose gold shoes may be your best choice if you are putting together an outfit for a red carpet event. Rose gold sandals are one of my favorite shoe styles and they work with so so many dress colors and styles.

Gold jewelry and accessories work best for both the gold and rose gold shoe choices. If your burgundy outfit is more casual, a great pair gold pointed flats could really bring it up a notch.

I'm loving THESE Rose gold strappy heels and THESE Tory Burch gold flats

Get the perfect burgundy slip dress HERE

4) Nude shoes

As I have previously mentioned on this, blog, nude is a subjective color based on your skin tone and so the color of your shoes may differ from another's.

My own nude shoes may look like beige shoes on another person, and so on. Either way, the burgundy + nude combo is a classic choice.

If you're planning on sporting some nude footwear with your burgundy outfits, I recommend going a shade or two darker or lighter than your actual skin tone - you don't want it to look like you're walking around barefoot, do you?

Below, find some burgundy Fall outfit inspiration.

Get your nude over the knee boots HERE

Get your burgundy sweater dress HERE

5) Black shoes

Is there any outfit color that does NOT go with black shoes at this point? In my opinion, yes there is but that's for another post. You can definitely wear your favorite pair of black shoes with your burgundy dress and accessorize with a black purse.

If the dress is longer, you can even get away with a pair of black flats but if you're going for a special event, why not throw on a stiletto heel? This makes black shoes a good choice for formal events.

A great way to also style a black dress is with a pair of burgundy heels and so this color pairing works both ways, just like the other options on this list.

Get the first dress HERE

6) Animal print shoes

Burgundy dresses and and animal print anything are a great combo, take my word for it. I think it's thanks to the richness and sort of quietness of this solid color that a loud print such as animal print can be paired so nicely. I'm thinking especially of leopard print.

The two balance each other out and compliment each other nicely as long as the leopard print isn't overdone. For instance, consider not accessorizing with more leopard print but rather keep the rest of your outfit more subtle.

These are the cutest leopard print loafers!

Get a similar dress HERE

7) Burgundy shoes

I know some of you might be thinking this is burgundy overload but would you say the same thing for an all black look? I didn't think so. Burgundy is closer to neutral colors on the color spectrum and so styling your burgundy dress with your burgundy heel is not a fashion faux pas.

You could break up the burgundy with a gold or leopard print belt if you feel like it's too much for you. A great idea for a Fall look is to wear a burgundy skirt with a burgundy sweater and then add a brown or beige trench coat to complete the look - très chic!

The picture above shows a great example of taking burgundy across seasons - from Fall to Summer.

A burgundy suit or a pair of burgundy pants could be paired with burgundy dress shoes for a monochromatic look that would have eyes staring.

8) Metallic shoes

Metallic shoes are an excellent choice of footwear if you're not one to shy away from the spotlight. They're almost like adding a pop of color to an outfit without actually doing so thanks to their shine. A pair of shoes in either gold, silver or bronze metallic would make for a perfect outfit if you're styling yourself for evening wear or any more formal look.

Remember that silver shoes work better with silver jewelry. If you're feeling a little adventurous, try adding a silver metallic belt to your dress or pants.

Silver metallic shoes like these would also work well with this dress.

Similar dress HERE

This list is brief because in my opinion, these are the best color shoes to pair with your burgundy dress and other burgundy outfits. I hope I have provided you with enough outfit ideas to make you more comfortable dressing up your burgundy looks.

Also remember that these shoe color matches could also work with your oxblood and maroon dresses and outfits and the heels could be switched out for boots in the same color.

I know some other blogs mention beige shoes, (which could fall under nude), as well as navy blue red shoes or turquoise shoes on their list but personally, I'm not a fan.

By all means, I invite you to try those pairings out for yourself and even prove me wrong, which I love!

Fashion is meant to be experimented with and rules can be broken.



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