The Top 8 Shoe Colors to Wear With a Green Dress
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The Top 8 Shoe Colors to Wear With a Green Dress

Updated: Aug 10

I’ll be honest, green is not one of my favorite colors. I’m more of a yellow, orange and pink type of girl. However, I do appreciate the color on others, just not myself. As Spring slowly start rearing its head, we start to see green appear not only on the fashion scene but in nature as well. I find that darker shades of green look better against my skin tone than lighter ones.

Although I may not own many items of clothing in green, I do appreciate how it looks on others. It’s important to know which shade of green looks best against your skin. This can be accomplished by heading to a mall and trying out different outfits in different shades of green. As a general rule, rich shades of green look better on darker skin tones.


In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some of the best shoe colors to pair with a green dress. I would try to include dresses in different shades of green so as to accommodate as many looks as possible. I would also be sharing both casual as well as more formal looks to give you an idea of how to create both casual and formal outfits with a green dress and different colors of shoes.

Before we dive into the best color shoes to pair with your green dress, I think we should start off on the right foot. You need the perfect green dress to make your green outfit stand out. I would be sharing some of my favorite green dresses and where you can find them in case you’re on the hunt for one.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to Find a Green Dress

i) GAP

GAP offers a small range of green dresses in different shades. Most of them are Spring and Summer dresses to be worn when the weather is nicer. You could easily pair them with flat sandals or a pair of sneakers for a more casual look. One of my favorite options is THIS flutter sleeve eyelet dress in Jamacian green.

ii) Lulus

Lulus has lots of options of green dresses from sage green to forest green. Most of their green dress options can be worn to a formal event as they tend to be knee-length or longer. If you are looking for a green dress to wear to a Spring wedding, check out THIS emerald green dress. It features a plunging neckline and layered bottom, balancing the right amount of classy and sexy.

iii) Nordstrom

Nordstrom offers a wide selection of both casual and formal green dresses. If you are looking for a green dress to make a part of your summer wardrobe, THIS puff sleeve smocked dress is a great option. You can pair it with flats for a casual day out or a pair of wedged heels for a summer day out. The flared cut is flattering on women trying to hide belly fat while the smock detail flatters the bust area.

iv) Pretty Little Thing

PLT is a great place to search for sexier green dresses. If you’re not one to shy away from flaunting your body, they offer a good number of bodycon dresses in different shades of green. Even if you don’t have a flat stomach, Spanx is always an option. THIS strapless sage green asymmetrical dress could be worn for a night out. Pair it with heeled sandals for a chic sexy look.

v) Amazon

If you’re looking for casual green dresses under $50, you may want to check Amazon out. They also have a few good options of formal green dresses if you have a special occasion coming up. THIS V-neck spaghetti strap casual dress would look perfect paired with a pair of sandals and a crossbody bag. The best part? It has pockets!

Now that you have a good idea of where to shop for green dresses, let’s talk about the different ways to style them with the right color of shoes. Choosing the right shoes is such an important part of putting a chic look together as this can make or break your outfit. Here are the best shoes colors to pair with a green dress.

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Green Dress

1) Clear shoes

Clear heels are one of my favorite choices of footwear. They go with any color of dress without taking away the focus from the dress. I also love how they make the legs appear longer. A pair of clear sandals or pumps is a great choice to pair with short or long green dresses.

Get the look HERE

Clear high heels work with both casual and formal dresses. They create and elegant look with your green dress and so choose them if you’re headed to a fancy occasion. Complete your look with a chic purse or wallet.

Get your own clear pumps HERE

2) Black shoes

It’s no secret that black shoes can be paired with any color of dress. Seeing as everyone reading this most likely owns a pair of black shoes, I bet it comes as good news to know that they make a great choice to pair with your favorite green dress. Dark colors of shoes however pair better with darker shades of green.

Get the look HERE

If your green dresses are in lighter shades, I recommend opting for shoes in neutral colors. Forest green, olive and emerald green dresses for example would pair more nicely with black shoes than pale green dresses. Black open toe heels are my favorite type of shoe because they don’t overwhelm your green clothes.

Get similar black heeled sandals HERE

3) White shoes

White is a neutral color that also pairs nicely with all colors of dresses. During the warmer months, I prefer to opt for white shoes over black ones if I’m aiming for a pair of shoes in a neutral color. The white color adds some brightness to the overall look.

Get the look HERE

During the colder months, pair your green sweater dress with a pair of white knee-high boots to elevate your winter outfit. You could add a pair of tights under for some extra warmth. This would make for a great date night look during the Fall or winter months. For a more casual outfit, pair your green summer dresses with a pair of white sneakers.

You can find tall white boots HERE and the wide calf version HERE.

4) Brown shoes

Brown shoes are a great choice if you want your dress to be the centre of attention. Brown works well with bright and dark colors. I find that the darker the shade of green however, the darker the shade of your brown shoes should be. Green and brown have been complementary colors from time, so you’re in safe hands with this combination.

Get the look HERE

For a casual outing, opt for a pair of low brown sandals or flats. Brown heels are a good choice for fancy events. You could pair your sweaters and sweater dresses with brown boots during the cold months as well. This is a great way to add a little color to your winter wardrobe. Accessorize with a belt featuring leopard print to make your outfit more interesting.

5) Gold shoes

Gold makes for such a great shoe color. It adds some brightness and elegance to your green outfit. It makes sense why it’s such a popular choice f shoe color on red carpets. I find that gold shoes work best with vibrant green dresses. They truly complement each other nicely and create a nice subtle bold look.

Get the look HERE

The green color is bold in itself and the slight shimmer that gold shoes add to a green dress is the perfect combination. Green and cold is a pairing we see often during the holiday season and you can carry it throughout the rest of the year.

I’m crushing on these gold sandals HERE

6) Green shoes

Pairing your color of dress with the same of color shoes can make for a stylish monochromatic look. I always recommend choosing shoes in a similar shade as your dress. To break up your outfit and make it feel less overwhelming, add accessories in a different color. Bold and silver work best as you don’t want to wear too many bright colors at the same time.

Get the look HERE

7) Silver shoes

Silver shoes work similarly to gold shoes. They add some brightness and shimmer to your outfit without taking away from it. I love to reserve my gold and silver heels for special occasions when I want to stand out in my dresses. Silver shoes work with all shades of green, making them an ideal choice when you’re unsure of which colors of shoes to go for.

Get the look HERE

8) Nude shoes

I have always said that nude is a very subjective color. It depends on the color and shade of your skin. Finding the right shade of nude for your skin tone is the first step to creating a fresh look with your green dress. Nude flats can be paired with your casual green dresses while a pair of nude heels are the perfect choice for your green cocktail dresses.

Get the look HERE

I hope you have gotten lots of green dress outfit ideas from this post. This post should serve as a style guide for the right shoes color to go with your new green dress. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and you could try and pair your green dress with red shoes for example. This is a great combination to wear to a Christmas party.

I love THESE classic nude heeled sandals.

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