What's your top 10?
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What's your top 10?

As a recently single lady (another story for another day but then again, you know how private I am with my love life so...), I recently re-visited my "list."

You know what list I'm talking about.

The list of traits/values you seek in a potential partner.

I had to pull out my diary (yes, I am still a diary girl) and make some adjustments based on lessons learned from my last relationship; which also happened to be my longest. I have grown both in age and wisdom. My self-love is stronger than ever and best believe I know myself and what I want at an even higher level!

Here are some of my top 10:

Truly God-fearing, kind, supportive, loves traveling, cultured, family-oriented, good communicator (or at least tries to be one) and Fineee (in my eyes at least, lol!)

I have never left a relationship feeling bitter about men in general because I know there are some (very few) great ones are there and my own special person shall be exceptional! I'm very confident of that so in the meantime, there is no need to say all men are trash and go around sulking. Nah, quite the contrary over here! I'm guarding my heart while remaining open to any possibility that lets me meet new people.

I'm just really curious though as to where on Earth my own "forever" shall come from.

Have you ever heard that saying that by the time you hit your mid to late twenties, you are more than likely to have met your future spouse/partner... well, I don't know about that right now, LOL!


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