What to Wear For Your Family Beach Photos
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What to Wear For Your Family Beach Photos

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

I know we’re currently in the hear of winter. The last thing on your mind may be taking photos on a beach somewhere far away. Or is it? This is actually the time when most people start planning their next escape. It’s when your back and arms hurt from shovelling snow and you just lost your 5th pair of gloves that you begin to dream about sandy beaches.

If you’re planning a great escape to a warm country with your family members (for either a holiday or special occasion), you would most likely wish to immortalize the moment. Family beach portraits have been a thing for many years. The warm weather, white sand and cocktails tend to put everyone in a good mood. This typically makes for a cheerful picture as everyone is in good spirits.


If you’ve never had your family portraits taken on a beach, you may want to explore this option. Instead of waiting for the holiday season to get the family together in a staged studio, this might be more fun. Even the grumpiest of family members gets in a good mood once the sand and sunshine are steps away. Let’s face it, the cold and snow is not the most enjoyable weather.

In today’s blog post, I would be providing some outfit ideas for you and even the family if you’re planning your next beach photo shoot with the whole family. Most family photoshoots have a theme or color scheme. These are really cute and if you want a memorable family photo session, I suggest you have some sort of outfit coordination going on.

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For beach sessions, you want to take advantage of natural elements and have your outfits compliment your surroundings. The great thing about choosing a beach for your family beach pictures is that you can wear casual looks. Neutral colors are a great option and are easy for everyone to pull off, regardless of their body shape. After you choose your destin photographer it’s time to choose the perfect outfits.

Before we dive into the different options of color choices and fits, let’s quickly dive into some of the best places to shop for fits for the entire family. It’s not easy to find website that cater to an entire family and so let me make your life easier by compiling some of the best ones here. You would be able to find one item in different sizes for each member of the family in just a few clicks.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

Where to shop for outfits for the entire family

i) Old Navy

Old Navy makes it really easy to shop for coordinated outfits for the entire family. There is a section called family outfits where you can find matching sets or pieces for every family member. The outfits are seasonal and so you can find different options depending on the time of the year.

Get the look HERE

If you want to keep things simple for your next family shoot, consider getting matching t-shirts like the ones above for everyone. You could let each person pair the t-shirt with their favorite pair of jeans to still allow for some individuality. This is a great choice if you have some fussy family members.

ii) Gap

GAP also offers a section dedicated to the entire family. They tend to focus on pj’s but also offer different types of coordinated items throughout the year. As we’re currently in the winter season, there are sweaters in bright colors available for the young and young at heart. You could pair them with shorts to create a family portrait you’re sure to remember.

Get the look HERE

If you have a family full of Star Wars fans, you would love this option. There is an entire Star Wars shop where you can find Star Wars gear for everyone.

Even baby gets a Star Wars tee!

iii) Amazon

Amazon also has some great options of matching sets. You can finD everything from matching pj sets to Hawaiian shirts for both the boys and girls. Sometimes, you just want mom and daughter(s) to match while daddy and son(s) have their own thing going on. This set would work perfectly to achieve this. Not everyone has to wear the exact same thing to get the message across.

Get the look HERE

Family outfits don’t have to purchased all at once. You can find one item you think would work for everyone and buy it in different colors. For example, a pair of khaki shorts in different colors could work nicely. Here are some great ideas for themes family beach photos:

1) Sets in a busy pattern

If you and your family are not the ones to shy away from loud colors and prints, this is a great way to immortalize a family vacation. Have everyone sport a matching set featuring busy patterns to rally bring your family’s personality out. You could even make this a thing whereby you choose a different print every year.

Get the look HERE

The beach is a great place to rock bold colors as the background tends to be neutral. With the warm weather and beautiful sand, make your family photoshoot come alive. Go all out with matching Hawaiian shirts for everyone!

2) White shirts and shorts

If you’re going for a very neutral color palette, then go for white shirts for everyone. This could be white t-shirts or white linen shirts. Have everyone wear denim shorts or a different style of shorts that is available to all. You can even customize your t-shirts with your last names to make the moment even more special.

Get the look HERE

Neutral tones are the safest option to go with if anyone is concerned about certain colors not complimenting their skin tone. Another option you could explore is having the women wear white dresses while the men wear the t-shirts. Create a timeless look by getting everyone to wear the same style of white t-shirt with the same style of khaki shorts or pants.

3) Polo shirts and jeans

If you’re going for a business casual look for the entire family, try getting everyone to wear a polo shirt. You could either wear the same color of shirt or have each person sport a different color. Solid colors work very nicely against the white beaches.

Get the look HERE

If your beach family photoshoot is taking place over the Easter weekend, try getting polo shirts in pastel colors. This would be a great idea if you’re having a hard time getting everyone to pick a particular color. White polo shirts could also be worn if you want to eliminate color altogether and go for a clean look.

4) African traditional wear or Ankara

If you’re like me, family portraits tend to involve traditional looks. If you don’t have the privilege of going home to get something sewn, Etsy offers some great options. If you’re marrying into an African, it’s a good idea to have at least one family photo featuring Ankara or African prints.

Get the look HERE

One option here is to have the men and boys wear Agbada while the women can wear Ankara dresses or skirts. The little girl can match with their mother(s) for some cute mommy and me photos. Another option is to have something sewn for everyone with the same fabric. You can choose a shirt for the guys and a skirt for the girls.

5) Graphic tees

The best way to make your summer family photos more fun is to get each person to wear a graphic tee. You could have them customized or purchase them from Target or Old Navy. Each person could wear a t-shirt that describes a part of their personality.

Get the look HERE

Instead of going for the usual colors such as light blues or soft pinks which we see during beach sessions, go for any color you want. Have everyone wear the same type of bottom (shorts or pants) to maintain some coordination. Now you get to show off your beautiful family as well as their various personalities in a single image.

Notice how I made no mention of footwear in this post? That’s because there’s no need for anything except your bare feet when it comes to a family beach photo session. This helps you save some money as you have one less clothing item to worry about.

All in all, the most important thing is to show your family photographers your beautiful faces when it comes to family beach photos. You want to look back at these pictures with fondness. The last thing you’ll remember is whether everyone was wearing soft pastels or not.

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