The 9 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With a Hot Pink Dress
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The 9 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With a Hot Pink Dress

Updated: Jan 29

Hot pink is one of the boldest colors out there. It is not a color worn by those who are shy with their personally style and it is meant to stand out.

If you are wearing a fuchsia dress, you must be a fan of bright colors. Hot pink dresses are typically worn during the warmer months to fancy events.

In today’s blog post, I would be sharing the best shoe colors to pair with a hot pink dress. This post would be very handy for those who are not used to wearing such a bold color.

You can use it as a style guide for the next time you’re not sure which shoes to pair with your chic hot pink dress. You may want to check out my post: Top 8 shoe colors to wear with a pink dress if you are wearing different shades of pink.


The color of your shoes can make or break your pink outfit and I’m here to help you avoid a fashion faux pas.

Whether you are headed to a more formal event such as a wedding or a more casual one like a baby shower, a hot pink dress would make you stand out in the crowd. Be sure you’re ready for the attention you’re going to command.

Before we dive into the best shoes to pair with your hot pink dresses, let’s cover 1 important thing – where to shop for these fuchsia dresses.

I would be sharing some great options of hot pink dresses in case you’re on the hunt for one. Just click on the images to be redirected to where you can get each dress.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to buy hot pink dresses

i) Revolve

Revolve has such a great selection of dresses in not only hot pink but other shades of pink as well. You can find really sexy dresses as well as more conservative ones. Headed to a cocktail party?

THIS pink maxi dress would have all eyes on you. I love the slightly exposed back which adds to the allure of the dress.

ii) Asos

Asos also has a wide range of pink dresses in different shades to choose from. If you have a darker skin tone, hot pink is a color you need to try.

It’s a deeper shade of pink that compliments the skin very nicely. THIS hot pink ruffle organza dress is a great choice for special occasions.

iii) Pretty Little Thing

For sultry and sexy hot pink dresses, you have to check out Pretty Little Thing. Although a lot of their dress options are more for the clubbing scene, THIS long sleeve dress is one of my favorites.

I own it in the brown color and it’s so flattering. Just make sure to size up! The pink version would look so chic with a pair of strappy heels.

iv) Nordstrom

Nordstrom has a good mix of both formal and non-formal hot pink dresses. Most of them are ball gowns and so if you’re headed for a charity event, would be the perfect choice.

However, if you’re headed to a semi-formal event, THIS cupcake hem hot pink sheath dress would be a great option.

1 of my friends owns it and it looks even brighter and more flattering in person. Don’t forget the high heels.

v) Shein

Sweater dresses still count as dresses, you know. During the colder months, you can add a pop of color to your wardrobe by opting for a sweater dress in hot pink.

Pair it with ankle boots in a neutral color and even a pair of tights. THIS turtleneck sweater dress is one of your best options for that.

Now that you have some great options of hot pink dresses, let’s talk about the different ways of styling them. The color of shoes you decide to pair with your dress would complete your overall look so you want to choose wisely. Here are my favorite colors of shoes to pair with a hot pink dress.

The right shoes to pair with a hot pink dress

1) Silver shoes

Silver is one of those neutral colors that we tend to reserve for special occasions. This metallic color adds a little shimmer to your outfit without trying too hard.

It’s also more subtle than gold and so works great for more conservative events. You could mix and match gold and silver by opting for gold accessories.

Get the look HERE

You can find a nice pair of silver heels HERE

2) Black shoes

Seeing as we all own at least a pair of black heels, I have to add them to the list. Black is the neutral color we can pair with practically anything in our wardrobe. I find that black shoes work best with dresses in light pink.

Get the look HERE

The contrast of pairing bright shades of pink with black shoes may be a bit harsh. It’s best to opt for a pair of open-toe strappy sandals when it comes to black shoes. A pair of black pumps could work with a sweater dress versus an evening gown.

3) Nude shoes

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog that nude is a very subjective color. It works similar to clear shoes when it comes to making the legs appear longer.

Nude color heels also work with all colors of dresses, especially if you’re not comfortable mixing and matching colors. A pair of nude heels would be the perfect choice to pair with a hot pink sheath dress.

Get the look HERE

4) Gold shoes

This is honestly one of my favorite colors of shoes to pair with any color of dress. It is always my favorite choice of metallic shoes. Gold adds elegance to an overall look and is a sort of elevated neutral color.

Gold strappy heels are the best color shoes you can pair a pink dress with for a special occasion. Opt for a pair of flat gold sandals if you’re going for a more casual look.

Get the look HERE

You can read up more on pairing gold dresses with shoes on my post: The 7 best shoes to wear with a gold sequin dress.

5) White shoes

A pair of white heels is the perfect color of shoe to opt for if you’re wearing a pink dress to a Spring or Summer wedding. You could even choose a pair of white kitten heels or flats if you’re not comfortable with high heels.

White is a great complementary color you could pair with both bright and dark colored dresses so give them a try if you’re unsure of which color to go with.

Get the look HERE

6) Pink shoes

The perfect way to create a stylish monochrome look is by pairing your hot pink dress with pink heels.

Do not forget to break up your outfit by choosing accessories in a neutral color such as gold. You could also add a belt to your dress if it’s in a bold color, to accentuate your waist.

Get the look HERE

A belt in a bold print such as animal print is the perfect choice. Pink flats could be substituted for heels as well for less formal occasions.

7) Clear heels

If you have been following my blog then you know how much I love a pair of clear heels. They add a simple sophistication to an outfit and make your legs look longer. A pair of clear heels or clear pumps would work great with a any color of dress as it’s a nude shoe color.

Get the look HERE

You could also play around with different accessory colors as the shoes would not be clashing with your dress.

8) Red shoes

Two bright colors can be combined to create a very fashion forward look. Red shoes would help bring a color blocking effect to your outfit, making it more captivating. Red strappy heels would work great with a short dress and make your legs appear leaner.

Get the look HERE

Go for this option if you’re not one to shy away from colors and want to stand out in your pink dress outfit.For a different elegant look on Valentine’s Day, try choosing a pink dress (instead of a red dress) and pairing it with red heels. Complete your look with a simple clutch purse and you’re ready for dinner.

9) Yellow shoes

I’m wrapping this list up with another bright shoe color. Yellow may not be the first or even tenth color that comes to mind when you think of styling your prink dress.

If you want your inner fashionista to shine through, try pairing your favorite pink dress with a pair of yellow shoes for a bolder look.

Get the look HERE

If your dress is a casual one, you can opt for a pair of yellow sandals or flats. The yellow shoes would create a color blocking effect that no one would miss. You could even choose a handbag in a different bright color to make your look more interesting.

I hope you have gotten a lot of inspiration and can now pair your hot pink dress with the right shoes like a pro.

It’s not hard to find the right pair of shoes to style with a pink dress to create a chic look. Just make sure your pink dress compliments your body type.

Which of these dress and shoe combinations was your favorite?

Dress available HERE

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Until the next post,



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