8 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With a Pink Dress
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8 Best Shoe Colors to Wear With a Pink Dress

Updated: Mar 29

I’m back again with another post on shoe colors to pair with a colored dress. I have recently realized how challenging it can be for many women to find the right color shoes to pair with different colors of dresses. In today’s blog post, I would be covering the top shoes colors to pair with a pink dress to create chic and fashionable looks.

Seeing as pink is already such a bright color that commands attention, it can be tricky for some to decide on the best color shoes to style it with. If you’re not comfortable with color blocking or pairing bright colors together, you may want to stick to more neutral colors to begin with. Your pink dress would most likely take center stage regardless of which color you go with.


Before we dive into the perfect way to pair your pink dress with the right shoes, I would like to start by sharing some of my favorite pink dresses currently for sale and where you could purchase them. You want to make sure you’re starting off with the right base to really make your overall look come together.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to purchase the perfect pink dress

i) Nordstrom

Nordstrom is always a go-to for me when I’m looking for a dress in a solid color. They offer such a wide range of pink dresses in different styles and different shades. You’re bound to find something to your liking. Whether you’re shopping for pink dresses for special occasions or for casual outings, you’re likely to find your perfect match.

THIS bright pink maxi dress would be a great option for a formal occasion.

ii) Shein

Shein is another website to check out if you’re looking for a chic pink dress to wear either as everyday wear or for a summer vacation. With all the great options, pink may just become your favorite color. You could rock a hot pink sweater dress during the winter months like THIS ONE to stand out on a cold day.

iii) Pretty Little Thing

If it is a sexy pink dress you seek for a cocktail party or event, then I suggest you check out Pretty Little Thing. They also offer dresses in different shades of pink as well as different lengths. You could easily pair THIS beautiful pink floral dress with a pair of sandals or a pair of heels for a stylish summer look.

iv) Revolve

If you have a larger budget, you should check out Revolve Clothing for some stylish pink dresses. They offer some designer brands as well as higher-end options you can choose from if that’s your thing. A pink blazer dress like THIS ONE would be quite the showstopper at your next fancy occasion. It’s a great alternative to your basic cocktail dress such as the little black dress.

v) Amazon

I have stated multiple times on this blog how impressed I am with Amazon’s increasing selection of trendy and comfortable clothing. Although their selection f pink dresses may be smaller than the others on this list, you can still find a number of great options. THIS knee-length blush dress would be the perfect choice if you’re a wedding guest. Pair it with pumps or single-strap sandals for a chic look.

vi) Target

Target brings you a few options of pink dresses at super affordable prices. These are casual summer dresses you could pair with a pair of white sneakers or flat sandals for a casual look. THIS coral pink sheath dress would make for a perfect vacation dress.

Now that you have a good idea of where to shop for pink dresses, let’s talk about the best shoes to style them with for the ideal look. Remember that this list is more so a guideline and you could refer to it if you’re uncertain about the color of your shoes when putting your outfit together.

The best color of shoes to pair with a pink dress

1) Clear shoes

To follow my blog is to know how much I love a pair of clear heels. They add a simple sophistication to an outfit and make your legs look longer. A pair of clear heels or clear pumps would work great with a any color of dress as it’s a nude shoe color. You could also play around with different accessory colors as the shoes would not be clashing with your dress.

Get the look HERE

2) Black shoes

We all own at least a pair of black heels. Black is the universal neutral color we can never seem to get away from. I find that black shoes work best with lighter shades of pink. The contrast of pairing bright shades of pink with black shoes may be a bit harsh. It’s best to opt for a pair of open-toe heeled sandals when it comes to black sandals. A pair pf black pumps could work with a sweater dress versus an evening gown.

Get the look HERE

3) Nude shoes

I’ve always said that nude is a very subjective color. It works similar to clear shoes when it comes to making the legs appear longer. Nude color heels also work with all colors of dresses, especially if you’re not comfortable mixing and matching colors. A pair of nude pumps would look great with a hot pink sheath dress.

Get the look HERE

4) White shoes

A pair of white heels is the perfect color to opt for if you’re wearing a pink dress to a Spring or Summer wedding. You could even choose a pair of white kitten heels if you’re not comfortable with high heels. White is a great complementary color you could pair with both bright and dark colored dresses so give them a try if you’re drawing a blank.

Get the look HERE

5) Pink shoes

Create the perfect monochrome look by pairing your pink dress with pink heels. Remember to break up your outfit by choosing accessories in a neutral color such as gold. You could also add a belt to your dress if it’s in a bold color or print such as leopard print. Pink flats could be substituted for heels as well for less formal occasions.

Get the look HERE

6) Orange shoes

Two bright colors can be combined to create a very fashion forward look. Orange shoes would help bring a color blocking effect to your outfit, making it more captivating. Orange strappy heels would work great with a short dress and make your legs appear leaner. Go for this option if you’re not one to shy away from colors and want to stand out in your pink dress outfit.

Get the look HERE

7) Silver shoes

Silver is also one of those neutral colors that we tend to reserve for special occasions. This metallic color adds a little shimmer to your outfit without trying too hard. It’s also more subtle than gold and so works great for more conservative events. You could mix and match gold and silver by opting for gold accessories.

Get the look HERE

8) Gold shoes

This is honestly one of my favorite colors of shoes to pair with any color of dress. Gold adds elegance to an overall look and is a sort of elevated neutral color. Gold strappy heels are the best thing you can pair a pink dress with for a special occasion. You can read up more on pairing gold dresses with shoes on my post: The 7 best shoes to wear with a gold sequin dress.

Get the look HERE

I hope you have gotten lots of inspiration for the next time you’re whipping out your favorite pink dress. You most likely already own at least a few colors of shoes mentioned in this post and so you don’t have to wait to put your pink look together.

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