11 Outfits to Wear at Home
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11 Outfits to Wear at Home

Updated: Jan 19

Let's face it, this post could be summed up in one sentence: wear whatever you want in the comfort of your home.

With more people returning or having returned to the office, less time is being spent at home than during the pandemic so one might think this post may not be the most useful use of my time.

However, I decided to write on this topic for 3 main reasons:


1) It's important for your mental health to distinguish your work life from your home life. This in turn means separating your home outfits from your work outfits and some people aren't good at that. 2) Some people are still working from home and need some ideas on how to keep their wardrobe fresh yet appropriate for spur of the moment zoom meetings. 3) Some people live bougie lifestyles (myself included) and actually like to look cute at home, whether we are receiving last-minute guests or having a Netflix marathon for one. When I think of at-home wear, I think of soft fabrics, stretchy material and comfy outfits. It is only normal then, that at the center of all of these looks is comfort because who wants to be uncomfortable in their own home? The one place that you are expected to be your full self. Here is my full list of top 12 outfits you can wear at home (other than your old t-shirt), depending on the occasion. *Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you. 1) A house dress

Please do not sleep on the house dress. It's an item you can wear when you're all alone and feeling yourself or, depending on the style, could easily be worn for date night in the comfort of your home.

A more fitted house dress is one of those clothing items that can be both comfortable and chic enough to wear to entertain guests at home.

Some simple jewelry and slides would complete your look with minimal effort on your part.

Here is another great option of house dress.

2) A long cardigan and leggings

During the colder months, this is my go-to outfit of choice. I probably own at least 4 pairs of black leggings that I keep in rotation. A long sweater or cardigan paired with leggings and a tunic top is such a cute outfit that could also be a great work from home look.

Feel free to take all those video calls from the comfort of your desk chair and then curl up on your sofa later with a cup of hot tea in the same outfit - because it's just that comfortable. No one expects you to show up for Zoom calls at home in a full suit during the winter!

*You can get some of the most highly rated yet affordable leggings HERE

3) Workout clothes

Most work out clothes are comfortable clothes. If you prefer virtual workouts, like me, then spending some time at home may even motivate you to throw in a workout here and there since you're already dressed for it.

Get the look HERE

A lot of companies like Gymshark now use soft materials in their gear and so wearing your sports bra with its matching shorts or leggings is an easy way to stay comfortable yet chic while at home. Just remember to not sleep in your workout gear, I don't care how cute your matching set is.

4) Crop top and shorts

This is a look that ranks at the top of casual outfits and a lot of women's go-to look when tackling household chores over the weekend. This casual attire is great for the summer season when you're relaxing at home with a good book and a home-made smoothie or if you want to step out briefly to let the dog out.

With bra, without bra, it's all up to you.

Get your own shorts HERE

5) Lounge wear

The queen of quarantine outfits, loungewear is what you get when you go a step above pajama's but not quite smart casual. As the name suggests, it's clothing made for just lounging around your home.

It's what I imagine the wives of millionaires wear after the kids have been sent off with the driver to private school for the day.

A lounge set with long sleeves in a neutral colour is such a great outfit idea for those who seem to always have something left on their to-do list. You could make a trip to the grocery store in them or attend your kid's soccer game, looking like the cool mom you are. 6) Long flannel shirt

Flannel shirts have made quite the resurgence in recent years, especially during the Fall season. I find that the material is very soft and non-itchy and when combined with a pair of leggings, they give major comfy vibes.

A flannel shirt is also appropriate enough for most virtual meetings and so this could be one of those comfortable looks where your top half says I'm at work but your lower half is ready to sprawl out on the couch once this meeting is over. 7) Joggers and t-shirt

I have a feeling so many online stores probably sold out of joggers during the pandemic. When I went to the mall for the first time last year, the clothing on display had suddenly changed. Companies were pushing for more casual clothing.

Mannequins could be seen sporting casual looks versus the ready for the office looks that had been at the forefront months prior.

A pair of joggers is definitely a wardrobe staple at this point and adding a fitted tee or graphic sweatshirt to your look means you're ready to both laze about your home or step out at ay moment for a quick errand. 8) Maxi dress

I know a lot of people think a maxi dress may be to formal to wear at home but simple maxi dresses can be comfy clothes if they're made from a soft and breathable fabric such as cotton or stretched jersey.

If you're planning on having family or friends over for a barbecue, then a maxi dress is such a good look because it makes you look a little dressier than your guests while keeping you really comfortable.

What's also great about them is they could also work for your home office when you need to take some video call meetings over the weekend. 9) Oversized shirt and bike shorts (or not)

Okay, I had to add your favorite oversized tee to this list, As long as it's clean and not dishevelled, your favorite XXL t-shirt is a good idea when you're spending some quality time alone.

This outfit requires zero effort and you could chill around with nothing underneath if you wanted to or if you need to head outside, throw on a pair of jersey shorts.

For a pop of color, try owning an oversized shirt in a really bright color - it just might bring your mood up.

*Looking for a new oversized tee, try out these (actually come in sets with the matching shorts!)

10) Yoga pants and a basic white tee

Raise your hand if you ever took work calls while wearing a tunic top with some yoga pants. I should see all your hands up! As part of the loungewear family, yoga pants are no stranger to being worn at home. This is thanks to the stretchiness, lightness and comfort.

Pairing them with a basic white t-shirt or any color of shirt for that matter, gives you casual wear at its finest. Plus, you're already dressed for your evening yoga class :)

11) Oversized hoodie

I'm a sucker for hoodies in longer lengths that can be worn as dresses. This is not going to be one of your most stylish ones but it's definitely one you would rather be in when you get home and ponder on how to quit your job for the 8th time that week.

There's also something so sexy about this very casual look so why not try this look out the next time you're around your significant other?

As with my other lists, this one is non-exhaustive but I hope it gives you some inspiration for the next time you're wondering what else you can wear at home apart from your pj's. Depending on your personal style, some of these looks may seem more comfortable than others but I'm sure at least a few of them can resonate with you.

Don't forget to check out my post on what to wear back to the office if you're one of those returning! You'll get some major work wear inspiration.



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