8 Outfit Ideas to Wear for Spring Family Photos
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8 Outfit Ideas to Wear for Spring Family Photos

Updated: Apr 20

Spring is the perfect time for a family photo session. After a long and cold winter, most of us are ready to be outside more often and this includes with family members. Spring family photos taken outdoors are some of the most beautiful. The color palette that nature creates with the emergence of flowers create a breath-taking back drop.

A lot of us start planning a family photoshoot way in advance. You have to think of outfits, location, a photographer and of course, choose a date that works for everyone. Now although I can’t help you with everything else on your list, I can help you narrow down your family’s outfits. This is something you have to decide on early on as you may need to place an order online.


In today’s blog post, I would be sharing some great Spring family photo outfits you should consider for your next family session. Spring is right around the corner and if you’re looking to capture your beautiful family during this season of rebirth, you want the whole family looking their best. I highly recommend building a Pinterest board to get more organized with your preparation.

One of the first things you want to decide when planning for your Spring photo session is the color scheme of your family portrait. Are you looking to wear matching outfits or coordinating ones? Do you want the guys to wear one thing while the girls wear another? Are you doing solid colors and if so, which ones? Pastel colors are always a great choice when it comes to Spring photos.

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I would be sharing different outfit ideas to meet different themes you may have for your Spring session. I would also be including color palettes as I know not everyone particularly appreciates bold colors or prints. Keep reading to find out the best places and sites to shop for the perfect outfit for every member of your family.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links, at no cost to you.

What to Wear for Spring Pictures

1) Jeans and t-shirts for all

A classic look you can never go wrong with for a family portrait is a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Choose a pair of dark denim for a more formal look. Pair these with white polo shirts instead of t-shirts. You can also opt for light wash jeans, which would give a more casual vibe to your pictures.

Get the look HERE

You could also have all of the guys wearing one shade of denim and all of the girls wearing another shade to create more visual interest in the outfits. This is an easy look the entire family can wear and one you can easily find. It also works if you’re not a fan of bright colors in family photos. Another idea is to have the women wear white tank tops instead of t-shirts.

Read up some more on pairing different tops with dark blue jeans on my post: 7 Tops to Wear With Dark Blue Jeans.

2) Shorts and tees + flowy dresses

A great way to ring in the new season is to add some color to your Spring photos. You can opt for dresses in pastel colors for the ladies while the guys can have t-shirts in a solid color. For the guys, complete their outfits with a pair of jeans or shorts in a neutral color. Flowy dresses on the women would make for such a cute look.

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Choose a favorite color to ensure everyone feels comfortable in their outfit. You may want to consider skin tone and the background you would be working with on picture day.

3) All white

A great option you can try for next Spring family photos is an all-white look. Have the girls wear white dresses while the guys can wear a white shirt with a pair of white shorts or jeans. You could also try something fun and have everyone wear white overalls.

Get the look HERE

This is the time of year to try out a white outfit with all the cherry blossoms and other flowers around you. If you worry about some family members staining their clothes, you could go for a pair of cargo shorts or denim jeans for bottoms. For footwear, choose a pair of sandals or white sneakers for everyone.

An everyday white shirt such as THIS ONE could work for both men and women. While THIS white ruffle trim dress would be perfect for any toddler girls.

Get the shirt HERE

4) Striped shirts and dresses

Create the perfect look for your family by pairing striped shirts with jeans and/or dresses. You can play around with different colors of stripes to suit your personally style. Pair the striped shirts with jeans, shorts or skirts or opt for striped dresses for the ladies.

Get the look HERE

You could have some family members wear blue stripes while the rest of the family wear pink stripes. This would make your photos look even more interesting. If you’re pregnant, check out THIS maternity striped shirt you could pair with jeans.

THESE chino shorts would pair nicely with any color of striped shirt you choose to go for.

Get the chino shorts HERE

5) Floral prints family look

We all know floral print is associated with the Spring season. Add some fun to your Spring family photo shoots by having everyone sport an item with floral prints. For a more cohesive look, have the women and girls sport floral dresses while the guys wear a floral shirt with shorts. Shorts in neutral colors work best as the shirts would already be so busy.

Get the look HERE

The girls could also wear floral print blouses and pair those with a skirt in a neutral color. Old Navy is a great destination to shop for outfits for the whole family. I recommend checking them out if you are looking for a stylish uniform everyone can wear for a Spring family photo session.

You can find a shorter version of the dress HERE

For the guys in your family, check out these floral print shirts.

6) Matching graphic sweatshirts

Personalize your family photos by having sweatshirts made for everyone. Add a catchy word or phrase you all know and use or even your last names to the sweatshirts to add your personality to your family pictures. Have the sweatshirts made in bright colors if you want these photos to stand out and want to remember this shoot forever.

Get the look HERE

You could also opt for matching custom t-shirts if it’s already pretty warm outside. Have the men wear one color while the women wear shirts in complimentary colors. I would suggest light pastels if these photos are being taken during the Spring time. A pair of sneakers in the same color for everyone is the easiest choice for footwear.

7) Polka dots

If you are looking for subtle patterns you can wear as a family for Spring or Summer family pictures, you have to give polka dots a try. You can’t go wrong with polka dots, regardless of the time of year. Add a pop of color to your outfits by choosing shoes in a bright color. Polka dot dresses or blouses for the women make for a fun outfit.

Get the look HERE

For the buys, choose a polka dot button-down shirt as it’s easy to wear and style. A pair of denim shorts or cargo shorts are the best way to complete their looks. Brown sandals or loafers are a good idea in terms of footwear. If it’s still a little chilly, you could add a denim jacket to everyone’s outfit.

8) Denim shirts and denim dresses

Denim can be worn during all seasons and so it makes sense that it appears on this list several times. If you’re having a hard time settling on a color for your family pics, why not try denim? They guys can wear denim shirts while the women sport denim shirt dresses. Denim overalls are also a great way to rock the denim trend as a family.

Get the look HERE

Score bonus points by mixing different shades of denim into your family’s outfits. You could also go for full denim dresses for the ladies and a Canadian tuxedo (denim shirt and shorts) for the gentlemen. Complete your look with open-toe sandals for everyone.

I hope you have gotten lots of family photo outfit ideas from these different outfits. Your next look could be bright and colorful or more laid-back. The most important thing is to create the memories that would last a lifetime in whatever creative way that works for your family.

Get yours here

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