11 Colors of Shoes to Wear with a White Dress
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11 Colors of Shoes to Wear with a White Dress

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

When it comes to fashion, few combinations are as timeless and elegant as a white dress paired with the perfect choice of shoes. The versatility of a white dress opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to shoe colors.

Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or looking for a chic everyday outfit, I've got you covered with 11 great colors of shoes to wear with your white dresses.

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What Color Shoes to Wear With White Dress

1. Classic Nude:

Nude shoes are the ultimate choice for a subtle, elongating effect. They create the illusion of longer legs, making them perfect for any white dress, be it a casual sundress or an evening gown. For the best effect, opt for nude that matches your skin tone.

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2. Bold Red:

Red shoes add a pop of color and drama to your white dress outfit. This vibrant combination is best choice for making a bold statement and is a great option especially for a romantic dinner or a night out.

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3. Elegant Black:

Black shoes provide a timeless and sophisticated contrast to a white dress. They're a versatile choice that works well for both casual and formal occasions. Go for a pair of black strappy heels to add some sexiness to your little white dress.

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4. Delicate Blush:

Blush or pale pink shoes lend a soft and romantic touch to your white dress. This pairing exudes femininity and is ideal for weddings or springtime events. Blush high heels are a great choice to go with for a formal event during the warmer months.

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5. Playful Yellow:

Yellow shoes can infuse your outfit with a sunny, cheerful vibe. They work particularly well with a white summer dress, creating a fresh and vibrant look. Shoes in bright colors are the perfect shoes to pair with your white sundress on a warm summer day.

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6. Earthy Tan:

For a relaxed, bohemian feel, choose tan or camel-colored shoes. These earthy tones harmonize beautifully with the simplicity of a white dress, making them ideal for casual outings. Light brown shoes are a good choice to go with for a more earthy look.

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7. Serene Blue:

Blue shoes, whether in navy or baby blue, can create a calming and elegant contrast against a white dress. Blue shoes are some of the best shoes to wear for garden parties or seaside events. Opt for accessories in more neutral colors to balance things out.

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8. Glittering Silver:

If you want to add some sparkle to your look, silver shoes are a dazzling choice. Metallic shoes complement a white dress perfectly, especially for glamorous evening affairs. Silver heels or strappy sandals are an especially popular choice during the holidays.

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9. Bright White:

White shoes bring a fresh energy to your ensemble. Create a chic monochromatic outfit by going all white from head to toe, including your accessories. For a more casual look, feel free to opt for a pair of white sneakers. This will still keep your white outfit very stylish.

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10.Regal Purple:

Purple shoes add a touch of regal sophistication to your outfit. They work well for formal occasions or when you want to make a chic fashion statement. Adding a pair of purple heels to a simple white dress is a great way to elevate your overall look.

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11.Money Green:

Green shoes offer a bold and unexpected pairing with a white dress. Green stilettos are the right shows to pair with a white dress for date night. This combination is perfect for spring and summer events, creating a stylish and eye-catching look.

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The beauty of a white dress lies in its versatility, and the right choice of shoe color can elevate your entire outfit.

Whether you prefer classic, bold, or unexpected pairings, these 11 colors of shoes provide endless options to help you express your personal style and make a lasting impression at any event.

So, the next time you slip into a white dress, consider these color choices to complete your look with finesse and flair.

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In the world of fashion, few items are as timeless and versatile as the white dress. This wardrobe staple can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for a wide range of occasions.

Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or simply looking for key pieces to add to your collection, you want to check out the info below. Now that you know the different colors of shoes to go for, here are 7 types of white dresses that every fashion-forward individual should own.

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7 Types of White Dresses to Try

1. The Classic Little White Dress (LWD):

The Little White Dress is the counterpart to the famous Little Black Dress. It's a short, elegant, and timeless piece that can be dressed up with heels and statement jewelry for a night out or dressed down with sneakers for a casual day look.

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2. The Boho Maxi Dress:

For a free-spirited, bohemian vibe, a white maxi dress is a must-have. Its flowing silhouette and often intricate details make it perfect for beach vacations, music festivals, or casual summer outings. Create an elegant look by adding some delicate accessories.

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3. The Office-Ready White Shirt Dress:

A white shirt dress is the epitome of sophistication and versatility. It's perfect for the workplace when paired with a blazer and high heels but can also transition effortlessly to after-work drinks.

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4. The Romantic Lace Dress:

This is the type of dress exudes elegance and femininity. Whether it's for a romantic date night or a bridal shower, this dress style is a timeless choice that adds a touch of whimsy to any occasion.

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5. The Effortless Wrap Dress:

A white wrap dress is not only flattering but also incredibly comfortable. It's perfect for those days when you want to look effortlessly chic. The wrap style accentuates the waist, making it an excellent choice for various body types.

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6. The Statement Ruffled Dress:

For those moments when you want to make a bold fashion statement, a white ruffled dress is your go-to option. The playful ruffles add drama and flair, making it perfect for special occasions or a night out on the town.

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7. The Casual T-Shirt Dress:

Every wardrobe needs a comfortable and versatile option, and that's where the white t-shirt dress comes in. It's an easy, laid-back choice for running errands, brunch with friends, or simply relaxing at home. Make your everyday wear more fashionable with one of them.

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The white dress is a canvas waiting for you to style and accessorize to your heart's desire. Owning these 7 types of white dresses ensures you have the perfect outfit for any occasion, whether it's a casual day out, a formal event, or a beach getaway.

So, make space in your wardrobe for these essential white dress styles, and you'll always be prepared to embrace the timeless allure of this fashion classic. Whether your personal preference is more casual looks or dressier ones, there’s a white dress look for you.

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